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Memphis Versus Jerry

Memphis told Keesha that Jerry supposedly informed Angie she had the votes to survive, and that this should be reason enough to replace Jessie on the block. An upset Keesha summomed Jerry to the HOH, where he denied saying such a thing.

Michelle also claims to have heard this, and confronted Angie. She's now conspiring with Jessie. Well, of course she is.

Angie really has no real alliances in the house.


It's Shaping Up To Be a Lazy Day

It's only fair, I guess, that I post some pics of people besides Angie. I even included one of Queen Libra.

Meanwhile, Memphis is sweet-talking Keesha. Supposedly, he'd rather that Jessie stay over Angie. He does gets in some good shots against Libra, though.

Ok, I can't resist including a few shots of my girl Angie, especially since I probably won't have too many more opportunities.


Keesha and Angie Finally Talk!

Although a few things were cleared up, I don't think it's going to help Angie.

She saw a rare opportunity to get Keesha alone, and used a finished load of laundry as an excuse to come upstairs. Angie told her that she's needed to talk to her for a couple of days, but there has been a steady rotation of people coming in and out.

Angie told her that she had heard that Keesha believed that Angie was targeting her, and that she thought it was obvious that Libra and April have been her targets for the past two weeks. They move on to talking about Steven, and after a bit Keesha realized that she had indeed been lied to about Angie's role in that nomination.

After some more back and forth, Angie finally told Keesha that she wants her to use the veto on Jessie. Her reasoning was that she can't stand living with Libra another week, and if Libra is still there she'd rather be out of the game. "That's how much she gets on my nerves."

I still think offering safety to Jessie is a horrific idea, but if it does result in Libra's nomination I'll be entertained. I just don't see it happening, though...especially after seeing Keesha rolling her eyes a couple of times.

Here's the footage. I hope CBS doesn't yank it.


It Doesn't Look Good For Angie

Feeds just came back, and while we haven't been told the winner we know it wasn't Libra or Angie. Ok, it was Keesha, as it can be seen on the table next to her. Libra came in second, and she's pissed that they had to wear unitards. For some reason, Jessie and Michelle suggested to Angie that she go up and tell Keesha that she'll owe her one if she gets Jessie booted.

Edit: Ok, I misheard. Jessie's great idea was for Angie to go up and tell Keesha to take Jessie down and put up Libra. My God, he's a tool! Why doesn't he go up and tell her to take down Angie instead? Oh, that's right. That wouldn't necessarily help him!

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