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Big Brother Season 16, Episode 7 Recap

Before we get into tonight’s episode, I have to apologize for the lack of Sunday recap. I travelled up to Minneapolis with my extended family to view a Twins game, and although I planned to do a writeup after I returned I just never got around to it.

I did watch Sunday’s broadcast, though, as I got ready to go out for dinner. Really, there was nothing revealed on the show, although I was a big upset with how much footage they used that didn’t fit into the timeline. Come on, the “lotion” segment was from the first night of the feeds!

It did kind of make sense to utilize it, though, as an attempt to explain just why Devin has it out for one of his nominees, Brittany. We will see an interesting twist to that relationship tonight, however...along with some other surprises (if the footage is accurately edited, that is).

Let’s get on with it. After the usual lengthy recap, the episodes kicks off with the reaction to Nicole and Hayden’s Battle of the Block victory. They all walk into the house, and Devin is already acting like the King of the castle, happy that “Pow Pow did her part by throwing the competition...I’ve been pulling so many strings in this house, I consider myself the puppet master.” Ugh.

Nicole, Hayden, and Christine head into the storage room to jump around in celebration, complete with bad sound effects. “Don’t mess with us, I guess”, says Nicole in the diary room.

They head back out acting cool, and hug Amber, who hopes she’s still safe this week. Of course, Caleb also wants to hug her. Creep.

Brittany is now telling Pow Pow that she thinks she’s going home. She knows she’s Devin’s target, but is not done fighting.

Hayden and Pow are now up by the HOH room, and Devin apologizes for putting in the position where he could possibly be going home. He stupidly informs Hayden that Pow Pow was in on the plot, and threw the competition. You’re such a dummy! Why would you openly say that? Pow Pow adds that she “could have dominated that” competition. Um, no. Hayden finds that comment hilarious. Devin then hugs Hayden and babbles that he’s going to ensure Hayden stays as long as everybody. Hayden is as creeped out as the girls.

Hayden is back down with Nicole, and she’s talking about how happy she is that they’re now safe for a week. He’s still worried, though, that the story of Pow Pow purposely losing will become public knowledge. “The last thing we want to be is associated with Devin’s evil genius plan.” As she walks away, he jokingly asks if they can now kiss.

Zach now tells us in the diary room that there are two subdivisions in the bomb squad. One is the supporters of Devin, “aka the idiots”. Then “there’s the non-supporters of the dictatorship. The firm believers that Devin is insane.” He’s talking to this group, and can’t believe that Brittany is the target. They’re tired of doing Devin’s bidding, and want Brittany to stay. “Next week”, says Zach, “one of us is HOH, and we’re backdooring Devin.”

Time for filler, as Caleb flirts with Amber. Devin and Frankie look on in disgust. Devin thinks that she’s just playing him, and that he’ll eventually pick Amber over him. “You don’t mix business with pleasure.” Derrick and Christine are also with Caleb and Amber, and they also talk about keeping Brittany. We then get a flashback of Devin being verbally aggressive to Amber. They all believe that Devin is a problem, and Caleb promises to “protect my queen”.

A bunch of boys are now playing pool, and Devin walks out. Caleb mentions that some girls are starting to feel uncomfortable around him, and that many want to keep Brittany instead of Pow. Devin’s not happy. “That’s stupid. Who’s a bigger threat to the alliance?” Instead of recapping may I point you to our latest Big Brother Gossip episode? It’s all covered there in fuller detail.

Devin finally heads inside, babbling to himself about how he’s always got Caleb’s back. “You’re a lovestruck puppy. Whatever. I don’t even care.” He continues on while the other boys play pool, before again wandering back downstairs to start the fight over and to say “there’s no more alliance”.

Thankfully, we have commercials, and we come back to bare feet walking around the house. Then Frankie and Derrick walk in to discover they are the newest additions to “Team America” (fuck yeah). They’re both thrilled. To find out who the other members are, they are to hang out by the weight bench at 9 pm and say “bald eagle and apple pie”.

