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The Final Countdown

Here we are - the final day of the Big Brother 12 season. The feeds will be turned off later today and the winner will be crowned tonight.

I always get a little sad on the final day because I know it won't be until next summer that I can feed my obsession. Well, except for that Big Brother 9 anomaly but I digress. I won't lie to you and tell you that I thought Big Brother 12 was the best season ever. I actually think it was the worst ever.

Most of the hamsters were boring. The original saboteur twist was a bust thanks to Annie being evicted first. The second saboteur twist with Ragan was just plain stupid. The Brigade alliance never imploded on itself. Hell, the Brigade alliance was never even figured out by the others. (And don't tell me that Ragan knew because he really didn't.)

The worst parts of this whole season? The over-production of the television shows INCLUDING the diary room clips. The same old tired competitions. And the constant bubbles for those of us who pay for the live feeds to be able to see more than the people who watch just the TV episodes. And Grodner or the powers that be should change the schedule back to Thursday - Sunday - Tuesday!

I can't really remember any bright spots of the season other than the back-to-back endurance competitions at the beginning of the season. Oh, and I found it fairly amusing that Rachel and Brendon (even though they were annoying) were able to keep themselves in the house for as long as they did.

Part Three of the final HOH competition will be held live on the show tonight and I fully expect Lane and Hayden to take each other to the end and dump Enzo. I also fully expect Hayden to win Big Brother after that happens.

Before I end this post, I would like to thank Mike and Scott and everybody else here for giving me a Big Brother home this season. After the unfortunate demise of Silly Hamsters, Big Brother Gossip was my go-to spot and they welcomed with open arms. So thank you!

So let's get on with it. Who do you think will win Big Brother 12? Were there any bright spots for you this season? What did you think was the worst part? Is there anything you would change for next season? Let me know what you think about it all in the comments!


Would You Rather

To celebrate tonight's super fantabulous Double Eviction episode, I think we should play a little game of 'Would You Rather'.

There's only one simple rule to the game and it's that you have to pick only ONE of the choices. No funny business of not picking either or changing one of the choices or anything. You have to pick one! So post your choices in the comments and let's have some fun with it!

Would you rather...

#1 - Dye Britney's hair purple or shave Rachel's head?

#2 - Listen to Enzo crack jokes for 24 hours or listen to Kathy talk about her son for 24 hours?

#3 - Accompany Ragan to the clubs in West Hollywood or hang out with Rachel in her favorite club in Vegas?

#4 - Be handcuffed to Annie all day or handcuffed to Monet all day?

#5 - Spend a day at work with Ragan or a day at work with Andrew?

#6 - Work out with Brendon or play tackle football with Lane?

#7 - Pluck all of Matt's eyebrows out or shave Hayden's moppy hair?

#8 - Be the Public Relations person for Rachel or the PR person for Ragan?

#9 - Drop Matt into a big tank filled with piranha or put Ragan into a cage with a grizzly bear?

#10 - Tape Enzo's mouth shut so he can't eat or talk for 24 hours or blindfold Britney so she can't see for the next 24 hours?


First Thoughts

I LOVE this part of the Big Brother season so much!  Getting to know the little hamsters and comparing them to our initial impressions pre-season.  Figuring out who's aligned with who and who wants who out.  Learning about their little quirks and everything else that makes them so unique.

So it's at this moment in time that I find myself sitting here with one of my headphone earbuds in listening to the oh so glorious music of FOTH (while they have the POV competition) and trying to figure out the last 16 hours or so.  The premiere show itself was good last night.  I had a great time chatting it up with everybody in the SH chat room waiting for the live feeds to begin.  And then the feeds began.

What a downright mess that was!  To be so happy and mad all at the same time was pretty damned sucktastic.  If you follow me on Twitter then you know how pissed off I was.  The audio on my live feeds worked when I could finally load up one of the streams but forget about the video.  I felt like I was back on a dial-up internet connection! Real Networks did some tweaking to things late late last night and it does seem to have helped some for me but come on already.  Give me my RealPlayer back!!!

As far as the hamsters go, we've got a pretty lively bunch so far.  Not as lively as BB9 thank goodness but a good group nonetheless.  There's already a showmance going on between Brendon and Rachel (that happened within 24 hours of entering the house!).  Rachel was in such a giving mood last night that she even provided Brendon a little comfort down below with her hand.  Speaking of Brendon and Rachel, they're are the first two to be nominated this season.  I'm still not sure exactly why Hayden nominated them but their romance/sexmance seems to be part of the reason.

Andrew seems to be the outcast so far this season for a combination of reasons.  He doesn't seem to have much skill in the female department and has been accidentally on purpose (haha!) been making weird comments to the girls.  It didn't help his cause either when somehow his head found itself under Annie's blanket and on her crotch right before the live feeds and Big Brother After Dark began.  Thanks a lot Andrew for making us listen to that wannabe mime (she really pancakes the foundation on) bitch for the first hour non-stop.  But hey, at least she didn't bitch all night like I did!  Zing!

