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April's Early Show Interview

While we wait for nominations, here's April on The Early Show.

Here's another good find. April says goodbye to herself.


One Last Time For April And Ollie?

April and Ollie couldn't wait for Showtime to go off the air last night.


Is There Anybody More Delusional?

April is plotting her post-BB life with Ollie, and it's going to be quite the glamorous future. They're going to be recognized everywhere; she's going to get a magazine layout; they're both going to be on the cover of People; maybe they'll even go on Amazing Race. And if "America" sends anybody back into the house, it's going to be her because we're going to want her to reunite with Ollie. The birds are so disgusted by this one of them pooped on Ollie.


Veto Not Used!

Dan obviously came to his senses, and did not use the veto. It appears that he mentioned that he was offered bribes, though, which has everybody talking.


WTF? Dan Is Considering Using The Veto?

Just cut April the check immediately. April, Ollie, and Michelle have all been sweet-talking Dan all night long, and he's actually considering using the veto! This is just dumb all around. Michelle has no reason to fight for anybody, and Dan is also sitting pretty. Doesn't Ollie realize that if Dan does save April, he'll be the replacement? Somebody better have a nice, long talk with Dan.