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Showtime Started Early!!!

It's on right now!!!

Edit: For only about a minute or two. Booby girl looks pissed in the kitchen, and the two "smart" girls were outside in bathing suits.


New Showtime Commercial

Maybe this has aired before, but I saw a BBAD promo that I've never seen before that's full of the infamous Chelsia/Natalie striptease from last year. If you believed the commercial, you'd think there's lots of drinking and nudity every night on the show, instead of the boredom we've seen 99% of the time...especially the last few days.


Which Showtime Promos Are Destined to Drive You Crazy?

I enjoy most of the Showtime original programming, but I get sick of the promos we must endure every twenty minutes every single night. At least the Weeds and Call Girl commercials are just upcoming episode previews (and I think the star is gorgeous), but even those are already tedious. What commercials do you hate?