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Big Brother Gossip Show #410: Pink Hat

Ok, Colette Lala was not with us this week, as she was on a special top secret mission for us tonight. We struggled to put on a quality broadcast, but I think we somehow managed. We discussed the Team America fiasco, Victoria's destruction of Zach's hat, Zach's eviction, and everything else that happened over the past week.

Grab this from the usual sources such as iTunes and Stitcher, or...


Thanks to Mike for helping us get to almost 2 1/2 hours, and also Ash for assisting us with the audio. Don't worry, folks. Colette will be back next week!!!


The Night Owl - Saturday Night

Tonight was a pretty eventful night as far as gaming goes.  The POV was played today and Hayden won! When the feeds returned after the POV comp, Jocasta was recovering from another heat related illness and a knee injury, and Hayden was busily talking to Frankie in the HOH about how he was definitely going to use the veto to pull Victoria off the block.  Frankie told Hayden his plan to possibly backdoor Amber and the tow of them started scheming about how to get Caleb on board.  This has of course already been talked about between other various members of The Detonators, but today the plan was actually put into action.

Frankie had various members of the Bomb Squad plus Nicole and Hayden coming in and out of the HOH room and each one except for Caleb was sort of tipped off to what the plan may be.  Frankie had a short intervention with Zach, Nicole, and Christine to try and smooth things out after Zach's veto speech.  Nicole is still whining about the whole thing, but Christine is pretty much over it after talking to Frankie a bit more later on in the night about how it wouldn't really be a good idea to get Zach out right now when he is a bigger target than they are.  Don't get me wrong, I still think Christine will be gunning for Zach, or at least put him up, but she is not determined to get anyone else to put him out this week and is on board with being cordial and working together to get Amber out.

Frankie's plan to get Amber out was to talk to Caleb and tell him that Amber actually hates him and that she has alliances with everyone in the house so that Caleb would be mad enough to give Frankie his blessing on nominating her and voting her out of the house.  When Zach was told about the plan, he went to work on turning Caleb against Amber.  The whole thing was super amusing, and it actually worked. He told Caleb things Amber had said and only skewed them slightly and then did the same to Amber then went back to Caleb and did the same thing over again. Each time Zach returned to Caleb he would feed his ego a little more about "how much he has done for Amber" etc.. etc..   The whole thing was very amusing to watch.

By the time Zach was done with Caleb, Frankie had already had talks with pretty much everyone except for Jocasta and Donny and had them all on board for backdooring Amber.  He prepped all of them and told them that he may have to tell Caleb that she is the one that every single person in the house wants out, and they may have to all speak up.  But as it turns out, none of that was necessary.

Caleb talked first to Derrick and then to Frankie about "HIS" idea to put Amber on the block.  He had a long long LONG winded discussion where he said "at the end of the day" at least 100 times and called himself "Daddy" and "Beastmode Cowboy" at least 100 more...and I sat through it for you guys so I could tell you what he said.  His idea was to put Amber on the block to scare her.  He wanted Frankie to convince Hayden to use the veto (which he thought was not going to be used) on Jocasta so that they could throw Amber on the block and scare her into thinking she was going home, but then vote out Victoria.  He calls it a test.  He thinks putting Amber on the block will scare her into "realizing only he can save her" and will make her come running to him.  Not quite, Beastmode.

So after talking to Frankie, Caleb went out to the backyard to try to convince Hayden to use the veto on Jocasta.  Hayden told him that he would just let things ride for now since they have another day to talk about it, but that he was definitely open to using the veto. Frankie later talked to Hayden and tried to convince him to use the veto on Jocasta instead of Victoria to keep Caleb happy, but Hayden told Frankie there was no way he was doing anything other than using it on Victoria because he had already promised it to her. He said he would help do damage control with Caleb, but that he wasn't pulling off Jocasta.

Later Hayden talked to Donny and filled him in on what was going on.  Donny had previously talked to Zach and knew a little bit, but didn't know the whole story until Hayden told him what was going to happen.

