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Look For An Emmy-Worthy Performance By April

April: I need to act vulnerable for these people, do you understand that? What are you thinking about?
Ollie: Nothing.
April: We’re past that stage.
Ollie: You said the game will change how people act. You’ve already changed.
April: How?
Ollie: You just play your game how you need to play it.
April: I don’t need this right now.
Ollie: What do you want from me? What do you need from me?
April: I just need you to be you.
Ollie: I’m here for you.
April: Why are you upset?
Ollie: I’m not upset anymore.


A Sigh Of Relief - It's April and Jerry

Wow! Just when I thought Renny was off her rocker, she did the right thing and put up Jerry and April. Jerry is now upstairs making his case about his honesty and everything else, but Renny is repeating that he's not her target.

This is a smart move in my opinion. If either win veto, then Ollie will go up. Barring some weirdness, it's guaranteed that one of the three are going home.


April Is "Late"! Bwahahahahaha!


Ugh! BB Lets April Steal Renny's Spotlight

After an outside lockdown, the house was let back in to a pile of gifts. Unfortunately, they're April's designer outfits...including new pairs of stripper shoes. If I was Memphis, I'd ask her just how much they were worth. $60,000? $70,000? More than a vintage car?

Why couldn't they give April her prize next week? Oh yeah, she may not be around then...hopefully.


The One Time I Haven't Minded The Unveiling Of The HOH

I actually teared up a bit, as our favorite old girl finally got into the HOH after a brief struggle with the key. It's amazing, though, how April was the first to pour on the compliments. Ok, it was predictable.

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