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Tonight's The Night!

I'm so excited that the time is finally here - Big Brother 13 starts tonight!

The first episode of this Big Brother season airs tonight on CBS at 9:00 PM ET/8:00 PM CT. The live feeds are scheduled to go live at 1:00 AM ET/Midnight CT. Big Brother After Dark on Showtime 2 is scheduled to start at the same time the live feeds are tonight and will run for three hours as in previous seasons. 

Hopefully, you already signed up for your live feeds to take advantage of the discount (and if you didn't then shame on you!). Now that your live feeds are already taken care of the next thing I highly recommend you do is to install the Big Brother Lite viewer by going to and downloading it. The Big Brother Lite viewer is free, allows you to view multiple feeds at one time, lets you access Flashback, and is pinnable to the top of your other windows so that you can goof around on the internet while keeping an eye on what's going on the house. There are many more features to the viewer so click on that link above and read all about it.

At this point your DVR should be set, your computer at the ready, and your family and friends forewarned about the upcoming season and how your attention might not be solely on them. You should also have memorized the new houseguest's names so that you can remember tonight which jackass might have made a jackass move.

Finally, have you listed to the first episode of our Big Brother Gossip show yet? If you haven't or you're not aware of what I'm talking about, some of us here are recording a show on Saturday nights (more often if the need arises) to be put up here on the site for you to listen to. You can click on the little widget over there on the upper right part of the page to check it out and let us know what you think.

So are you ready for tonight? Are you ready for this season? Are you excited? Let us know in the comments!


The Scandalous HOH Pics

OK, so the pics of the new BB13 HOH room aren't scandalous. They're interesting though.

There has been a little talk about how the pictures of the HOH room differ and what it all means.  "What does it meannnnn????"

The first picture below shows the HOH room as it was released on the first day the rest of the pictures of the Big Brother house were released.  The picture below it was released the next day with the next batch of pictures.

So I'm going to just throw it out there to you and let you debate and surmise in the comments.  Do you know what it means?

HOH pic Day 1

HOH pic Day 2