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Angie Video

Since I'll probably never again see Angie in a bikini, here's some footage that I hope CBS doesn't take down.


Dammit, Jessie Is Calm Tonight

Angie lovers should be bummed - Jessie has been on his best behavior all night. That much-needed explosion that is needed to convince Keesha to save Angie is just not going to happen.


Jerry's Unsanitary

In a return to a Big Brother cliche, Libra has noticed that Jerry doesn't wash his hands after using the bathroom. This just became a twenty-minute discussion amongst the hens, who are already mad about his apology to Memphis. (Apparently, he made a big show about thanking Keesha for advising him to do this, when all she did was say now would be the time to do it if he's going to.)

Renny just prepared dinner, and as Ollie walked off to the bathroom he loudly announced that he promises to wash his hands before returning.

Oh, one more tidbit - Memphis, Michelle, and Jessie are possibly going to flash Jerry's top-secret cross sign when Angie's evicted tomorrow. I'll believe that when I see it.


Keesha's Not Quite Convinced

In a roundabout way, Memphis brought up the lingering sentiment to put out Jessie instead of Angie. Keesha's not sure if she's down with that idea because at the end nobody would vote for him. Wait, I thought the plan was for members of the most awesome giant alliance of all time to be the final eight?

If this was later in the game, I'd agree with Keesha. But it's still only week three; you can't already be thinking about the final two.