Sure enough, most of the house is outside around nine, and Derrick is asking people about their favorite desserts. Frankie answers “apple pie”, and then asks about favorite animals. Caleb doesn’t have the answer, but thinks he has a ton of info about bald eagles. They still don’t know the identity of the third member, but Derrick has figured it is Donny. He sits next to Donny and asks the dessert question, and the gang is now all together!

It’s now time to pick the veto players. Devin pulls Zach’s name, Brittany gets Derrick, and Pow Pow pulls Amber. Devin is sort of happy because there are three Bomb Squad members, but is unsure because of what happened last night. Caleb is then shown heading up to the HOH room, and he apologizes to Devin. (Ok, let me interject here. Before this conversation, Caleb was involved in a conversation where they indeed decided to save Brittany. He then ran up to narc on the others, and that chat started with this apology.)

Devin then does what he does best - he lectures Caleb. We do see Caleb saying that people are talking that Devin may not have the votes he wants. But AGAIN, we’re not seeing what transpired just ten minutes before this where Caleb pledge to go with the save Brit campaign! They finally hug it out, and Devin continues to lecture.

Uh oh, in the hug Caleb lets slip that people have mentioned putting Devin up in the future. “Who said put me up?” Caleb stumbles and says “everybody”. Devin isn’t surprised, but thought the Bomb Squad would have his back.

He sends Caleb down to get the rest of the Bomb Squad for a meeting. It’s time for a much-shortened version of a Devin lecture. “It’s time everybody puts on their Big Brother face, their big boy pants, no emotions, let’s do this already.” Wait, what does that even mean? “We’ve got to get on the same page every week on who we’re sending home. This is not a one-person dictatorship.” He says that 50% of his reason to get rid of Brit is personal, and outs Pow for throwing the competition. He asks who everybody wants to boot, but the girls clam up. This infuriates Derrick, as they’re the ones that talk the most in public about this.

Finally, Zach speaks up, saying that Pow is “by far the weakest player I’ve ever seen on Big Brother in my life.” He says he likes Brittany more, so he wants her to stay. The room goes quiet. “What are you talking about”, asks Devin. Zach adds that it’s impossible for all eight people to agree on anything, and Devin responds by asking who wants him gone.

Zach immediately knows he’s in trouble, and stick around to explain to Devin that he’s “with him until the end”. He admits that he had said at some point that he wanted Devin gone, so he now knows “who the weak link in the alliance is. Now my trust is broken.”

After more commercials, it is now time for the veto comp. Before they head out, we do see Devin telling Pow that if he wins he’s pulling her down. Zach thinks that’s ridiculous. “He has one person’s back, and one person’s back only, and that’s his own self’s back.”

The comp is in a futuristic, outer space setting, leading Frankie to make a floating ball joke. The competitors are dressed in space suits, and the planets are named after “Big Brother icons”. Devin says he hopes to get one named after him. Yeah, like Dipshit?

The “mission” is to hang the ten planets on a device in a way that balances without touching each other. There’s a lot of useless chatter, and silly music as people like Amber, Pow Pow, and Brittany have trouble. Zach comes close before his balls fall. Derrick is also doing well, but remember, Devin is a self-proclaimed “born competitor”. He does kick it into gear and wins Veto! Will he save Pow Pow as promised, though? We’ll find out in about ten minutes (or three days ago if you watched the live feeds).

When the show comes back, Zach is saying that he must now show Devin that he’s completely with him. He heads into the HOH to congratulate him, and Devin asks which of the two he’s going to vote out. Zach says it doesn’t matter, and then asks what’s wrong. Devin replies that he no longer trusts him. “I think he’s just telling me what I want to hear”, Devin says in the diary room. “That doesn’t fly in my book.” Zach wants to continue to talk, but Devin kicks him out.

Zach then reports what happened to Frankie, who asks him if he’s surprised. “What did I say that was so bad?” Frankie says he disagreed with him. Zach felt that it would help make them build trust, and Frankie now is wondering if their alliance is going to work if Zach blows up their game. They hug it out, but Zach doesn’t know how he’s going to get out of this mess.

