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Big Brother Season 16, Episode 19 Recap

No big intro for tonight, as everybody knows what is going to happen. A beloved personality is about to see his time as the show’s jokester end, and the internet is not happy with this. Let’s just go right to it.

We left off Sunday’s episode with the somewhat surprising BOB victory by Caleb and Victoria (who?). Tonight’s show picks up where we left off, and everybody is heading back into the house after the competition. Frankie chases after Zach, but is waved off as he wants to be alone. “I’m extremely disatisfied at losing today’s Battle of the Block. What makes it even worse is that I lost to Victoria. The game I play in the house definitely puts a huge target on my back. However, it all comes down to that POV.”

Zach comes out of the bedroom, and Nicole says “good job” to him. Jocasta complains that she’s been on the block “four times, but I have to smile and be happy about it”. She loses me at this point, as she goes on to babble about how she has to win POV, like that is possible.

At this point, the punishments must be handed out, and Caleb is already bitching. “This is going to suck.” Victoria replies that she just wants to get it over with, which makes Caleb whine even more. “It’s not your head that’s getting shaved. It’s mine.” He’s also pissed about “being chained to a nincompoop for 48 hours”, along with two more weeks of slop. “With a bald head, I look dumb.”

Meanwhile, Nicole is doing her happy dance with Victoria. She’s also “super excited” to be the first girl HOH to keep her HOH status, but “my real target is Frankie”.

Caleb is still whining, and this time it’s to Zach, who is preparing food. Zach’s response is that he chose slop, but Caleb replies, “I chose to be a winner, and you chose to be a loser.” Zach then says he didn’t chose to lose; “I just failed”. Caleb carries on, and Zach just takes it in stride. “I’m not disagreeing with that.” It’s all about Caleb, you know.

He carries on with the bitching about his hair situation, and Zach says in the diary room “I’d shave my head, armpits, and TOES to not be on the block this week. Surviving is what counts, not your pretty boy locks, you Fruit Loop dingus Bust-a-Fooligan!” Zach gets the last word in, noting ot Caleb that he could possibly be going home before Victoria (who?).

We move up to the HOH room, where Frankie is kissing Nicole’s ass. He wants to know what Nicole wants to see happen this week, and she reluctantly says the she does want Zach to go. He follows it up with who she would pick for House Guest choice in the POV, but Nicole is a bit too smart to give him info. Frankie pushes on, though, and says that he thinks she should keep the nominations the same after the veto. “Soon, it will be all out war”, he adds, but Nicole hopes the blood will be his by the end of the week.

Caleb’s misery is now set to begin, as Caleb and Victoria are sent to the diary room for their Adam and Eve costume. They come out as “Beastmode Adam” and “Princess Eve”, and I must say that Victoria looks pretty good. He tells her he’s thirsty, and leads her to the kitchen. Of course, we also get a bunch of footage of them pestering each other in the diary room.

After the costumes, it’s time for Caleb to be shaved. Obviously, Caleb milks the moment for everything he can. Victoria starts in, and Frankie then has to make it his moment. “Why is this really erotic?” Ugh, he’s the worst, especially as he goes on and on in the diary room about how this turns him on.

Back to the game, as Derrick is laying in the living room with Jocasta and Donny. Nicole is heading up to the HOH, and Derrick reminds us how she had wanted an alliance with the boys. He heads upstairs, accompanied by Cody and Hayden. Nicole tells them that if the veto is used, she’s going to put up Frankie. “But he has to go home at that point.” They believe that Zach will be a “lost dog” without his buddy, and Derrick adds that if the four of them are “loyal to each other we should literally be able to get the other seven people out before we have to think about anything else”. Derrick counts out all of his various alliances in the diary room, and adds that Frankie going on the block actually puts them in a bit of danger.

With the alliance formed, we have to go through the tedious ritual of coming up with a name. It’s, as always, a waste of time, and they finally decide on The Rationale. “It’s so disgustingly cool”, adds Cody.

We move to Nicole sitting in the living room with Christine, who tells her that she believes Zach is safe sitting on the block next to Jocasta. Secretly, though, Christine wants Zach out because last week he nominated her, and she’s also upset that she’s been drifting apart from Nicole. “I don’t know where her head’s at. I need to make sure Zach is still Nicole’s number one target, and if she’s not worried she should be.” Nicole asks who she should put up instead of Donny as a replacement, and Christine says it should be Derrick or Cody. “They wouldn’t be mad afterwards, you know what I mean?”