Derrick and Frankie, and then Derrick and Donny talked about the Team America mission.  Since they failed to have Zach go off for a full 20 seconds at the veto meeting, they have to try their mission again at the nomination ceremony..and guess who is going to do the work for them again?  I don't even have to say it.  They are priming Zach to go off on Amber after she is nominated.  This could do a lot more damage to Zach's relationship with Cody in my opinion.  Cody already spent a good portion of the day whining about Zach to anyone who would listen because he THINKS Zach said that he said to nominate Nicole and Christine on Thursday night. I don't know WHY he believes that stupid lie that came from Nicole, but for some reason he does and he cannot stop talking about it.  He has stated several times now that if one more thing happens with Zach he is going to turn on him and vote him out.

The more hopeful side of that (for me anyway since I want Zahc to stick around) is that Cody and Derrick had quite a few game talks today.  Hayden approached Cody at some point yesterday about a final 5 alliance with he, Derrick, Cody, Christine, and Nicole.  Derrick and Cody discussed it and talked about how they have to say yes, but they also talked about how Hayden is a beast at comps and how they would likely get voted out over him and he might also be playing them, so they are not taking the alliance with him seriously.  They also talked about getting out Caleb or Frankie next week or at least very soon.  It's occurred to them (or at least to Derrick) that Frankie is friends with everyone in the house and has won three HOH competitions, and both of them want Caleb gone soon because he will likely still be after Cody.  Derrick still mentions Zach when he talks about the final 5 and the final 3.  So, this gives me some hope.  I think he realizes it's useful to have someone around who won't vote you out and is a larget target to blame everything on..and doesn't even mind being that target.

Zach and Amber had a "squash our differences" date in The Hive Room.  Amber talked about how she doesn't attack people personally and she feels that they should be working together in the alliance.  She said she thinks it's inappropriate to say some of the things Zach says to her about she and Cody because her family is watching.  Zach apologized for taking it too far and told her not to take anything he says seriously.  He played the game and made her feel safe about the alliance.  He didn't tip her off to anything that was about to happen, but just reiterated over and over that he is just very sarcastic and it's not meant to hurt anyone's feelings.  I believe he was foreshadowing the veto ceremony for her.

Amber also talked to Hayden and told him that she wanted him not to use the veto.  He too did not tip her off to anything weird going on.  The general idea is that Amber is supposed to be blindsided by the nomination, and both she AND Caleb may be blindsided by her eviction.

Frankie had a chat with Jocasta about the different "options" that may happen on Thursday and basically tried to wiggle a safety deal out of her if she gets saved.  He told her that there may be an option to put someone up next to her that will insure her safety and that he won't be putting up Donny.  Jocasta was Jocasta and didn't really give much away or say much of anything...but that's really how her game kind of goes.  She is just really good with the side eye and the eye rolls.  I'm afraid there may be a fatality in BB if she keeps trying to compete in BOBs and Vetos though..

That's pretty much it.  There were other game conversations that went on in the house tonight, but everything basically leads back to the same idea.  If nothing changes today, Victoria will come down off the block, Amber will be nominated, and Zach will flip out on her post veto meeting on Monday.  But Sunday is 24 hours long and a lot could happen. Caleb may be back in love by the end of tonight.  As always you guys can follow me on twitter @ashes2ashes13 for more overnight updates.  Until tomorrow night..



The Night Owl - Weds Night

As expected, today and tonight was a mixture of mini-scrambles and chats about the upcoming eviction, HOH competition, and who people within various alliances will nominate if they should win. 

Now that The Detonators alliance is solidified, there were a lot of chats between various members of that group about who to put up if two of their members should win.  All of them are a combination of people like Victoria/Jocasta/Brittany/and possibly Amber or Donny.

Donny had an interesting conversation with Caleb at the chess table tonight where he told Hayden that he trusted him completely but that Zach and Cody like to hang out with "the enemy".  Donny seems to consider the enemy to be Derrick.  He told Hayden that he knows that Derrick had to know that he was going to be nominated and that it wasn't just Nicole's decision this past week.  He also said he wouldn't mind seeing Derrick feel the block a little bit.

