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Watch Big Brother Canada from outside Canada.

Hi all,  while I personally don't plan on watching Big Brother Canada, which started on Wednesday, I thought I'd share with you my technique for watching the episodes and live feeds online since I live outside Canada and the video on the site is restricted to Canada only.  The feeds are FREE (ad supported) so for those tight on cash its a way to enjoy the Big Brother experience and save a few $$.  Big Brother Canada will last about 10 weeks.

I use a site - plugin called Hola to enable my computer / browser (in my case I am using firefox but it works with Chrome and I believe IE as well) to move about the Canadian web page for Big Brother Canada.  My instructions are for someone using Windows 7 as well - your mileage may vary with other operating systems.  But Hola has options for MANY operating systems on their site.  Without Hola I get a message telling me the content is restricted when I try to view videos.

Here are the 'simple' steps.  I'm not offering tech support - just wanted to pass this on for those with the urge to see whats going on in the Great White North on its second season of Big Brother.

Step 1 - get Hola via this link Sign Up For Hola.

Step 2 - once you have signed up - you can add the unblocking rule via this link: Unblock

Step 3 - Finally if you aren't already on the site via the step above - you should be able to now go to the following and start watching videos including the episodes and the free live feeds: Big Brother Canada Official Site.


By the way, Hola is a great little way to watch LOADS of content that is normally restricted by region.  I used it last year to watch Big Brother Austrailia as well.

On Big Brother 16 - casting continues - you can see all open casting calls listed here: Big Brother Casting Calls.


#BB16 casting & open calls have begun

Tired of merely watching and talking about Big Brother? Now's your chance to live it. Big Brother 16 casting and open calls have begun.

It's an on-line application process at the following site: Submissions are due by April 4, 2014, including a video you'll need to make of yourself up to three minutes long.

Open casting calls have been held so far in Henderson, Nevada and Savannah, Georgia. At this writing, no additional cities have been announced -- but check the site regularly for an open casting call near you.


Evel Dick says Big Brother is still casting.

Thanks to HamsterDame's tweet  - I saw a re-post from Evel Dick's Myspace Page over on"Big Brother Game" (you following me?).  Dick (BB8) writes about a lot of stuff - the part I found interesting was his comment that Big Brother is still looking to cast at least one person.

Read on but be forewarned - Dick still has a potty mouth! ;)


Final thoughts on casting for this season…

I was very disappointed to hear that BB put out a last minute and I mean LAST FUCKING SECOND, call for cast members, I think today…

This means someone they wanted on the show was either vetoed by the upper suits, or someone or someone’s really fucked up right at the end (dumb mother fuckers) but it means that a week before they are to be sequestered that some random last minute choices will be made. I hate that. Not only because it took me 3 fucking years to get on the god damn show and these jerk off’s will get the same opportunity I worked so hard to get in 155 weeks less time, but because these choices are typically clueless about the show, period. They will be stumbling and bumbling around the internet and will be checking sites that promise to make you a reality star and end up going just because it is within walking distance of their job at the gym or because they are a toilet paper changing engineer in the building already, so between the fat guy they need to spray half a can of Lysol because the smell of his shit is creeping out of the toilet and the receptionist in the first office past out due to being overwhelmed by shit smell and the drunk guy that pissed all over the floor, they will go and see if they can get a free summer vacation on tv….

UUUuuuuuuughhhhh! So much goes into the entire process, I find it hard to believe they can find anyone worth a shit in a week, but they do it almost every year. I hear they are looking for a tattooed guy with fucked up hair and a shitty attitude…. where do they come up with this shit?


Same of Dick eh?  I hated/loved him on the show.  He was the best for telling us what was on his mind.

So what do ya think?  I think he has a point - it always sucks when you hear how many people are 'cast' for the show and have never even heard of it - or know how it is played - however there have also been some pretty decent players that figure it out as they go along and do really well.

Thanks to HamsterDame for catching the post by Big Brother Game and thanks to Dick for still taking the time to fill us in on whats up in the Big Brother world!

and now shameless plug time.... don't forget you can sign up now for the live feeds.  The "Early Bird" special is running now through July 7th and allows you to sign up for the entire season of the feeds for one low cost of $29.99.  That is the best deal running out there and all the Big Brother sites have the same deal.  So pick your FAVORITE site (me me!  pick me!) and click on the links to get your live feeds for the season.  Starting July 8th the only prices available will be $14.99 a month or $39.99 for 3 months - so you save a minimum of $10 by signing up now!  Every sign up is appreciated!


Tons of new cities and dates added to Big Brother 12 Casting Calls!

More BB 12 Casting dates posted by - list on the right will be updated to include these dates shortly.