Christine adds in the diary room that she wants the relationship between Nicole and Hayden to cool off, so she adds that Zach told her that Hayden has been hanging out a lot with Victoria. And, dun dun dun, also possibly made out with her! As Nicole would say, “ohhhhhhhhhmaaaaahgawwwwwwd!” You can’t ruin her Big Brother summer camp with a story like that!

Hayden is then seen heading into the HOH, and Nicole tells him what just happened with Christine. “Is that true?” Hayden denies it, and Nicole calls her a bad friend. Hayden finds it ridiculous, especially when she adds that Christine thinks another boy should go up next to Zach. “She is straight up the worst”, says Hayden, and Nicole adds that she won’t be manipulated by Christine.

With the high school drama over (for now), we head to commercials. Oh wait, it’s not over, as Nicole now tells Zach what Christine said. (Seriously, I don’t know what is worse - Nicole’s whisper-talking or her diary room twang.)

Cody runs to Derrick with the info, and they’re pissed that a “loyal detonator” would suggest such a thing. “That tells me she’s working with somebody”, says the dimwit. They both believe that Frankie needs to go up and go home.

Time to pick the veto competition players. Nicole pulls out Caleb’s name, Zach gets Christine, and Jocasta pulls out Victoria’s name. Zach laughs that he’s playing against a giant group of losers, and if he loses “you can call me the biggest Fruit Loop dingus in Big Brother history”. (Foreshadowing, people.)

Time for filler, as Adam and Eve wander around. Victoria actually handles it pretty well (and with a smile), but Caleb does nothing but whine. Even when she complains about him, she’s in good spirits. I’m starting to like her! The acoustic guitar music comes on as he finally warms up and says “I couldn’t have picked a better partner.” The silly music comes back as he attempts to say nice things in the diary room, though.

Back to the game, as Derrick goes into the side room with the rest of The Detonators. Zach is convinced that he’s going to stay no matter what happens in the veto, but Christine thinks that’s silly as she would never vote for him. Derrick adds in the diary room that by the end of the week he’s going to have to choose between the Detonators and the Rationale.

Once we get through more commercials, it’s time for the veto comp. It’s a solo game where they all have to swing through a picture frame that shows comic book caricatures of each house guest. They then have to grab matching comic book covers and place them in the same order.

Nicole goes first, but I must fast forward as her diary room voice is oh so grating. She finally gets through it, and Caleb is next. Yes, we get a comment on how great his comic book looks. Yes, and how sexy the Amber comic book is. “I may just have to sneak that thing into my room later.” Too bad that the Beastmode who was going to win every single competition is too easily confused by this competition.

Victoria is the third up, and they don’t waste anytime with the silly background music. She plays up to her typical spoiled persona, and is nowhere close to getting them in the correct order. She eventually runs out of time (35 minutes).

Speaking of failures, Jocasta is up next. She again acts like a fool in the diary room, and gives those covers the side eye whenever she drifts past the window. She finishes, and starts singing. It’s disgusting. Christine talks about how much she dislikes Zach as she rushes back and forth past the window. She makes it through the comp with relative ease.

Finally, we get Zach’s turn. He says “it’s time to put on the cape and save the day for Team Zach Attack”. He adds that he feels like he’s like if “Superman, Batman, and Spiderman all had a kid somehow”. He gets the order wrong the first time around, and then makes a quick change. He has two out of place, but can’t figure out which ones are wrong. “I was livid. At this point, Zach Attack changes from good to evil.” He picks up each cover and screams about them, and even throws one at the camera. He’s convinced he had it correct. Zach takes one more swing across the window and sees what he had screwed up. “Leave it up to Victoria to mess up my game, you frickin’ dingus.”

Zach knows he’s in trouble, as he told Nicole to put him up, and then “choked in the BOB”. Plus, he just now screwed up the veto. “I blew it.” He collapses on the platform in tears, as the camera pans away. Nice job, CBS!

More adverts before we go back to the program. Everybody heads outside and marvels at the scenery. For some reason, we’re reminded that Cody loves Zach Effron. Why?

