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Big Brother Gossip Show #405: Victor Victoria

What started off as a boring week turned into quite an intriguing weekend. Tonight's show discusses it all, including the shocking (and I mean shocking) victory by Victoria in the veto competition. Unfortunately, we were missing the talented Colette due to illness, but Mike and I did our best to provide all of the week's pertinent info from the week.

Grab this from the usual online sources, or...


Thanks to Mike for helping me out tonight, and for Ash with her hard work in providing the clips. And, most importantly, get well soon, Colette!!!



Big Brother Gossip Show #403: Daughter

Holy mother of all gods we had a ton of stuff to cover this week. Somehow we managed to do it within two hours. We talked and talked about the Caleb and Amber "realtionship", Devin's house meeting about "intergral" and "honesty", and the wacky events of this holiday weekend.

Grab this episode from the usual sources, and don't forget to leave us a review on iTunes, or...


Thanks to Colette and Mike for being a part of this show, and also for Ash and her hard work in supplying us with the ton of cilps we aired tonight!



Big Brother Gossip #401: America F**k Yeah!

Tonight's first episode of the Big Brother Gossip Show ran through the bios of the entire #BB16 cast, and also discussed some of the various twists that Julie Chen hinted at earlier this week. This show is available on iTunes and Stitcher, but you can...


Thanks to everybody who tuned into Mixlr to hear our live broadcast!!!


How To Listen To The Big Brother Gossip Show!

It’s hard to believe that tonight marks the first episode of a new season of Big Brother Gossip Shows. It seems like forever since Mike, Colette, and I last bickered and whined about what was happening on our favorite TV show.

Tonight at 10 pm ET we will be running down our thoughts on the new cast and the various twists (and rumors of twists) that were announced earlier this week. However, there are some changes to how we bring you our show.

If you don’t listen live, nothing has changed. If you subscribe to us via iTunes, the show will probably automatically download to your account. If you utilize Stitcher, it will be available sometime late tonight.

For those that listen to us live, there are drastic changes. Yet it will also be even easier to hear us than ever before. There will no longer be Ustream ads interrupting our live show, and you’ll be able to listen to us anywhere.

Instead of Ustream, we’re going to be live-streaming via a service called Mixlr. They do have an iPhone/iPad app, so if you want to hear us on the road go download it now. When it gets close to showtime, just do a search for Big Brother Gossip Show and you’ll be able to listen and chat.

If you’re at home, either head to bigbrothergossip or bigbrotherpodcast. You’ll see a Mixler box like this at the side of the page:

If you’re not interested in the chat, you can just hit play on that after we commence and you’ll be able to hear our show. For those that do want to interact with other listeners, just click on the name of the show, and you’ll see this in a new window:

Create a username to be a part of the chat, click play and you’re in with everybody else!

Please keep in mind that using Mixlr is a bit of an experiment. There is a good chance that we may have some issues. If so, please be patient. If it’s a complete disaster, we’ll just move back over to Ustream next week!



The Return of the Big Brother Gossip Show

Due to the announcement of live feed subs, I've been receiving many questions regarding the always controversial and saucy Big Brother Gossip Show. Yes, we will be returning, and in many ways we will just be building on last years's momentum. I will be joined by Mike and Colette Lala for the Saturday night broadcasts, and Ash will again be helping us out with audio clips.

There will be some changes in how to listen, though. Don't worry. It will actually be easier and more convenient this year. Instead of using ustream for our live stream, I'm going to experiment with Mixlr. We'll have a streamer and chat box on, which should make it much easier to find us. Even better, though, is the fact that Mixlr has android and iPhone apps that allow you to listen and chat with us live no matter where you're at. Go ahead and download the app now and search for our show. There's no content to listen to at this time, but you can favorite our show now so you don't have to waste time the night of our first show.

Also, if you have iTunes, make sure that you have the correct subscription. The original Big Brother Gossip Show on iTunes will no longer work. You have to subscribe to Big Brother Gossip Show (mp3). Unfortunately, we can't delete an old feed, so that original one will still show up if you search for it. It would also be fantastic for us if you could leave us some nice reviews. Those actually help us get noticed by Apple, and we'd love to see us highlighted as a "recomended" show.

Stitcher also has made some changes that could benefit us. They just announced a rewards program for shows with strong listenership. Since the three of us do this show for free, it would be really fantastic if we could make a few bucks. The great thing about Stitcher is that it allows you to listen to shows without taking up any hard drive space. We'll have a player on in the near future for your convenience, or you can mark us as a favorite here

We're all excited for the new season to begin, and we hope that we continue to receive your support. Without you there would be no reason for us to carry on. Let us know if you have any suggestions!