Derrick and Cody (now called The Hitmen) had a few discussions about who they would prefer up and out this week and also in the future.  The both agree that this week either Jocasta or Victoria or Brittany can go and that Donny could also go if they got the chance to send him out because they feel like that would leave Brittany and Jocasta pretty powerless. As far as future plans, they say after they get down to just the 5 in their alliance, they would like Frankie to be the first to go.  Derrick says Frankie makes him nervous with his game. (please please please let them go after him soon!)

Speaking of Frankie... Zach was back to his old bad habits of telling Frankie too many things tonight.  When Frankie pointedly asked him what the name of his alliance with Cody and Derrick was, he told him it was called Los Tres Amigos.  I'm pretty worried that Zach's trust in Frankie will be a big part of his demise in the game if he doesn't knock it off.  The two of them also had a really late night/early morning chat about alcohol and weed use and withdrawal.  It appears for now they are holding to their final 2 deal.  I don't expect Frankie to stick with that at all though. For the record, I also can't read Zach at this point when it comes to Frankie.  He agrees each and every time someone mentions wanting him to go soon and even adds his own reasons for not trusting him, but he still gives Frankie more info than he needs to when talking to him. I can't tell if he really does trust Frankie, or if it's just bad game play and saying too much on his part.  Either way, I hope it doesn't kill his game for him.


As far as game talk goes, that is mostly it. However, there were some insanely funny moments over the course of the night as well.  I am not even sure how the conversation started or how Zach ended up trapped with Caleb in the HOH room, but what followed was one of the most hilarious conversations I've heard in a while.  Caleb is very VERY sure that he is going to be very VERY famous when he leaves the BB house.  This hasn't been a secret or anything, but he really laid it all out there tonight.  There was much talk of airports and restaurants being alerted before he arrives in his limo and the appearances he will be willing to do.  Events like "Go hunting with the Beastmode Cowboy from BB 16", and let us not forget that when he comes into any town now, it will be on the front page of the paper.  There was also a lot of Amber talk in there about how he is done with her (and yet can't stop talking about her) and how he thinks she and Cody are the ones in a showmance right now.  I really don't know how Zach kept a straight face listening to all of this, but if you have the feeds, I highly suggest flashing back and listening to at least a little of it.  I believe the convo was around 11pm BB time.

I should also mention that before that conversation, there was a titilating conversation about Caleb's breasts being sore (see what I did there?) and going to the medic to have his estrogen levels checked.

After Zach escaped the conversation with Caleb, there was more hilarity down in the bathroom area when a few of the various HGs were sharing their "numbers"..sexually speaking, and being silly in general.  The most amusing part of the conversation was that it was in stark contrast to the literal Bible study going on merely feet away in the Hive Room. During this conversation, Christine and Zach also agreed that they should see if they could get the house to cheer louder than the audience when Devin walks out the door tomorrow night. 

That's about it for tonight. Everyone seems to be winding down for bed.  Most of them think today will bring an endurance comp.  I really don't know if it will or won't.  Usually we can tell in advance what kind of comps are likely to be coming, but this year with the two HOH twist, it's hard to know how they will play it.  I wouldn't mind seeing a good endurance comp, though I fear that Frankie may win one of the HOH spots if that happens... I hate to admit it, but he has the want to win one and I'm pretty sure he has the ability.  What I would LIKE to see happen would be some controversial HOHs and some controversial nominees so that we get a more interesting week.  With this safe easy get Devin out week, we didn't see very much action. 

We shall see what tomorrow brings after eviction. I still expect Devin to definitely go with a vote of either 11-0 or 9-2 if Christine and Nicole throw their wonky votes.  As always you guys can follow me @ashes2ashes13 for more overnight updates. Until tomorrow night...



Big Brother Season 16, Episode 10 Recap (Bizarro World Version)

According to the comments section of my last recap, I’m a bit too negative in these reports. I apparently don’t like anything, and needlessly criticize everything.

These are not new complaints about my style. I’ve long understood that I’m a sarcastic creep. In response to this latest round of allegations, though, I’m going to try something new tonight. Since tonight’s episode is looking to be a bit predictable, I’m going to take a positive approach. There will be no snide comments. Nobody will be described in a negative light.

Let’s see how this works out.

The broadcast begins with the reactions to the Battle of the Block victory by Amber and Donny, and Nicole’s “disappearance”. Will she reappear? I sure hope so!