Brittany then heads into the HOH to talk to Devin. She says that she wants to stay, and it’s now time for her to get a Devin lecture. She throws out the “parents” line, and the sad, piano music pops up. “It’s harder for us, and we have to fight harder. We have a lot more emotions and stuff that are going through us being parents. It’s not worth me missing out on everything.” Devin admits that she’s saying the right things, and “it touches my heart”. Devin demands that if she is saved, she must be loyal to him the rest of the game. She agrees, although she admits it “leaves me with an uncomfortable feeling in my stomach”. He continues to lecture her, and then tells her that Pow Pow threw that earlier competition. Why does he do that???

(BTW, this is another case of bad editing. This conversation, I mean lecture, went for over 90 minutes. Seriously, this girl deserves the world for putting up with him.)

Now we’re back to Zach versus Devin. Zach is sleeping in the living room, and Devin comes up to complain that he’s mad at him. “I’ve only been honest with you”, replies Zach. Devin again says that when he said this stuff he didn’t mean it, and Devin demands that he come to him whenever things like this are said. “If you want to put me on the block, then do it.” Devin claims that he had never thought of doing that...until now. Yeah, right. “If it’s really what he wants, then I might just have to give it to him.”

It’s now the moment of truth. Will Devin save Pow Pow or Brittany? Will he put up Zach? Or maybe somebody else? Nobody knows...or that’s what they dutifully say to the cameras.

Devin asks for the nominees to talk, and after Pow Pow says “it’s probably the only time I’m going to shine”, she pulls her jacket down over her shoulders and poses. What the hell was that about? Brittany says she’s not a threat, and has done nothing to back stab anybody. She concludes by saying her target is sitting next to her.

Devin then says he looks at Brittany as a huge threat, but now thinks she’s a great woman, person, “and an even better mother”. He won’t let a “single mother of three” sit on the block, so he pulls her down.

For the replacement, Devin puts up Zach!

It looks like the show is over at this point, but suddenly Brittany asks to say something. She stands up in slow motion...and then we hear from the announcer that “all hell breaks loose post-veto meeting” Ooooooh!

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Were you feedwatchers as upset as me seeing how they picked and chose their footage? What about Zach’s meltdown? Or semi-meltdown, as most of it will be shown tomorrow night. Let us know what you think!



Big Brother Flashback Timeline for Power of Veto Craziness

It may seem a bit late but it takes a LONG time to document this stuff and it is still worth going back to see what all went on that lead to Zach being nominated and then the aftermath of the Power of Veto meeting.

You will need a live feed subscription to watch the videos listed below.  Click here or on a banner to sign up and then you can use the Archive feature from your computer to go to each time listed and watch the events as they happend.

Below is the timeline for things to watch as Devin decides to save Britt and put up Zach and the fallout after - ending with Devin tellign Britt he likes her (things are ommitted - there was just SO MUCH).

7/5 8:59pm Cam 3/4 Britt comes to talk to Devin. Around 9:48pm Devin starts to imply he might save her. Tells Britt that Paola threw the BoB competition. 10:25pm Devin tells Britt that the POV will be around her neck.   Click to get the Live Feeds so you can see everything yourself! 

7/6 3:30pm Cam 3/4 Devin and Zach butt heads. One of several times they clashed which led to Devin wanting Zach out.

7/6 9:53pm Cam 1/2 Devin thinks he has 6 votes to evict Zach and he can break the tie.

7/7 10:20am Cam 3/4 Devin starts to hint to Paola that things may change. Paola gets mad (Several brief convos starting at 10:20am).

7/7 1:18pm Feeds back from POV meeting in which Devin saved Britt and put up Zach. Zach apparently called out some people after the fact and made comments about Devin being on meds and his daughter being ashamed of him (or something to that effect).  Paola also blew up at Devin.  The next several hours was non-stop multi camera discussions. I can't go back and document it all so her are the highlights (you will see how crazy it was).

