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Lies, Lies, Lies

So, Libra did not push for Steven's nomination (lie), and Angie was involved (another lie). April, of course, was also a perfect angel (lie). Meanwhile, Jessie thinks his talk with Keesha worked, and he's celebrating with Michelle and Angie. I'm not so sure.

As for the players, I heard Ollie and Libra but I'm not sure who the third one is.


Early Veto Comp

Angie's fate will be decided in the next hour or so. They were told late last night that the veto competition will occur at 10 am, BB time. It's now around a half hour later, so it could start at any time.

It looks like Jerry, Dan and possibly Ollie are the other players. This does not bode well for Angie. Then again, I'm basing this only on the fact that those are the ones that appear to be awaiting instructions, and three of those four are dressed in the same color.

Note the hat and bandana Angie's wearing. How soon will the catty comments commence?


Jessie Is A Tool

He just told Angie, "sorry, but I'm going to have to pull a week one. But you should still try, though." Ugh. He's again babbling about the only reason he can possibly be on the block is because he was called out on national television. My God, he's a tool.

Edit: Jessie told Memphis that he and Angie are on the block because of him, and that Jerry hates him now. Memphis responded he doesn't give a shit. Jessie adds that he is paying the price because of guilt by association with Memphis, so that they can weaken him. Ohmigod, what a tool.


Nominations Are In!

Yes, it's as expected - Jessie and Angie, with Michelle apparently the last key to be pulled. That should be fun to watch on Sunday. Jerry's Angels are in the HOH spying on Angie's non-reaction because it "somehow" proves she's talking about them.

Jessie just asked Jerry if he has his vote, and is in the process of exploding on him when Jerry says he's not sure because of the things he's heard that Jessie has said. Ugh, he's going on and on about being disrespected on national television.

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