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Hot, Boring Day

Not much of consequence has happened. It's an extremely warm day, so most people aren't even laying out as normal (although Lydia and Russell are right now). There's also been very little game talk, although Casey had some words of advice for Kevin. He warned him that too many people are way too open about every conversation they have (he couldn't be more true). There are tentative plans for the "off-beats" to align themselves with the athletes, which is not a bad plan.

People are starting to see through Ronnie. Casey in particular has singled him out as a guy who goes through the day asking everybody questions. Somehow, he also believes the same about Michelle. Lydia is now pointing out the exact same point.

Jordan continues to flirt with anybody who will give her attention, while Laura claims that her boyfriend is a taller version of Jesse. Chima just cackles all day, and whines about the conditions she's used to living.


Boring Day

There's been very little game talk, post veto meeting. Braden did interrupt a conversation between Michelle and Ronnie to beg for their votes. After he walked away, Ronnie bitched for a few minutes to Michelle and Natalie about this. Why shouldn't he campaign?

For the most part, everybody is just hanging out talking about their lives. Lydia is currently bitching to Casey about various things, but even she's been pretty low-key today.



While the rest of the house was sleeping, Casey was outside talking to Lydia, and brought up that Obama was elected because of "white guilt". I'm pretty sure he's trying to correlate that with Chima even being in the house. He loves doing his Chima cackle impression.

Oh boy.


Casey's Wife Won't Be Reading This Site

DJ Mingle Mixx??? Ugh.

St. Petersburg teacher lands one of 12 spots on 'Big Brother' show
By Patti Ewald, Times Correspondent
In Print: Thursday, July 2, 2009

ST. PETERSBURG — When Casey Turner wasn't teaching at James B. Sanderlin Elementary, he was DJ Mingle Mixx, cranking tunes and running bikini contests most weekends at Gators Café in Treasure Island.

Now, the fifth-grade teacher has a third role: one of 12 house mates on CBS' Big Brother show.

Turner was among thousands of applicants in a nationwide search that included a screen call in Tampa, where he stood in line for hours to be interviewed.

CBS officially announced the cast members Wednesday. Turner, at 41 the oldest member of the cast, is sequestered in Los Angeles until he and his other cast mates enter the house when the new season begins July 9.

But Turner's wife of four years, Janice, who works at the International Academy of Design and Technology in Tampa, spoke Wednesday. On Friday, a camera crew came to their Burlington Avenue home and whisked Turner away. They drove him to the airport, and although he flew commercial, he had an escort.

"I cried," Mrs. Turner said. "He started to cry, too, and I told him not to, but they said to let him because they wanted it to be as real as possible."

How did the decision to try out for the show come about?

"We are psycho fans of Big Brother," Mrs. Turner said. "We DVR it. We watch every episode every week.

"I knew they would like him. He's so dynamic and intelligent and fun. He's kind of like a Jekyll and Hyde character; he's not just a teacher, he's an entertainer."

How did she allow him to do this?

"We're a team. I even help out at the bikini contests," she said.

And what advice did she give him? "I told him, 'Don't trust the bimbos. The bimbos are only after one thing.' "

The show will air three times a week — Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays — after the season premiere. There is going to be a premiere party at Gators and then a watch party for every episode, Mrs. Turner said.

But she won't be following it beyond the premiere.

"I won't be watching it or reading the blogs," she said. "I don't want to read people's negative comments. They can be hurtful."

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