CINCINNATI, OH - BlackFinn Restaurant and Saloon Sat April 3rd, 2-6pm 19 East 7th Street Cincinnati, Ohio 45202 11:06 AM Mar 16th

PHOENIX / CHANDLER, AZ - Sandbar Mexican Grill Sat, April 3rd, 1-5pm 7200 West Ray Rd Chandler, AZ 85226

BOSTON, MA - "Bell In Hand Tavern" Sat, April 3rd 11AM-3PM 45 Union Street Boston, MA 02108

PORTLAND, OR - On Deck Sports Bar & Grill Sat, April 10th 1–5pm 910 NW 14th Avenue Portland, OR 97209 12:57 PM Mar 16th

NYC - "Roy Arias Studios" SAT, April 10th Noon-6PM 300 West 43rd St. 5th Floor, room 505 New York, NY 10036 5:21 PM Mar 16th

LOUISIANA - "Alexandria Mall" Sat, April 10th 10AM (See for time specifics) 3437 Masonic Dr. Alexandria, LA 71301

CHARLOTTE, NC - “Strike City” at the Epicenter Sat, May 1st Noon-3PM 210 E. Trade St. Charlotte, NC 28202 11:35 AM Mar 16th

CHICAGO, IL - “Mad River Bar & Grill” Sat, May 1st, Noon-4PM 2909 North Sheffield Ave. Chicago, IL 60657


More Big Brother 12 Casting Dates Added!

Here is the current complete list with dates and locations for open casting calls for Big Brother 12. Newly added today as two calls on March 27th in California and Oklahoma, one April 3rd in Florida and a call on April 10th in New Mexico.

Saturday, March 27th 11am - 3pm LOS ANGELES, CA
“650 NORTH” 650 North La Cienega Blvd - Los Angeles, CA 90069

Saturday, March 27th 11am - 3pm CATOOSA, OK
"Hard Rock Hotel & Casino" 777 W. Cherokee Street - Catoosa, OK 74015

Thursday, April 1st 2-6pm AUSTIN, TX
“Hill Country Galleria Amphitheater” 12700 Hill Country Blvd. - Bee Cave, TX 78738

Saturday, April 3rd 12-3pm SOUTH TAMPA, FL
“The Dubliner Irish Pub” 2307 Azeele - St. Tampa, FL 33609

Wednesday, April 7th 4-8 pm GREENSBORO, NC
“Battleground Kia” Weds, 2927 Battleground Avenue - Greensboro, NC 27408

Saturday, April 10th 10:30am - 4pm SANTA FE, NM
"Buffalo Thunder Resort & Casino" 30 Buffalo Thunder Trail - Santa Fe, NM 87506

Friday, April 30th 5-9pm NASHVILLE, TN
“McFadden’s Restaurant and Saloon” 134 Second Ave. North - Nashville, TN 37201


First BB 12 Open Casting Calls Announced

Posted on twitter today, not yet posted on the official CBS page - here are the dates we know of so far. I'll post more dates when I get them.

Thursday, April 1st 2-6pm AUSTIN, TX
“Hill Country Galleria Amphitheater” 12700 Hill Country Blvd. Bee Cave, TX 78738

Wednesday, April 7th 4-8 pm GREENSBORO, NC
“Battleground Kia” Weds, 2927 Battleground Avenue Greensboro, NC 27408

Friday, April 30th 5-9pm NASHVILLE, TN
“McFadden’s Restaurant and Saloon” 134 Second Ave. North Nashville, TN 37201


Three Upcoming Open Casting Calls For BB11

I see an Auto Theme Here................

Chapman Dodge
Saturday, April 18th from 1pm to 4pm
3175 East Sahara, Las Vegas, NV 89104

Chapman Chrysler Jeep

Saturday, April 18th from 1pm to 4pm
930 Auto Show Dr., Henderson, NV 89104

Cauley Chevrolet

Monday, April 20, 2009 3 - 7pm
7020 Orchard Lake Road., West Bloomfield, MI 48322


Big Brother 10 Casting Call Dates.

It isn't too late to apply to Big Brother 10 - here is the latest list of open casting calls and locations!! Alphabetical by state.

Montgomery, AL
April 24
Eastdale Mall
5501 Atlanta Highway
Montgomery, AL 36117
10am - 7pm

Scottsdale, AZ
May 3
Devil's Martini
4175 Goldwater Blvd.
Scottsdale, AZ 85251
7 - 11pm

Savannah, GA
April 21
Health and Wellness Expo at Savannah Civic Center
301 West Oglethorpe Avenue
Savannah, Georgia 31401
11am - 2pm

Des Moines, IA
Saturday, May 3rd
Merle Hay Mall
3800 Merle Hay Road
Des Moines, IA 50310
10am - 2pm

Myrtle Beach, SC
April 22
Club Kryptonite
2925 Hollywood Drive
(just off 29th Ave. N.)
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
9pm - Midnight

Memphis, TN
May 3
150 Peabody Place
Suite 119
Memphis, TN 38103
6 - 10pm

Virginia Beach, VA
April 23
Plaza of Town Center
229 Town Center Drive
Virginia Beach, VA 23462
1 - 3pm