Oh there she is, back in the house in a frog costume! The house rushes in and laughs and laughs! She’s still worried, though, as she’s no longer safe this week. Hayden calls her a “cute frog”, and he’s a bit confused as usually he’s hitting on “hot girls but now I have to hit on a hot frog”. (This new method of reporting is already very tough.)

Derrick is obviously happy, and can’t wait to put up Devin. He’s just worried that Devin may play in the veto competition. Devin knows that he’s “solo in this game”, and that he’s the target. “I may be down but I’m not out.”

Frankie is now talking with Amber and Donny, telling them that they’re a great team. “It’s amazing what you can do when you combine a model with a country boy”, says Donny. “I even got a little kiss out of it. But I don’t want anybody to get the wrong idea. We’re just friends.”

Donny is still smiling on the living room couch as we now see Caleb leading Jocasta out of the diary room. She’s apparently deathly ill, and everybody rushes to see what’s wrong. She tells us about how she’s had stomach issues, and the heat of the competition made her immediately sick. We even get a toilet cam shot to show us just how sick she is. “I’m still on the block, and I guess I should be concerned about that. l’m not. I’m concerned about feeling better, and being able to walk without somebody helping me.” Poor girl. Just say no to laxatives!

Luckily, Caleb was there to save the day! We see him help tuck Jocasta into bed, and he is so concerned about her...and everybody else. “I wanted to make sure an ally, a friend, and Amber were safe, so I threw it. Hopefully, it doesn’t come around and bite me in the butt.”

Unfortunately, Caleb is also sad. We see him sitting outside in Amber’s slippers, telling her that he threw that comp for her. She didn’t want him to do that, though. “As a matter of fact, I told him not to. Not he thinks I owe him something or (he) expects something from me.”

Caleb says that she could be his date for the finale, and Amber comes right out and says no. “What else do I have to do?”, he replies. He doesn’t think she understands what he did for her, and she should appreciate that. Amber says that she doesn’t want to hurt his feelings, but she’s not going to change her mind. “If you’re not my date to the finale, I’m going to be mad”, he finally says.

Oh look, we get some more frog suit footage. Isn’t Nicole so cute? It looks SOOO much fun. Hayden even wants to kiss the cute frog, which impresses Brittany.

That was short and sweet, as we move to romantic music. Oh look, Cody is giving Amber a massage. How will this go over with Caleb? She says that Cody is “one of my favorite people”, and he replies that he gets “death stares” from Caleb whenever he gives her attention. She says that she just doesn’t think of Caleb in that manner, and is getting tired of the situation.

Caleb then walks out of the bedroom, giving that death stare as he walks by. “This is driving me crazy”, she says to Cody. “This is why I wish I had come in here at 350 pounds.” Caleb continues on up to the HOH. He’s not happy that a member of his alliance “put his hands on my home girl.” The “beast mode cowboy” is not happy with this.

The two move out to the chess board, and Caleb says that he thinks Cody has something going with Amber. “With this kid’s ego, he’ll come after me out of spite”, says Cody in the diary room. He tells Caleb that he would never go after another man’s girl, but Cody still thinks he’s automoatically Caleb’s main target.

Derrick then gives some advice to Caleb in the HOH, and is joined by Cody.They just have to get Caleb off the block, but Caleb walks out as quickly as possible. Talk turns immediately to possibly getting out Caleb instead. “This is our only shot to get him out”, says Cody. They both agree that Caleb is blinded by his obsession with Amber.

After some wonderful promotion of CBS broadcasts, it’s time for the Team America segment. Remember, the three Team America members have decided to create a rumor that Zach is related to last season’s Amanda. Donny starts off by talking to Nicole about this story, who then goes on to relate it to Christine. Derrick tells the same story to Caleb, who rushes off to tell Amber (just as Derrick planned).

The “crown jewel” is to tell Zach about the rumor, knowing that he’d rush off to tell EVERYBODY this story. He’s asked if it’s true, and after a delay he laughs and says no. He does as expected, though, and rushes around to tell everybody. He even claims that it’s true, which Nicole believes. Oh wait, there’s Victoria! She also believes the story. Good to see her on this episode!

