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Dead In The Water....The Night Owl

Well so far tonight, nothing happened.  No really, nothing.  Nothing out of the ordinary or new anyway.

The day started very very early when BB woke up the HGs to rush the veto ceremony.  Dan was called to the DR and was tipped off that he should be concerned about being back doored and then they instantly started the veto meeting before Frank could even finish talking to Boogie about the idea of putting Dan up.  So, needless to say, the feeds came back and everything stayed the same.  Thanks a lot production.  The chance was small in the first place, but they definitely made sure it wouldn't happen once Frank started really pushing the issue with Boogie.

After the meeting Joe hugged Frank and Boogie (so obvious) and Wil had a panic attack. The rest of the house commenced daily boringness of playing in the pool and sleeping.  The general consensus of course is that Wil is dead in the water. There really is no hope. I would be willing to bet every penny I have that nothing will change between now and Thursday and he will be the one walking out the door...sigh..there goes my overnight entertainment.

There was a moment tonight where Britney said she wanted to talk to Wil and that she was considering her options, but unfortunately because dingbat crazy eyes was told by Ian the worm that Wil was after Dan, she has had on her mean pouty puss all day and each time Britney brought up the idea of considering their options she has said "No, I KNOW Wil is after Dan. He HAS to go!". 

To add insult to injury, before Wil can even talk to Britney, Joe comes over to the hammock where Britney and Danielle are talking and tells his own version of what he thinks happened the night prior.  He spins a story involving Wil saying he wanted Britney, Danielle, Shane, or Dan to leave this week in exchange for safety and that he made a deal with Frank but that Frank completely blew it off.  He went on to say that his integrity is obviously higher than Wil's and that he really wants to be there blah blah blah.

Upon Joe's exit from the hammock Danieel seethes "I KNEW IT! I JUST KNEW HE WAS AFTER US! HE HAS TO GO!".  Britney puts her own spin on it recalling a conversation that happened about a week ago before noms happened saying that Wil was a liar because he said he wanted to work with she and Shane. 

The problem with all of these conversations is that there are tiny TINY bits of truth in them..just enough to make it look suspicious and they are all taken out of context.  Wil did not go upstairs and say what Joe said he did.  He just went and pled his case...he tried to fight which is what anyone would do on the block.  He basically said "why waste a week on me or Joe when there are bigger targets in the house."  He strongly implied Dan, but definitely didn't say Britney or Danielle.  The part about wanting to work with Britney and Shane was a conversation they had before Noms when he told her that he had no one but Ashley to work with and she was hurt and that he would like SOMEONE to work with and would be open to talking to she and Shane. I think it's a damned if you do and damned if you don't mentality.  If you talk to people you are a liar and a schemer. If you don't talk to anyone you are just floating and not playing the game.

Anyway...after this hammock discussion Danielle went inside and told all Joe's lies and Britney's spins to Dan as if they were truths that she actually knew to be fact.  Apparently Joe is trustworthy now and none of them can see that Joe has a deal with Frank and Boogie. Good grief. She then went on to bitch and complain about how Shane is such a dick because he talked about how hot Dani Donato is.  Dan cut her off with "This is why I said NO SHOWMANCES".

There are a lot of little conversations like this going on in the house, but none of them vary far away from the same general idea which is get Wil out first and hope it's a fast forward or DE so they can get Joe out.

Meanwhile Joe continues to lie and scream his cooking shows at the camera and tell big whopping stories that annoy the shit out of everyone.  Danielle continues to act like a psycho about pretty much everything.  Britney continues to talk shit about everyone and somehow not be found out, and the boys in the house work out and occasionally make comments about how they are definitely keeping Joe.

I'm kind of bored to tears with these people right now. I don't feel like anything exciting will happen until at least Thursday. I'm to the point of most likely going to bed at 2am rather than holding out for 6am when they all go to bed.

I am of course sad that my favorite is going to be walking out the door.  I hoped and I hoped but alas hope has failed ...oh well..on to the next one.

But alas...I probably could have written this blog in two simple words "Nothing changed".


New Big Brother 14 House Guests! Some Familiar Faces In The Group.

As of now (12:25 eastern) I have seen 3 promos on CBS for the new season of Big Brother revealing some of the new faces in the house.  As of yet the only 2 that seem to have been recognized from other places are Willie Hantz who is the brother of Survivor's Russel Hantz. I will post a link to an interview you can watch with him about going into the house, and also a guy named Wil who I will post doing his parady of Real Housewive's Kim Zolciak's song "Tardy For The Party".  I am also posting the screen capped pics of all the HGs I have seen so far. Let me know what you all think! 

Willie Hantz: 






  EDIT: Since I posted this blog an interview with Kara has also been leaked.  You can watch it here:

Kara has also apparently been in several episodes of Passions as well as many a magazine cover


Preseason Press Day House Tour and Interviews on Super Pass

As of about 3am this morning the Press Day tour videos of the "new" Big Brother 14 house were posted (Scroll down for one video).  I won't lie, it was much tougher for me to get through this year than it usually is.  Most of it was more about Rachel than it was about the house, and, of course she brought "BRENNON" with her.  I don't suppose she could leave her wart at home just to do press day.  The video of the "mini game" and tour is mostly just scripted DRs of Rachel saying things like "Nobody messes with MY man" etc..  To my knowledge this is the first time former house guests have been allowed in on press day to play the game with the other people.  Rachel does get evicted, so there is THAT.  Not soon enough though in my humble opinion.

