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New BB 14 Commercial Plus Live Feeds Special Start TODAY!!

Please note - there are currently issues trying to order the Early Bird Special - you may need to try later if you get a technical problems message. -indymike

Hey guys! It's been a while, but it feels like just  yesterday that Big Brother 13 ended and here we are ramping up for 14.  Today is the start of the live feed early bird special. The new features will not be in place until a little closer to the season, but the flashback features etc.. will be up and ready to go. This year's early bird special price also includes the mobile feeds instead of having to pay more for that feature. So gett your feeds here at before they go up in price. You should also probably start notifying your jobs, friends, and family of your absence for the next few months. ;)

Now that I've gotten that out of the way, on to the main reason I am writing this. Last night CBS aired a new BB 14 commercial, and, while the visuals were of course just of last year's cast, they did drop a few hints about the upcoming season. They said more house guests than ever. I've heard there will now be 16 this year. That's quite a lot in comparison with past years. That leaves room for things like lots of double evictions, or twistst that involve more than just two people nominated and more than just one going home at a time.

The second thing the commercial mentioned was that there would be "not one, but FOUR big surprises".  Now I personally think this probably means that at least four of the house guests will be pretty well known former Big Brother contestants, but I look forward to seeing what your opinions and guesses are about it. The end of the commercial also said "Get ready for Big Brother to the Max". I am not sure if that is a hint to the theme or the title of this season or not.

At any rate, who else is ready for the new season? I know I am slowly working up to excited. What do you all think the commercial hints mean? The new season airs July 12th!


The new Big Brother commercial and CBS site - any secrets revealed?

Hi all - two new things Big Brother related came about on Wednesday.  CBS modified its official page to start getting it ready for the start of Big Brother 12 and they also put out a very brief new commercial that has people speculating like crazy.

First the website.  No BIG revelation there except maybe that there are thirteen little head and shoulder cartoons (seen at the left).  So does that mean there will be thirteen HGs this season?  Maybe.  Allison Grodner said last week in an interview that there would probably be 12-14.  Then again the thirteen images may simply be a placeholder for 12 or 14 pictures to be added in a week or so.

Then there is the commercial.  What has some people chattering is the fact that we see people in it and there are several that we don't know.  Watch for yourself thanks to long time Big Brother fan quirkydude:

So what do I get from that?  Actually not much, sorry!  I did take some screen caps to attempt to get a better look at the mystery people but my guess is that they are simply models hired by the producers for the commercial (thus the blurryness).

Looking at those screen caps - I don't see anyone I recognize - and to me the pool looks bigger than the backyard pool so I even wonder if the video was shot in the house.

What do you think?  Was it all a ploy to get the die-hards chattering?  Was it simply an new ad where they decided to get some new footage rather than old shots?  Or, could these really be potential house guests playing together more than three weeks before the show begins?

22 days the the start of Big Brother 12!