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Veto Not Used!

Dan obviously came to his senses, and did not use the veto. It appears that he mentioned that he was offered bribes, though, which has everybody talking.


Memphis Attempts To Talk Some Sense To Dan

Keesha has made sundaes for everybody not on slop. After she brings them into the bedroom, Memphis and Dan continue to talk about the veto. Here's some of the conversation regarding April and Ollie's offer to buy her way off the block.

Dan: You have to weigh 5 g's versus 500 g's but the end is a long way off.
Mmemphis: I agree.
Dan: I will say 5 grand up front and you can't put up me, Keesha, or memphis next week.
Memphis: Yeah, but then the next week.
Dan: I don't wan too get involved with Renny, ever.
Memphis: We lose Keesha if we go against Renny.
Dan: If we make a deal with Ollie..
Memphis: No, he is worthless.If you keep April, Keesha will not talk to you.
Dan: Keesha may be worth more than 5 g's.
Memphis: Michelle will come after you if she is put up because of a deal.
Dan: She is emotional. I don't want to hear about Jessie any more.
Memphis: If she went up as a replacement..
Dan: What if she was not around?
Memphis: No one would vote her out over Jerry.
Dan: I am trying to get the 5 grand AND keep Keesha safe.
Memphis: You're talking likd Renny at this point.
Dan: Michelle and I are neutral. Would she put me up?
Memphis: Talk to her; I am not sure. Make it part of a conversation - if she says I don't know, then she might. Feel her out.
Dan: Why does she want April to stay?
Memphis: She thinks there is a deal betrween Keesha, Renny, and us.
Dan: Said any chance of that is done due to Renny.

Now Michelle is in there talking nonsense.


WTF? Dan Is Considering Using The Veto?

Just cut April the check immediately. April, Ollie, and Michelle have all been sweet-talking Dan all night long, and he's actually considering using the veto! This is just dumb all around. Michelle has no reason to fight for anybody, and Dan is also sitting pretty. Doesn't Ollie realize that if Dan does save April, he'll be the replacement? Somebody better have a nice, long talk with Dan.


Keesha Is Smarter Than I Give Her Credit For

The minute Michelle was out the door, Keesha set the record straight with Renny.

Keesha: She is trying to get April and Ollie to stay here, and Memphis and Dan out. She is throwing Memp under the bus. I am telling you - Michelle, April, and Ollie are always talking downstairs, whispering. I'm telling you! She is trying to get Jerry out. I know what she is doing. She is trying to save April and trying to convince me to keep April. That would be stupid, I would be the first one April will go after. I am all wound up. I know what she is doing. Because Michelle has a deal with April and Ollie, and saying that Dan and Memphis have a deal with Jerry. I trust Dan. I don't believe Michelle. Dan tells me everything!

Renny: I trust Dan so far. To a point.

They're now interrogating Dan. He's trying to reassure Keesha and Renny that he's on their side, and is telling them about both Jerry and April approaching him earlier today. He can tell something is up, though, and tells Keesha that he can see it in her face.