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So Far...

Dan looks completely uncomfortable. He basically can't sit still. But he is singing and asking for people to talk to him. I guess that's the way to go - annoy people off the shaking wall. Ollie And Jessie are also staying in motion. Jerry is moving a little bit to get comfortable. The girls have remained fairly stable and not moved.

Also, the feeds keep going to trivia. It's quite annoying.


Medieval Games tonight

Using aluminum foil, the houseguests will be making medieval costumes to play medieval games together. Here's Angie putting together a hat.

It's terrible.


Jessie has insecurities

Jessie and Michelle are hanging out outside in the sun. Jessie's insecurities with his body are shining through. He has a pimple in his eyebrow that he's not too happy about. He stares at his hands. And his ears. He says they're weird.

Michelle and Jessie are BFF. They plan on getting on the next Big Brother All-Stars cast, but the house keeps yelling at them. Michelle says America loves them.


I hope I missed something. Because neither of them should be on an All-Stars show.


Memphis: I was a model.

I looked this up because I really have no idea if this is true and couldn't find anything. Memphis is claiming he was a model. He got down to 168lbs, he claims, and then got back up to 175. Before modeling he was over 200lbs. Listening to his story, I really didn't believe him at all. I'm a fashion design student, and it just seemed like a load of bull to me.

Anyone know, or is he pulling a Natalie I'm-a-Seahawks-Cheerleader-Joke? Oh, and if anyone has links to pictures, that'd be awesome too! I'll keep looking for it.


They Get 7 or 14 Virgins!

The religious talk hasn't stopped. Flexing his religious muscles too, Steven wants to know what religion gets "7 or 14" virgins. He also wants to know if it's men or women virgins. Steven isn't a fan of religious wars, but claims he'd execute people for believing certain things.

It's 72 virgins, by the way. But a good guess.