Oh no, Jocasta is still sick. Donny is now taking care of her, leading her from the diary room back to the bedroom. “The poor thing is not going to be able to play in the veto competition”, says Donny.

It’s time to find out who is going to play, though. Because of Jocasta’s illness, there will only be five players. Derrick pulls the first chip, which belongs to Christine. Caleb then pulls out the worst possible pick - Devin! Derrick then pulls out Donny’s name “on Jocasta’s behalf”.

As you may imagine, Devin couldn’t be more pleased “to fight for my life”. Caleb says he “better bring his A game”. Derrick pulls Donny into the storage room to find out what he’d do if he won the veto. He tells Donny that his goal is to get out Devin, but Donny interrupts him to say that this is the third week that he’s “been out of the loop”. He adds in the diary room “that I’m not ready to show my cards yet”. Derrick admits that he’s still concerned that Donny has that “Double D” alliance with Devin.

After some more great commercials, it’s now time for Derrick of all people to “go into Beast Mode”. He paints his face, and the Rocky theme comes on as Devin and Caleb also get mentally and physically ready.

The funky music comes on, which means it’s veto competition time! It’s a Vegas casino setup, and Hayden reminds us that the “house always wins in Vegas”. The comp is called “Tumblin’ Dice”, and they have to roll some giant dice to match the number that comes up on a roulette wheel. Sound confusing? Yeah, it’s hard to explain in print.

The first pair to go against each other is Christine and Devin. They must go for the number four. Christine has trouble figuring out how to end up with that number, so obviously Devin wins.

Derrick is the next up, and he also challenges Devin. They must roll around and end up with a two, Derrick seems to take his time. In fact, at one point he was two moves away from winning before he started doing some wacky robot moves inside his dice. Devin beats him by a hair.

It’s now all up to Donny, which worries everybody!

But first, we get some more great CBS promos! Can Donny steal a victory from the professional athlete? He just wants to make his family proud. Devin and Caleb both still don’t believe he’s just a groundskeeper. While watching the other rounds, Donny says that he’s figured out how to win if it’s a 3, 4, or 5. Too bad it comes up a six! Devin goes out a full speed, but Donny takes his time because he has to “figure it out as I go”. Devin gets to the base, but he’s not at the right number, while Donny continues to go at his own pace. He then suddenly wins, and the entire house cheers! “I knew you weren’t a janitor”, says Caleb.

The competition is not over yet, though. The final round is Donny versus Caleb, and they must race to a two. Donny says that he already took out “one big bully. I want to take out both big bullies.” It doesn’t take long for Donny to completely smoke Caleb. “That was hashtag old man beatdown”, he says.

What will Donny do with that veto, though? We’ll find out after one more incredible commercial break.

It doesn’t take long for us to find out, as right after the adverts we see Donny race to Jocasta’s side. “Somebody’s not going home”, he tells her. She starts crying as everybody rushes in to console her. “Winning this veto for Jocasta means the world to me”, says Donny. “A friend in need is a friend indeed.” She says this moement made her feel a “hundred percent better”. I bet she felt two hundred percent after Cody came in and did a semi-striptease for her.

Devin is now seen in the have-not room all by himself. He says he doesn’t want the others to see him feel emotional, but all he’s thinking about is how he let down his daughter. “Every daughter looks at their father like a superhero. I wasn’t her superhero.”

Although we know what happens, Donny must still go through the veto ceremony motions. He even acknowledges that everybody should know what he’s doing, but the “house is so paranoid”. He brings everybody into the house, and announces that he is indeed saving Jocasta. “You were too sick to compete, and all I want is for you to get better.” She again breaks down in tears. Heavy wails, in fact.

Derrick has to name a replacement nominee, and as one would expect, it’s Devin. “On behalf of all the houseguests, Devin take a seat.”  

With that the episode ends, and I can now break out of this nice-nice persona. Can you now see why I do what I do? You can read a recap such as this on a million other sites. Don’t you like a little spice and opinion in these types of articles? There’s no way I can continue to write in that style. If you don’t like my opinions, please let me know and we can have an open discussion. Isn’t that what Big Brother fandom is all about?