Time for the results. Nicole’s time was 12:20, while Caleb’s was 15:48. Victoria, of course, maxed out at 35 minutes, which doesn’t surprise anybody. Jocasta finished in 14:39, but Christine came in at 11:50. Zach needs to beat that time, but as you may guess, his final time was 26:17. Christine has the POV!  Zach hugs Christine, and says that she’s “the only person who can save me from devastation”.

Christine walks into the room with the rest of The Detonators, and Frankie wonders what Nicole wants her to do with it. Christine lies, saying that Nicole needs to do whatever it takes to make sure Zach stays. Zach then walks in, and high fives Christine. “Thank you so much. I’ve never loved you this much my entire life.” Christine now had to decide how she’s going to ensure Zach’s departure.

Before we get to the veto ceremony, though, it’s finally time for Adam and Even to be set free. They cut the ties, and everybody just walks away as if they don’t care. Yeah, neither do we.

More fluff, as we get the obligatory Hayden and Nicole cuddling scene. Hayden then brings up Christine’s lie, and he decides she should be called “Christine Appleseed, because all she does is plant seeds around the house”. Nicole says that she really felt that Christine would be a person she could trust. “I want Frankie to go home Stso bad.” Either way, Hayden says, “Zach or Frankie are going home.”

As always, the veto ceremony finished the broadcast. Christine goes through the script as necessary, standing in front of the memory wall as everybody says what they hope happens.

The ceremony finally begins, and Zach goes first with a plea as to why it should be used on him. “A grasshopper walks into a bar”, he says, “and the bartender says, ‘we have a drinnk named after you.’ The grasshopper says, ‘you have a drnik called Bill?” Oh Zach.

Jocasta then stands. “I don’t know how I can top that.” She says she’d like Christine to use it, but “no hard feelings”. We know what happens here. Christine does not use the POV.

Christine still wants Zach out. “He’s got to go.” Nicole says something I can’t understand, and Derrick says that The Detonators “may not be as loyal to him as he thinks”. Stupidly, Zach does believe he’s safe, and is going to just sleep the rest of the week. And that is the sound of the coffin being slammed shut on his Big Brother playing days...for now.

That’s it for tonight. Are you pset with Christine? Are you as annoyed with Nicole’s voice as me? Are you starting to sort of like Victoria? Most importantly, your thoughts on Zach? Let us know!





Tuesday Morning Update - Double Eviction Info.

Howdy folks,

As Ash posted on Sunday she's a bit busy with "real life" and the feeds, to be brutal, are not that spellbinding the last couple days so I thought I'd make a brief post to catch those of you without them up.

I will also give those of you that have requested it a short primer in the world of double evictions (at least how they have been done in recent seasons).

As I write at almost 6am Tuesday morning the house is asleep with the exception of Derrick and Cody.  Now I know I am biased as I see Derrick as in total control of the house.  Scott will (and has) pointed out that Derrick is not the most interesting character to watch on the feeds - but if you do watch you will notice the amount of time he spends stroking his little beard, a thing he does when he is thinking deeply according to his wife.  Derrick is the top dog in the house, although few (any?) seem to realize it.  That doesn't mean he is going to win by the way, but he has a great shot.  His game could be over (or put on hold) in 60 or so hours if he is the second evictee on Thursday night.

Derrick and Cody check out the graffiti from previous Big Brother players.

Derrick has managed to form alliances with everyone in the house to some degree.  His biggest 'foe' in the house a few weeks in was Donny and even he seems to be playing along at this point, in part due to "Team America" (ugh).  However of all the alliances Derrick has, his closest is Cody, not that he would have a problem dropping Cody in an instance if he felt that relationship became a liability.  I do think Derrick would have no issue sitting next to Cody in the end, frankly unless something changes drastically he should be able to beat anyone easily in a final two.

And that brings us to the reason the feeds have been pretty quiet the last couple of days.

When Christine won the POV on Saturday night, it became apparent that she wasn't going to use it.  Christine is close to Frankie and up until she won the POV the most likely target to go home if the POV was used was Frankie.  That obviously wasn't going to happen.  Derrick is all about adjusting to the flow of the game and generally only making minor changes if possible, as much as everyone talks about blindsides the only big blindside in the house this year has been to the person going home, everyone else knew it was coming.  Derrick came to the conclusion Sunday/Monday that between Jocasta and Zach he'd rather have Jocasta (whom he has been nurturing a relationship with over the last couple of weeks, notice who was crying on his shoulder on Sunday's show?).  Zach's loose mouth finally did him in even though it was via a game of telephone as Zach told Frankie weeks ago he had an alliance with Cody & Derrick then Frankie more recently told Christine and just the other day Christine told Cody who reported it to Derrick and declared "Los Tres Amigos" null and void.