1:20pm Zach & Frankie talk (Frankie upset @ Zach)
1:24pm Zach & Paola talk (Both mad at Devin)
1:25pm Nicole and Britt talk (Nicole tells Britt that Paola threw the BoB)
1:26pm Nicole and Britt joined by Hayden & Paola - more BoB discussion.
1:27pm Cody, Frankie and Caleb talk.
1:30pm Frankie and Caleb talk after Cody leaves room.
1:33pm Hayden talks about BoB to Frankie, Amber, Devin
1:34pm Zach, Frankie and Devin talk.
1:40pm Amber says that Devin controlled things (telling her noms thing).
1:42pm Cody & Frankie talk.
1:43pm Zach reveals the Bomb Squad to Hayden (Derrick present).

Do you get the idea? You really just need to watch the live feeds yourself to catch everything that happened at that time.

Moving right along where things had slowed just a little...

7/7 3:08pm Cam 3/4 Zach and Paola fight - Paola continues to deny she threw the BoB (fight really kicks off at 3:10pm).  Meanwhile at the same time Frankie, Caleb and Cody are talking game.

7/7 3:15pm Cam 1/2 Christine reveals the Bomb Squad alliance to Nicole

7/7 3:20pm Cam 3/4 Caleb talks to Hayden - Caleb saying he's been loyal to Hayden (even though he's not in the Bomb Squad).

7/7 3:33pm Cam 3/4 Caleb talks to Devin about Hayden (because he knows about the Bomb Squad now).  Devin explains why he decided to nominate Zach &  wants to talk to Hayden & bring him into Bomb Squad.

7/7 3:48pm Cam 3/4 Devin brings up Hayden - Devin, Caleb and Frankie in room while Devin and Hayden try to recruit Hayden into Bomb Squad

7/7 11:10pm Cam 1 Devin reveals he like Britt to Christine - Christine goes and tells Britt right afterwards.

7/8 4:36am Cam 1/2 Devin tells Britt he likes her.  Thus completing the circle of luvvvvv.

While far from perfect - there is easily a couple hours of feed viewing there and 90% of it will never be seen on the CBS show.  Again if you don't have a live feed subscription you need that in order to see the archived videos - what we also call Flashback - so click here or on one of the Live Feed banners.




The Night Owl - Tuesday Night

Wow! There is just not enough popcorn in the world to watch these people! There is a lot of trivial bs that happened today, but I might as well get down to the meat of it or I'll be writing until next season. 

There was a lot of scrambling around and planning for votes to keep Zach in the house tonight.  There was a ton of conversations and switching around of votes.  Frankie and Christine wanted to make sure the votes were split so they could blame their votes on other people, so after a Team America meeting between Donny, Derrick, and Frankie, they decided that Donny would vote to keep Paola.  His vote plus Jocasta voting against Zach would be enough votes to cover Frankie, Christine, and Derrick.

But THEN, Derrick got an idea.  The whole week Derrick has been trying to figure out a way to have a united vote instead of a split vote. So, he decided to go talk to Caleb.  I have stated many times before that Derrick is magic, and tonight was no different.  He lulled Caleb into basically thinking that even though he was "voting to get rid of Zach"  he didn't want the BS to be caught with their pants down if Zach stayed anyway, so maybe it would be better to make up with him and vote to keep him and bring him back into the fold.  Caleb bought it... I don't know how, but he did.  If you have the feeds you should really flashback and watch the convo because it's impressive. So then Derrick went to coach Zach and tell him what to say to Caleb.

Zach talked to Caleb for a while.  He over sold his case and talked WAY too much as Zach always does, but Caleb was still under Derrick's spell and in the end promised him his vote, Amber's vote, and the other members of the Bomb Squad's votes (that Zach already had of course) in exchange for Zach's commitment to not go after Devin for 2 weeks (A deal he never intended to keep).  For a while everyone was completely united (except Devin and Paola of course) about keeping Zach.  And for a moment I thought maybe they would calm down and actually go to bed.