The others also seem to know almost nothing about Andrew's religion so what do the hamsters do when they're ignorant about something?  They make snide comments behind the person's back instead of asking questions and learning something face-to-face.  If you're a politically correct singsong Sally out there, their behavior might offend you.  Me?  I'm watching for entertainment so I could give two hoots if they learn anything about his Judaism.  Bring the perverted outcast Jew on!

Thankfully, the house isn't split up into two huge alliances battling it out mafia-style already like the past couple of seasons.  There seems to three or four small alliances with some double agent action mixed in.  Annie is the biggest shit-stirrer in the house so far.  She's constantly flitting around telling people who said what (sometimes correctly and sometimes purposefully incorrectly) and has her nose so far up Hayden's ass she can probably smell the food he's chewing.

Kristen and Ragan seem to have a little friendship going on.  Andrew wants Enzo's friendship but Enzo ain't havin' any of that bizness.  Monet and Annie are definitely working against each other.  Rachel and Monet definitely don't like each other.  Rachel's constant nervous laugh gets on almost everybody's nerves.  Kathy has taken on the role of a busted up den mother (have you seen those bruises on her arms?).  Lane likes to hit on the ladies.  Enzo and Britney might be battling it out to become the clown of the house this season.

And the saboteur?  Who knows.  The house doesn't really seem to be that interested right now in who the saboteur is.  Most think it's Andrew (I highly doubt it) and seem to be gunning for him next week.  He might want to think about winning that whole HOH thing.  I would definitely find it hilarious if he did become the next HOH because I'd like to see them all kiss up to his outcast ass.

So what are your thoughts on things so far?  Let us know in the comments!


The Big Brother 12 Premiere Was Here!

Annie likes Britney. Hayden likes Kristen. Matt lied about himself. Enzo likes Rachel's boobs. Ragan seems to like Brendon a little bit. Kristen likes Hayden. Rachel has no clue about the Jewish religion. Andrew lied about himself. Enzo is worried about the law. Britney is engaged. Annie likes Enzo. Ragan lied about himself. Britney loves Ragan because he's "obviously a flaming homosexual." Annie didn't reveal her bisexuality. Let's toast!

Yes, tonight was the start of Big Brother 12. Can you say interesting? I thought the show tonight was one of the better premieres in recent years. The hamsters seem to be intriguing so far but not so dramatic or vapid that I found myself hating any one of them just yet. That actually kinda depresses me! LOL!

Julie (hey girl!) revealed the saboteur twist early on.  The houseguests all seemed genuinely shocked and didn't give up much in the diary room.  Julie told them that the saboteur could sabotage an individual, a group, or all of them.  That could be important down the road I'd imagine.  She told them that if the saboteur is evicted before five weeks is up, that they would walk out with nothing. But if they make it, they could win $50,000.  It was fun watching them freak out about who it could be. And honestly, I have no clue who it is.  I think it's a female but that's about it.

Now let's get to the first Head of Household competition.  Julie told them they had to split into two groups of six but that meant one person sitting out.  And of course the person sitting out didn't have a shot at the first HOH title (you kidding? I would have sat it out too!).  Andrew immediately volunteered to sit out and wouldn't you know it, the Jewish guy had to wear a weiner.  It was plastic though so wouldn't it technically be kosher?

So the mustard (yellow) and ketchup (red) teams had to hang on to weiners to make it across the backyard.  There were quite a few face-plants in the process which made me laugh hysterically.  But the big news was that as people crossed they would be eligible for cash prizes.  The first one across on each team wins $10,000 but also loses the chance to become HOH.  To become HOH, the last person from the team that gets their weiner across the yard wins the HOH title.

In all of this, Andrew becomes safe from eviction this week because he chose to sit out the competition. Monet and Annie were the first members of their teams to make it across which means they've already won $10,000 this season (but Kristen really wanted it more than Annie).  Britney fell in the competition and hurt her knee (the other team replaced her with Kristen - not smart).  Hayden was the last person from the first team to make it across and won Head of Household. 

The rest of the show was full of Saboteur business.  You can go to the CBS site and choose who you think it is and find out with everybody else who it actually is on Thursday, July 15th in the first live show of the season.  We then got to see a little bit about the Saboteur making their appearance when the lights went out in the house.

Not one to let anything get by him, Enzo immediately thought it was an act of sabotage.  Gee, ya think? And Brendon then chose to brush his teeth in the dark.  Not suspicious is it?  Andrew chose to play pranks on the others in the dark.  Not suspicious either is it?  The 'hidden' saboteur, by way of the flat screen in the living room, informed the others after the lights came back on that the storage room had been locked and to sleep with their eyes open.  No soup for the hamsters!

The show closed with telling us that Sunday's show at 8:00 PM ET will show us who Hayden nominated for eviction.  On Wednesday 8:00 PM ET is the POV show.  And then on Thursday 8:00 PM ET we'll have the first live eviction of the season and also find out who the saboteur is.

So what did you think about the first show of the season? Anybody you like more or less after seeing them on TV? Who do you think the saboteur is?  And are you ready for the live feeds to begin in just a couple of hours?  Let us know in the comments!