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Dog Days of Summer

The lack of posts the past couple of days is because there really hasn't been anything going on. There's really only been three things worth noting:

1. Michelle's bikini top broke yesterday, so feed watchers got a nice fleeting glimpse.

2. Jeff took a sip of Gatorade, and has been given an extra day of slop as punishment.

3. BB has provided some activities for the house. Play-doh was introduced last night, and a badminton set was given to them today. Could those be used in the next HOH?

Otherwise, everybody has been been laying around. Jeff is so bored that he just headed up to the HOH. Jessie and Natalie scurried around, and dragged in the chess set, but it turns out Jeff just wants to hear Chima's Prince CD


Chima's Story

So, I hate her cackle, but on a serious note, we all found out recently that Chima was in fact the last victim of a serial killer dubbed "The Bathtub Killer" for leaving his victims in half-filled bathtubs.

Chima was a college student at the time. The man broke into her dorm room and because she fought back as hard as she did, he fled without carrying out his homicidal intentions.

Dale Devon Scheanette's eventual apprehension was made possible because of the up-to-date fingerprint technology at the time, and linked the serial killer to two other rape/murders he committed before Chima fought off the attacker and saved her own life. He was sentenced in 2003 and executed in February of this year in Texas.

Not being all that long ago, I think she is handling it pretty well.


Chima's Obsession With The "Terrorist"

We're getting a lot of "fish" this afternoon, as Chima is still babbling away about Russell (although Jordan's not helping by singing and telling stories about high school). Chima believes that America loves her, and she hopes the "terrorist" hits her so the producers have to boot him.


A Daytime Fight???

One of the frustrating aspects of this season is this cast's body clock. They sleep almost all day, and then the fireworks occur past my bedtime.

I figured today would be no exception. Sunday's usually a quiet day in the house, with lots of sunbathing and napping. Not this time.

Russell was in pretty good spirits earlier in the day, but was also throwing out a wisecrack or two about Chima every now and then (mainly about her cackle). Chima was camped out in the HOH for most of the day, constantly making a few cracks about Russell.

Chima finally came downstairs, mainly because it was getting close to movie time. Russell immediately started in on Chima, chiding her for claiming she was supposed to be on America's Next Top Model. Her response? "Well, you should've been on America's Next Top Terrorist." Oh boy.

You can guess what happened next - the two of them screaming at each other. She kept calling him a terrorist; he screamed at her over and over she's a racist. Chima eventually backed down, claiming that she calls him a terrorist because he terrorizes everybody in the house. Um, yeah. (Note Lydia's smile as she watches the chaos she created.)

The feeds eventually went down, and we're back with the Michelle and Lydia sunning themselves as the "haves" watch the Jeremy Piven movie.


Kevin Vs. Lydia

Kevin has informed Lydia that he's not going to use the veto on her, and she's (understandably) pissed. Kevin is also mad that she continues to talk to Russell (another breach of BB protocol).