I would love to go into more detail about the afore mentioned conversations because they really were amusing, but Devin would not be Devin if he didn't steal the show.. so moving on to the even bigger part..

Frankie decided that he should be the one to tell Devin that Zach was staying in order to try and stay in good favor with Devin.  So he did.  And Devin. Wen. Crazy.  Devin decided he was out of the alliance and said he was done and that he was picking off everyone in the house one by one by one etc...

But what he actually did was go wake up Donny to tell him about the Bomb Squad.  Donny seemed completely unimpressed and didn't say much at all.

When Devin didn't get the reaction he wanted out of Donny, he decided to go and get Brittany and pull her up into the HOH to reveal the Bomb Squad to her. And he talked...and talked...and talked...and talked...and talked...and talked.  Integrity, Daughter, Bomb Squad, Zach's a woman abuser, Blah blah blah frickity blah. 

The most amusing part of the whole scenario is that even though Devin broke down HIS version of the BS, Brittany is apparently an undercover idiot and bought the entire thing.  She cried and carried on and talked about how "She KNEW IT!"  She told Devin that for the first time she is trusting everything he is saying, and she knew that Zach was a little rat and that Hayden was untrustworthy etc..  Devin told her EVERY detail from the beginning to the end of how the BS was formed, who they wanted out, all their game talks...but his version of course.  Devin's version was something along the lines of "I'm the one with a daughter who has integrity and never betrayed anyone and saved you, and THEY are all the bad guys."

Then, just when I thought I might die if I head Devin talk anymore, he decided it was time to out the BS to Jocasta.  So he called Jocasta up into the room with he and Brittany and did the WHOLE FREAKING THING AGAIN.  Jocasta of course was all "I knew it! I heard how Zach talks about women!" yadda, yadda, yadda..  For those that don't know what I'm talking about, earlier in the week Frankie made up a few lies about things that Zach didn't say about Victoria and told them to Devin.  He told him that Zach said a bunch of stuff about wanting to rip Victoria's tongue out and hit her and a bunch of other things.  Jocasta, being a minister to a lot of young and abused women of course ate this up.

While Devin was telling all this stuff to the two girls, the remaining members of the BS and those in the know about the BS were downstairs talking about how there is no way Brittany and Jocasta would be dumb enough to actually buy all of Devin's talk. haha..

There was also a lot of scrambling for what to say since everyone downstairs knew exactly what Devin was doing upstairs.  Ultimately they all agreed they would just have to wait to see what Brittany said when she came downstairs. So they waited..and waited...and waited..

Amber in a momentary fit of intelligence realized that it was Frankie's fault that they were in the situation and confronted him about why he would go tell Devin when they could have just blind sided him on Thursday.  His only answer was "I dunno.."

Also while waiting, Frankie decided it would be a good idea to tell Victoria bits and pieces of what was going on.

The numbers of the rest of the house started to dwindle off to bed until only Zach, Hayden, and Derrick were left awake.  Then Brittany and Jocasta escaped the HOH.  Jocasta grabbed Paola and started pacing the yard in front of Derrick and Zach while Brittany didn't say anything to any of the boys and went to slamming silverware around in the kitchen in front of Hayden.

Right now it's almost 7am here and the BB kitchen is the most awkward place in the world.  I can't wait to see what transpires throughout the day.  This cast just keeps on giving.  As of now, Zach is staying with the entire house vote, but the drama is high and on the edge of explosion.  As always you guys can follow me @ashes2ashes13 for more overnight updates.  Until tomorrow night...




Monday Fireworks Destined For Cutting Room Floor?

Those who have watched the live feeds the last 48 hours understand that there’s enough explosive footage to fill a full week of CBS broadcasts.

Unfortunately, that won’t be the case.

Everything that happened late Saturday night and all day Sunday will be narrowed down to one or two short segments that will air tomorrow night. The post-veto ceremony fireworks from Monday will be squeezed down to a similar amount of time to open Thursday’s eviction episode.