The interview with Grodner in the producers video is foretelling of this season I think.  No one has said that Rachel is definitely going to be there, but I think we can all safely say there are most likely going to be former rehashed house guests, and Grodner was definitely pushing the Rachel idea saying that last season was one of her favorites "because Rachel got to go from being hated to loved". I feel like we might be doomed, but then again I have been very wrong before, so maybe I will be pleasantly surprised.  I can only hope.

The house on the other hand is kind of cute this year.  Some photos of it were leaked earlier in the week and can be seen a few blogs back. There is also a video of Reality Nation's Spicy Pants giving a tour of parts of the house.  I have seen the theme called "Tokyo pop" and also just "Space".  Either way I kind of like it. It's not completely redone or revamped or anything spectacular. They did get a new fridge..but that's about it. The rest of it is just painted over as usual. It's cuter this year though.

Despite my feelings of horror that we might be gearing up for another season of Rachel and God forbid Brendon, I am actually starting to get excited to see the new cast! I kind of like this mentors theme rumor because I think it might mean that the rehashed former House Guests don't necessarily LIVE in the BB house and get to play.  Maybe the actual House Guests will all be all new faces and OH wouldn't that be as refreshing as a cool misty breeze in my face during this 100 degree weather we are having down here.

If you would like to watch the videos and experience the horror (or joy if you are a fan..I know there are some Rachel rooters out there) yourself you can check them out here: .  If you don't have your live feeds  you better get on it before the Early Bird Special is off and the price goes up!!

Are you guys excited?!



Twitter, Big Brother 14 and The Glass House

Hey all, over the last few years we have become more and more dependent on social sites like Twitter (I tweet as @BBGossip) and Facebook (I have an account I honestly don't use much - but that sometimes can cause problems. Specifically today when Twitter went down for a bit - many were in a panic. So please take the time right now to bookmark this site as well as You might also notice over in the right hand column I have links to other sites if you want to check out more Big Brother content.

Enough about Twitter, now you know what to do when it fails us again, and it will.

On the Big Brother 14 front, what is new? A few things to fill you in on.

I believe some of the media gets to check out the house on Friday so expect pictures and news items in the next few days. We have also had a few commercials out and about - and in those there have been 'teases' that this season there will be more house guests than ever before - that would mean at least 17 since Big Brother 9 had 16 to start. The commercials have also implied 4 big surprises, that could mean anything so other than speculating it might mean 4 alumni return I'm not going to guess.

The cast may be revealed on July 2nd - that's a Monday and just over a week before the show begins. That tidbit of info came from a Canadian site that I consider reliable.

Other than that not a whole lot of info yet. I did just find out that, unlike previously reported, flashback will not be available on iOS devices yet again this year - thats a bummer but it still should be available on most Droid devices and even WebOS devises once the season kicks off. You will of course need the live feeds subscription to see flashback and the live feeds and the Big Brother Early Bird Special continues through July 11th so you have lots of time to sigh up - but why not do it now!

Finally, ABC's upstart show The Glass House:

I wish I had nice things to say about this show, well, I guess I can say a couple:

  1. The house looks really cool - lots of glass and an almost futuristic look.
  2. The way people enter and exit through the elevator is neat.
  3. The microphone necklaces are MUCH better than Big Brothers wireless mic packs - at least they seem that way when we listen on the live feeds.

There, that's three. Now here are just a few negatives:

  1. Only Seven hours of live feeds a week - and those seven are extremely structured with virtually no time for us to listen to the house guests have a normal conversation.
  2. Really bad internet presence. The official twitter account is lame and today didn't even remind us the feeds were on until 35 minutes into them - not good when you only are on one hour in the middle of the day.
  3. The voting is very confusing. Jacob and Alex are gone and we are now voting on who we would like to stay - from ALL of the remaining 10 house guests - even though we have no real sense of who they are and won't know much until next monday's show when we will have to pick between just two. Why vote all week and then toss out all but two votes and then only give us 12 hours to vote for those two. Do you understand? Confused? I'm not even sure I have it right and I've been TRYING to watch it and figure it out!
  4. The popularity contest eliminates the 'bad guys' - I have always been one that thought the original version of Big Brother had some merits because we got to vote the people out - but its very apparent that at least nowadays - the people voting are going to eliminate the 'mean' people. Alex had a chance to get back in the house since Jacob quit but America decided he should stay out - even though 'America' told him to act like an ass. Of course we didn't see the results of his actions before it was too late or we might have, given the opportunity, told him to kiss and make up and beg forgiveness.
  5. Only one show a week - 10pm on Mondays is probably about as buried as you can get - and as I type this most people have no clue Alex is not coming back. The house already has two new captains and have probably even had their competition and are just waiting to see which HG is sent to limbo along with the losing team captain.
  6. HG Twitter accounts - a GOOD idea that is wasted with really pointless tweets by the HGs - Gene has over 50 tweets now and I'm not sure I have learned anything about the gameplay.

I could go on and on but the point is this show needs some serious work. The cast itself isn't bad to me. I mean this could be the Big Brother 14 cast - they have the couple of old people and the gay guy and a couple minorities - it is very similar to Big Brother casts - but in this house and they way they are being presented to us online - I can't get into them.

Sorry ABC - I really wanted to like the show!

I'm posting this here and on as I do with a lot of my posts before the Big Brother season kicks off - at that point that site will become much less opinion and much more an update of what is going on in the house - while here of course there are others that post along with me and you are able to comment. So please check out both sites and again, bookmark them so when twitter goes down you won't be lost!