Zach should be the first Jury member on Thursday

Almost an afterthought, for the first time this year the POV was not used yesterday.  Considering this season the most exciting part of the feeds have been the Monday and Tuesday after the POV has been used you can understand why yesterday and most likely today, will be a snooze fest.  Zach feels confident he is staying and no one is going to tell him different.  Derrick even got Frankie to sign on to the idea yesterday, not that that was very hard.  Jocasta has learned not to make waves and she will be fine (until she is evicted of course which will actually happen one of these times).

Frankie has been a bit player this week altought CBS will most likely edit it differently.And there you have it.  Today will consist of Nicole, remember her? She's actually the HoH this week, getting to do her HoH blog (oh golly gee!) and tweet and take her pictures and thats about it.  I expect no drama, no changes, perhaps Derrick mking sure all are on board with a unanimous vote.  There was also talk of a split vote but as of now that idea is off the table - Derrick doesn't like drama and a split vote might create drama after Zach's departure, better to have everyone all on the same page.

Oh - and Caleb? Quite frankly he's been a non factor this week as well. Other than the shaves head and the Adam and Eve get up for 48 hours, I can't really tell you what he has been up to because its not been much of anything. Look at him below, sleeping like a baby, images of Amber, or maybe Nicole's friend (Marissa?) dancing in his head.

At the end of the day it is what it is...........

And with that, on to the

Double Eviction Primer


Since it was announced that the finale for Big Brother 16 will be on September 24th - later than its ever been (don't hold me to that - BB2 was delayed due to 9/11 - and I am too lazy to look up when it ended), we may very well have TWO double evictions this season just to spice things up and I'm positive we will have at least one house guest re-enter the house later on (so don't give up if you are only watching for Zach).

Here is how the double eviction has gone down in recent seasons.

We start with the vote - they to it pretty fast. So Zach will be evicted and speak to Julie briefly while the HGs get ready for the first HoH competition.  At this point I also expect Julie to announce the double HoH is over and done with.  I can't see them trying to squeeze in a Battle of the Block on Thursday.

Expect LOADS of short commercial breaks on this episode.

The house guests will compete (Everyone but Nicole) and a new HoH will be crowned.  The new HoH will be told they have a few minutes to decide who to nominate and while we see another commercial everyone will try to get in the new HoH's ear, I expect Frankie and Derrick (assuming neither is HoH) to be first in line.

Nominations will be made and the HGs will play for the POV - not everyone will play since we still have more than 6 HGs left - the players will most likely be picked during a commercial break.  Once we have a POV winner there will be yet another commercial break and much scurrying (in the back bedroom or Hive room) as again people try to get in the POV winner's ear AND the HoH's ear if the POV might be played.

POV ceremony will be held and used or not used followed immediately by speeches, a vote and the second eviction.  In the past this has been the end of the show (after Julie talks to the 2nd evicted hg) and the second HoH competition has been held after the show ends.

For reference - last season Candice and then Judd were the House Guests evicted in the double eviction episode last season and they returned along with Helen and Jesse two weeks later to compete to get back into the house.  I would expect a 'big name' HG to get the boot second this coming Thursday as well.




Frankie's Survivor Audition Tape

We've heard Frankie mention that he applied for Survivor, including in his pre-season interviews, but I didn't really buy it. Yet here it is. 

It's kind of striking to see him without his "faux-hawk" or pink hair. He's even dressed sort of normal. Not once is his sister mentioned, either, but that's probably due to it being submitted before she had a pop hit. 

His presence on Survivor would have been interesting, to say the least. It would have been great to see him on the same tribe as Colton. 


The Night Owl - Sunday Night

Well, I apologize in advance that between some real life stuff going on, the fact that the feeds have jumped back 24 hours and are not live now, and the fact that the site isn't working very well tonight, the blog will be short and sweet and not involve pictures.  Today was a big day for game talk though, so I'm going to at least try to give you guys a quick rundown of what happened.

As of this morning the plan was still for the Detonators plus Caleb to keep Zach in the house, but as I said yesterday, I didn't feel comfortable because there were some big potential problems.  A LOT of those broke loose today.