That’s insane.

All of us on the Big Brother Gossip Show have complained about this for years. In case you’re sort of new to the show, here’s a breakdown of what comprises each episode:

Sunday: HOH competition highlights and reactions, HOH room reveal, nomination discussions, nominations and reactions, Battle of the Block. (They also tend to squeeze in some silly filler.)

Wednesday: Battle of the Block reactions, Veto strategies and pondering on possible replacement nominee, Veto competition and reactions, further strategizing, Veto ceremony.

Thursday: Veto ceremony reactions, nominee’s attempts to survive the week, live final pleas, vote and eviction, HOH competition (or start of it).

In other words, half of this week’s footage was filmed in a 24-hour period, outside of the out of context material that was inserted into this past Sunday’s episode. That’s another complaint for another time.

Granted, the holiday weekend sped up the activities in the house to give the crew some time off. Even on a normal week, though, the Big Brother Gossip Show goes on air knowing everything up to the final few minutes of Wednesday’s episode.

It’s a crime that so much important material will never be seen by the national audience. Everything that happened yesterday is vital to what happens the rest of the season. It’s time for Big Brother producers to throw away the templates they’ve now used for over a decade, and use some fresh ideas on how to present the real story of what is happening. Maybe it's also time for CBS to use one of their other channels for a daily version highlighting the events of the day, ala Big Brother Australia and UK.

To be fair, this is an unusual season. We’ve had seasons where the week basically ends at the veto ceremony. It’s clear at that moment who is going home, and producers have had to be creative to put together Thursday’s opening segment in a way that gives hope to fans of both nominees.

Maybe as this seasons quiets down, this will be the case again. I have my doubts, as both weeks have seen some serious activity go down. The footage of Brittany standing up to Devin (along with his house meeting) should have been a part of last week’s broadcasts instead of being edited into Sunday’s episode.

Obviously, the only way to watch Big Brother is to purchase the live feeds. Click that little link on this page to do just that right now!



The Night Owl - Monday Night

Where to begin? Hopefully you all know or have heard about everything that happened after the veto meeting this afternoon, because it would take me until the end of the season to write it all out, and even then, I would probably miss details. 

The long and short of it is that Devin gave a speech about Brittany being a parent and took her off the block and put up Zach.  Zach outed Devin for all his hypocrisy and even mentioned the medication he takes on a daily basis once he got all revved up.  Paola got in on it...I guess just because she is Paola and also because of the deal she had with Devin to take her off the block if he won veto.  Brittany also said some things to make sure the rest of the house knew she was loyal to them and not Devin, but what exactly she said is still unclear to me.  Then chaos ensued...

Frankie has been working and working and working trying to get Zach nominated and evicted (to what purpose I'm not sure) so he went around being offended about Zach and making himself a victim.   Derrick being the smart guy he is, immediately went to work with Cody by his side doing damage control and trying to keep Zach in check.  Too late! Zach outed the Bomb Squad to Hayden.  This caused even more of an uproar.  Suddenly Amber is freaking out about the BS stuff and about people finding out that she let Devin basically have HOH etc..  Frankie ran to talk shit about Zach to Caleb to make sure that Caleb would be on board for getting him out.  Prior to that moment, Caleb had been more offended by the fact that Devin just nominated one of their members.  Devin pulled Hayden into the HOH with Frankie and Caleb and tried to make him the replacement member of the Bomb Squad to keep him from outing it to anyone else while Zach and Paola got into a decently loud fight in the backyard with Paoloa's only coherent argument being "Because you're an asshole." Christine during this time talked to Nicole about The Bomb Squad and so on and so forth... Chaos.

Eventually Zach went to sleep and the house mostly calmed down with just whispers here and there.  Derrick going and planting seeds with people to keep Zach, and Frankie going around setting fires trying to burn him out of the house.

Ultimately, Hayden decided the whole Bomb Squad thing was bullshit and talked to Derrick and Cody about how he hates how Devin strong arms people and said he wanted to keep Zach in the house.  Nicole and Christine both say they will vote the way Hayden votes. 

