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Big Brother 16 premieres June 25, 2014

Big Brother will be back for a 16th edition beginning on Wednesday, June 25, 2014, according to reports. #BB16 will air Wednesdays at 8:00 PM Eastern/Pacific, Thursdays at 9:00 PM ET/PT (the weekly eviction episode, broadcast live), and again Sundays at 8:00 PM ET/PT.

If you'll be a Big Brother newbie this year (like I was last year), here's a guide to a typical week of Big Brother.

Sources: USA Today and CBS.


Watch Big Brother Canada from outside Canada.

Hi all,  while I personally don't plan on watching Big Brother Canada, which started on Wednesday, I thought I'd share with you my technique for watching the episodes and live feeds online since I live outside Canada and the video on the site is restricted to Canada only.  The feeds are FREE (ad supported) so for those tight on cash its a way to enjoy the Big Brother experience and save a few $$.  Big Brother Canada will last about 10 weeks.

I use a site - plugin called Hola to enable my computer / browser (in my case I am using firefox but it works with Chrome and I believe IE as well) to move about the Canadian web page for Big Brother Canada.  My instructions are for someone using Windows 7 as well - your mileage may vary with other operating systems.  But Hola has options for MANY operating systems on their site.  Without Hola I get a message telling me the content is restricted when I try to view videos.

Here are the 'simple' steps.  I'm not offering tech support - just wanted to pass this on for those with the urge to see whats going on in the Great White North on its second season of Big Brother.

Step 1 - get Hola via this link Sign Up For Hola.

Step 2 - once you have signed up - you can add the unblocking rule via this link: Unblock

Step 3 - Finally if you aren't already on the site via the step above - you should be able to now go to the following and start watching videos including the episodes and the free live feeds: Big Brother Canada Official Site.


By the way, Hola is a great little way to watch LOADS of content that is normally restricted by region.  I used it last year to watch Big Brother Austrailia as well.

On Big Brother 16 - casting continues - you can see all open casting calls listed here: Big Brother Casting Calls.


#BB16 casting & open calls have begun

Tired of merely watching and talking about Big Brother? Now's your chance to live it. Big Brother 16 casting and open calls have begun.

It's an on-line application process at the following site: Submissions are due by April 4, 2014, including a video you'll need to make of yourself up to three minutes long.

Open casting calls have been held so far in Henderson, Nevada and Savannah, Georgia. At this writing, no additional cities have been announced -- but check the site regularly for an open casting call near you.


"A Social Experiment"

Nina Tassler, entertainment chief at CBS, was asked about Big Brother 15's controversial season and whether it will impact casting decisions for Big Brother 16.

"We have to remind ourselves," Tassler said, "It is a social experiment. You are taking people from very disparate walks of life and confining them in a house for a finite period of time." She defended how producers handled the controversy and implied that their existing screening processes are sufficient.

Read the Yahoo TV news article right here.


Nothing to see here - but have happy holiday season!

Hi there,

In order to keep the internet gods happy I need to make a post to the site so Amazon doesn't think we've stopped publishing.  In the immortal words of Whoville - "We are here! We are here!"

That being said - I have nothing 'new' to report.  I have been following the Big Brother 15 hgs from a distance via Twitter and most are still VERY active in updating and promoting themselves.  There is even some fighting still going on between a few.  Alas David has blocked me so I can't tell you what he is up to, but I can assure you up until the moment he blocked me I only learned that it was likely a good thing he was the first HG voted out last season.

If you want to see a timeline of all the #BB15 houseguests on twitter (all have accounts) you can click here (may not work on some mobile devices!!): - Alas David is no longer on that feed (see aforementioned 'block').

I did enjoy Big Brother Austrailia which wrapped up a month or so ago, its amazing how different that version is compared to the USA & Canadia version (both the USA and Canadian version are unique in that all other versions let the viewers vote on who stays or goes).

In Big Brother 16 news...... I have mostly none.  No official confirmation on a cast - if it will be new Hgs or All Stars or some combination.  No info on if Allison Grodner is staying on or leaving the show.  Just a whole lot of nothing to pass on.  Sorry!

Take care and have a great New Year and all that stuff!!



Last week, it was announced that David Goldberg, the head of the North American branch of Endemol, will be stepping down later this year. Endemol is the production company that owns Big Brother, and word is that he’s not the only person affiliated with the show that will not be a part of next season.

Yes, it seems that the wishes of a lot of hardcore fans may be coming true, as there are tons of rumors that Big Brother executive producer Allison Grodner and casting director Robyn Kass will also be let go. Finally!

The real question, however, if these rumors are true is how much will the show actually change? The gut reaction from most hardcore seem to believe that the entire format will be gutted, but I doubt that this will be the case. Certain aspects will be tweaked, and it’s probably safe to say that Grodner’s favorite pets (Jesse, Jeff/Jordan, the Reilly family) will finally be taken off the Rolodex, but there’s no way that the show will suddenly ape the formats of other countries.

What I’d like to see is a format that isn’t so reliant on competitions. In fact, let’s just get rid of most of them altogether. Completely scrap the have/have-not silliness. Let the entire house vote on nominations, and make that the prime focus of Sunday’s episode. Keep the veto competition, and allow the winner to not only save a nominee but also put up a replacement for Wednesday’s show. As much as I don’t trust the American public to vote, I can see giving them the power to decide who they want to save for the Thursday eviction episode.

Let’s also revamp the diary room. Currently, it’s only used for narration purposes, and their semi-scripted, catchphrase-dependent commentary is getting more embarrassing every year. Is there really any purpose to hear the usual “xxxx just can’t win the most important HOH of the year” silliness?

I want the diary room to be more honest about what’s going on, and more timely. If two people have a disagreement, show them going to the diary room to talk to “Big Brother”. The public can handle chats that are longer than a couple of sentences to describe their thoughts about what just happened.

My ideas for casting is pretty easy. This may be a bit shocking to most critics of this season, but they were on the correct path this year. Either have an entirely new cast, or nothing but returnees. No mixing! No stunt casting of a relative, especially if tied to a public vote that gives them an unfair advantage. If “All-Stars” is the plan for next year, do so in an interesting matter. Why not something like people who never made jury? Or favorites versus villains?

As for twists, I have to say again that outside of the stunt casting they did a pretty good job this year. The MVP twist could have been great if Elissa didn’t have that advantage the first two weeks, and the lack of Pandora/DPOV added some legitimacy to what happened in the later parts of the series. You can’t have these types of gimmicks just to save a Grodner/fanbase favorite. Just because a favorite player was evicted, or there is unhappiness with the final three, is not a valid reason for a twist that questions the credibility of the show.

These are just a few of my thoughts about next season. What about you? Do you want some changes for next year? Share some ideas!