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Poor Jerry!

Jerry loves to use cliches, so here's one that's perfect for him - "you reap what you sow". He's spent the better part of this season putting down Keesha, Memphis, and Dan, yet he just got done whining to Dan about how they always isolate him. He complained that Memphis didn't "say all of three words to me today". Well, all of you slept the entire afternoon! "Do me a favor for the rest of the week. When you go up in your freaking room don't leave me alone so much. I'm asking as a courtesy, not a favor, it's just common courtesy. I don't care if you're getting rid of me. I dont give a shit. Just talk to me."

Dan apologizes and promises to include him. He then asks him to hang outside with the rest of them, but instead Jerry goes of into his room.


Dan's Back!

Obviously, he hasn't revealed that Michelle went with him, but he did say there were two lawn chairs at the beach. He says he was blindfolded as he was hauled off to the helicopter, but then talked about everything he saw on the trip. He reported that gas prices are now at $3.89, and that he supposedly saw Keesha's Hooters and the club where Memphis is employed. He brought back sand, seaweed, and three rocks. He did have to take a pill for motion sickness. The cams are going to fish quite often during his stories, though.

Dan asked what everybody else did. They slept! At least I was able to watch football today.


They Got Booze!

Maybe they'll be some excitement tonight. On second thought, never mind, as they got a grand total of 3 beers and a bottle of wine.


Keesha Questions Dan

Keesha is grilling Dan about Memphis' plans for the POV. Dan assures her that he hasn't changed her mind, and that she's the one who brought together the votes that saved him.

"You wouldn't tell me anyway", she replies. Dan tells her that's not the case at all "I've always been honest with you. I would tell you." Keesha says she'd rather know ahead of time. "I don't want to be caught off guard; thinking you're safe and you're not."

"I think it's pretty understood which way he's going", says Dan. "If it comes up, you obviously knows who I would be fighting for. I would be fighting for you."

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