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Scott's Initial Impressions - Andy

Andy Herren, 26

Hometown: Aurora, Ill. 

Current City: Chicago, Ill. 


We live in a world full of prejudice. People hate just for the sake of hating. It’s sad. It really is. How can people be so judgmental? Live and let live, is what I always say.

Which brings us to Andy, who is not only a “professor”, but a server at a restaurant? Wait, what? Professor Andy, where’s my double whiskey coke? I’ve been waiting at least two minutes!

From the first glimpse, it’s obvious that Andy has endured a lot of bullying and beatings his entire life. You see, our string bean is a ginger, probably the most hated of men in our world today.

Yes, he is also gay, but that’s no issue. It is in the rules of every reality-based game show to have a flamboyant man of this ilk. Now we know that the gay community is as diverse as any other section of life, but for some reason these types of shows only cast one type. For more on that topic, do yourself a favor and google a term paper that Ragan from Big Brother 12 wrote on this very topic.

Just as I wrote that line, Andy stated on the video that he was a big fan of Ragan. In fact, Andy claims to be a huge fan of Big Brother, but has never seen the live feeds. Hmmm, I’m not sure about that, although he adds that he has watched the network broadcast since the third season.

But instead of modeling himself after Ragan, he says that his goal is to be like Danielle from season three. He does describe her eventual downfall perfectly, although this is info he could have found on wikipedia. 

Andy also claims to have a pretty solid plan for success, although I almost guarantee that nothing he plans on doing will come to fruition. I do like the fact that he hopes it is nothing but “noobs” this season, and agrees with my belief that returning players have an advantage because they are inevitably looked up to as stars. 

I like Andy, and hope he does well, but I predict a crying meltdown early on, and he clearly will drive some people crazy by talking way too much. He also knows that he will be one of the smarter people in the house, and all of this will combine to cause a week four or five departure. Plus he’s a ginger.

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