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Lazy Day

Just a little update. There's not much going on today. Reverting back to the traditional TV schedule, along with today being a holiday, means that nominations won't happen until tomorrow. It's been a day of sitting by the pool, putting on makeup, and feeling betrayed by a scrap of paper. Yes, GinaMarie has been a real treat all day. Her motormouth skills have been on full display, and she's now disgusted by Nick due to a place card with David's initials she found in his pile of clothes. (Rumor is that it's the name cards the stand-ins use when rehearsing for the live eviction show.)

Oh yes, and our pretty little Aryan princess still can't control her mouth. She's had a number of questionable comments all day long, including one about how Candice is just like all of the other African-American women from recent seasons.

One piece of good news. The day is half over, and Helen has yet to cry! It's a good day for her! The same can't be said for Amanda, who is so paranoid that she's going on the block that she has been up to the HOH on multiple ocassions to beg them to believe her that she didn't vote to evict David. It doesn't seem to be working.


Pure Comedy

People that know me understand that I'm a curmudgeon that hates almost everything. That's why even I'm shocked at how much I'm loving the live feeds. Seriously, if you don't have them do it now. It's pure gold. 

Every single one of these people are delusional, and you never know what is going to happen from minute to minute. Yes, that sounds like a CBS cliche, but it's been true so far. 

Today was a perfect example. Paranoia is running rampant, and silliness is in the air. First off, David has started to figure out that he may be a target. That has set him off, and he even spent some time bitching to McCrae about it. Then out of the blue, my pretty girl Aaryn started acting psycho once again, commanding him to do what she tells him. Oh, that girl is a treat.

Then you have two fights going on at the same time. Jeremy goes into the bathroom to yell at Aaryn while she is taking a shower. In the next room, Kaitlin is going nuts, screaming to David and GinaMarie that Jeremy has betrayed her. All of this is because there are various rumors floating around that various people know each other or are related. Meanwhile, Elissa is nowhere to be found...but I'm sure smiling like a proud Reilly.

Elissa is part of the big winner of the afternoon, though. Amanda, who must have a dozen different deals by now, has been working an old versus young rivalry. She sits down with Elissa to talk about making a deal. They decide that the best plan for them is to pretend they're arguing, and she'll storm off.

The problem is that our dear Amanda has not taken any lessons from Strasburg, and nobody even raises an eyebrow as she stomps away. Attempting to make sure everybody know they hate each other, Amanda makes a show of stomping away again when Elissa sits in the same area as her. Still...crickets. Nobody gives a shit.

It's not going to work anyway, as Elissa told McCrae just a couple of minutes later that it's a hoax. Oh well.

The night is young. I can't wait to see what happens next!


First Night Jitters

With the first CBS show under our belt, we had some time to kill before the feeds went live. How did you spend that time? In my case, it was primarily drinking. As time clicked closer and closer to 11 pm (I'm a central time zoner), the anticipation grew. Just how different were these people from what we saw on the show? Was Jessie still bragging about her hotness? Has Elissa taken over the show, ala her sister's two seasons?

The time finally came, and a quick refresh of my browser and this is what I saw:

YES! Girl party!

Unfortunately, the eastern portion of the country didn't see this. They saw nothing. Apparently, there was a glitch of some sort caused by the fact it was past midnight, and the official Big Brother clock was a different date than my east coast friends. It was discovered that if they backtracked a few hours, and then hit live, they'd be online. Or if they changed their computer's clock.

So what did we see? The first thing I noticed was a sad Jessie. This was not the over-confident, self-procliamed "hot girl" we saw on the CBS broadcast. Nope, she was a pure mope.

We found out a bit later that there were two reasons for her attitude. One reason was that she was nominated for by McCrae (along with Candice), and, probably more importantly in her mind, she was having boy problems with Jeremy. I guess we do have a love triangle in the house, with the third party being the lovely Kaitlin.

There's also another couple in the house. Aaryn is with David and there's talk that they knew each other before the show. This needs further investigation. There was also supposedly a pre-live feed cat fight that involved Candice. I don't know much about this at this point.

They boys all have alliances with each other, and most of them have multiple alliances. They're playing hard right off the back, particularly Nick. I have to say I completely misjudged him in the pre-show videos. He may ultimately hurt himself by playing so hard so fast, but he is a smart cookie.

For a guy like me, this is a wonderful cast. All of the girls are relatively attractive. Candice is the least appealing for me, but even she cannot be described in derogatory terms. For female fans, though, it's a disaster. Seriously, these dudes are all dorks! Why oh why do multiple women want stupid Jeremy?

I didn't last long with the feeds last night, as the effects of the alcohol made me weary. There's also the fact that the first night of feeds is a bit of a cluster fuck in multiple voices babbling at the same time. But at least there was no "Big Booty".


Scott's Initial Impressions - Amanda

Amanda Zuckerman, 28

Hometown: Long Island, N.Y. 

Current City: Boynton Beach, Fla. 

Real Estate Agent 

If you’ve seen as much reality television as me, you begin to understand that 30 is almost like 50. You’re too old for The Real World, but you’re way too young to be a haggard Real Housewife...unless, of course, you marry a man rich enough to pay off Bravo Andy.

Those years of late night clubbing are beginning to take their toll. The voice is becoming a rasp thanks to that two-pack a night habit, and the penchant for screaming at the top of their lungs whenever they receive a free drink...or see a flashing light. An occasional jolt of Botox helps keep those worry lines away.

The body is still there, though. The skin above the breasts has yet to freckle or pickle. The boob job is a few years away from needing to be refurbished. The legs are still long and tan, and the booty can still hang out of the short shorts without showing stretch marks or dimples. 

This is it, babe. This is your last gasp before you have to make that “career” you put on your reality television resume a...well, reality. So throw on a tight tank top and some shorts that enhance those gams, and charm this man with the dumb questions!

Her plan clearly works, as the dumbfounded camera man initially forgets to turn on the camera! As we enter the interview, she’s already complaining that she hasn’t been able to inhale her usual pre-noon pack of smokes. 

Oh boy, this girl can talk. I can barely keep up as she plans to be a floater but not a floater, and this contradiction versus that contradiction. Her friends say she’s funny, loud, caring, and they all just love how she’s their therapist. Sure you are, honey.

The truth finally does come out, though. Girls really don’t like her, but they’re all just “jealous”. Oh yeah, there’s that cliche. I can see it now. She’s at a bar dancing with her prey, and that guy’s real girlfriend has the audacity to step in. “Bitch, you’re just jealous!” Yet she hates drama and isn’t judgmental!

At this point, the cameraman is having trouble focusing. It has to be those thighs causing him to shake and shimmy with the camera. Or maybe it’s the cleavage that is begging to be released from that tank top that is struggling to keep the puppies in check.

Wait, it just got interesting. She claims she was 30 pounds heavier a few years ago, and there are some men that have some pictures that better NOT be shared with the public. I’m now officially offering a nice reward for these pics! Send them to!

My prediction? She’ll actually do well in competitions, and is alpha enough to ensure she’s one of the leaders of the cool kids alliance. While she will ultimately be involved in a few screamfests, I bet she makes it until final five or so.

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