The vote talk and scrambling mostly stopped for just a little while and everyone played the bean bag cornhole game and pool etc..  Then Zach woke up and started to campaign.  He went and talked to Derrick, Cody, Donny and Hayden who are all doing their best to try and get the house to keep him.  They talked about different scenarios and ways to get votes.  Derrick coached Zach like a rockstar and broke down every person in the house and what would appeal to them and what fences he needed to mend.  Then Frankie showed up...

Frankie listened to the chatter for a while and promised Zach his vote but then instantly ran off to go tattle or more appropriately to make up some OUTRAGEOUS lies.  He went into the fire room with Jocasta, Amber, and Victoria and told them that Zach thinks he has their votes, but that most of the conversation he just heard from all of those boys was misogynistic women hate.  He got all the girls riled up...especially Amber who grows more naive by the day, and had them believing there was some kind of anti-females rally going on outside.  They were pretty easy to convince since Devin has been telling them all that "Zach said Victoria was a B"  and also telling everyone that he threatened to HIT Victoria, which is a lie that Frankie made up.

After Frankie did his damage, he went out to the hammock to talk with Donny and Derrick alone about how they were going to vote as Team America.  Derrick seems to be all in as far as voting the same way they do.  I'm not sure if he thinks we won't like him otherwise or if he thinks he won't earn the money, or if he is just blowing smoke.  Either way, he and Donny pitched over and over to Frankie the reasons it would be smarter to keep Zach in the house over Paola.  And every single time they brought up good points, Frankie would return to "I would rather have Caleb and Devin as allies"....sigh  Donny even came out with a "I think Team America shouldn't be scared of anyone.  I wasn't scared of Devin and look what he did to me."  I truly love Donny though I rarely see him since he goes to bed so early.

Eventually Donny did go to bed and Derrick told Frankie he could tell he wasn't on board and he wasn't trusting the whole Hayden thing etc..  He asked him to tell him what he thought.  Frankie again kept balking at the idea of keeping Zach: "He's erratic, he isn't loyal, I'm worried about my game, Devin will never put us up" Blah...blah...blah.  Eventually an idea that Frankie SAID he could live with was pitched.  Frankie said they could keep Zach if he made up with Caleb and Devin, so they got Caleb over to the Hammock and Derrick went to work on him telling him that Zach was apologetic about the explosion at the veto meeting and that he still wanted to be loyal and just wanted to stay in the house. Caleb did not take the bait.

But then THIS happened:

Frankie and Zach went into the Hive Room and talked.  Frankie told Zach that he wants to vote to keep him but that he can't lose face with Devin and Caleb.  He told him that he has been scrambling and not trying to keep him from getting nominated/going home.  He and Zach made a plan for Frankie to vote to keep Zach but blame it on someone who definitely isn't voting to keep Zach like Victoria or Jocasta.  The plan also includes Frankie still acting like he really wants Zach out to Amber, Devin, and Caleb. The things is, with all the info that Frankie spilled and the tone of his voice...I kind of believe him a little bit.  Thursday is a long way away, but it may actually happen.  For the record, Frankie also told Christine the plan and sounded like he had intentions of carrying it out and blaming the vote on Jocasta.  Then he told Derrick about it and he and Derrick started to elaborate on the plan and see who they could get to actually vote for Zach to stay, and who they are going to tell to not vote for Zach so they can blame the vote on them.

They are all still chatting, but I am frankly exhausted, and there will be many days ahead of scrambling and changing votes.  As of now this is where things stand: Zach most likely has Derrick, Donny, Frankie, Hayden, Nicole, Christine, Brittany, Cody.  He does not have Caleb, Amber, Jocasta, Victoria. And Devin only votes in the event of a tie.  I have no doubt flip flopping wll be rampant , but as I've stated many times before, I so hope things work out in Zach's favor this week. As always, you guys can follow me @ashes2ashes13 on twitter for more overnight updates.  Until tomorrow night....



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