Derrick told Cody yesterday that he needs to reel Christine in away from Frankie and secure her vote for Zach etc..  He told Cody to listen to what she had to say, but not give her any information because he doesn't trust her.  That's not exactly how things went though.

Cody and Christine had a Hammock talk early in the afternoon in which Christine told Cody that she wasn't going to use the veto and was going to just tell Nicole that she was keeping Zach because she wasn't voting against the house...but then Cody started doing that thing he does where he whines about Zach talking too much, and he also accused Christine of spending too much time with Frankie, so Christine comes out with a bunch of information. Some of it was true and some of it wasn't, but the most prominent statement and probably the final nail in Zach's coffin was her admittance that Frankie told her early in the game that Zach, Cody, and Derrick have a final 3 deal (Los Tres Amigos).

Cody played it off as if Zach had come to them begging for a deal so he and Derrick just went along with it because you always say yes, but the damage was done.  Suddenly Cody was outing everything he didn't like about Zach to Christine and told her all about how he doesn't care that Derrick wants to keep their numbers, he just wants to vote Zach out. This went on and on for a while until Christine decided to go have her talk with Nicole about not using the veto and Cody went to go talk to Derrick.

Up in the HOH room Christine started telling Nicole that she had to get the boys on her side to vote out Zach.  She told Nicole that everyone was planning on keeping him as of now, but that she was going to help get the votes to make sure he leaves.  Apparently she told Nicole (and I missed this part so I'm not sure if Nicole is lying or Christine is lying) that Zach had listed his targets to her and Frankie had as well and that they wanted Cody out next and then Derrick.  I DID actually hear Christine tell Nicole that Zach really wants Hayden out of the house.

Meanwhile downstairs Cody told Derrick about the conversation with Christine and about Zach outing their final 3 alliance.  Derrick is suspicious of Christine (which he should be) and doesn't necessarily believe that Zach told Christine anything or that he necessarily told Frankie much (even though he really did) and also thinks that even if he did he didn't do it maliciously.  HOWEVER, he did go ahead and pull the trigger and say "fuck it, we have to vote Zach out of here to cripple Frankie." Cody of course agreed.

Nicole then had a hammock date with Cody where she said a BUNCH of things that were not true and a few things that were true.  She did tell them that Christine told Donny to put Cody on the block, and that much is true.  She also told them that Christine told HER to put Cody or Derrick on the block next to Zach, and that is true also. But I'm still unclear on the origin of the other stuff she told Cody.  She told him that Frankie told her that Cody was his next target and then Derrick (which I don't think was said at all unless it was by Christine) and she said a bunch of other weird things about Frankie and Christine and Zach.  Derrick and Hayden joined the conversation and it was summed up for them.  Derrick did throw out there that he was pretty sure all that stuff was coming from Frankie and Christine and that "Zach probably didn't even say a fucking thing."

After this conversation, Cody and Derrick talked about what their plan of action had to be.  They both agreed that they have to vote Zach out in order to cripple Frankie.  Derrick still believes with all his heart that Nicole and Hayden are playing them and that after they vote Zach out this week, they will want Frankie to go next week so that all of the sudden Cody and Derrick don't have any numbers behind them.  This is essentially true, but they are planning on rolling with it for this week anyway and then plan to try to chip away at the other side and get Donny out next. 

As of a little while ago, the feeds started looping backwards 24 hours ago so I missed some time. They are back now and everyone is hanging out together except Zach who has gone into the death sleep that nominees often do (or he could just be being Zach and sleeping a lot). Caleb, Frankie, and Victoria do not know that Zach is being voted out, and Christine doesn't actually know the deal either.  The only people that are in on the decision as of now is Cody, Derrick, Hayden, Nicole..and Donny of course plans to keep Jocasta anyway.

As much as I love Zach, I've said from the beginning that the thing that would kill his game would be telling Frankie all the LTA stuff, and sure enough, it's happening. I'm sad about it, but it's interesting to watch Christine, Frankie, Derrick, and Cody all try to outplay each other.  Nicole is trying to play pretty hard too, though I don't think she will last much longer.

That's it for me for tonight.  Hopefully later in the week things will be more straightened out so I can give you guys better blogs.  You can also check my twitter updates @ashes2ashes13 to see more details about what went on.  Until tomorrow night...

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