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Did Ollie and April Hook Up Last Night?

Dan just came in and asked if they "got down" last night. After a discussion of the noises he says that he heard coming from the room, Ollie's response was that he wished he had been up for that. "I heard you were up last night, Ollie," says Dan to laughter. It wouldn't surprise me, as they were having a pretty intimate chat about shaved cooches and lesbian showers.

I don't think Libra's happy that the focus is now away from Jerry and Renny's attacks on her. She was innocently sleeping, you know. But she's done talking about it she continues to babble.


Jerry Leaves the Room and Libra Begins Bitching

It's rehash time! April's completely kissing her ass. Libra's complaint is that "people see what they want to see." You just described yourself.

OMG, she's completely playing the victim. She was lying in her bed, and was "attacked", and prodded, and called out, and blah blah blah. Poor girl.


Jerry Rules

Jerry summed up the day perfectly - "Libra's really stirring the fucking pot. It's going to bite her in the ass." He also said he knows that he's destined to leave soon, and he's fine with it. He does love April's legs in heels, though. "You think (Ollie's) going to get any of that before?"


Maybe Keesha Has a Clue After All

I think Libra's words have finally struck a chord with Keesha...and it's being passed on to April. The both are starting to realize she's treating them as her puppets. Then again, April is also claiming she told Ollie she's not taking him to the end.