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Libra, down.

Feeds are still in and out. The girls are starting to move around, specifically Libra. April hasn't crouched down like the rest of them yet, that I have noticed. Though she is moving her upper body a bit and just lifting her legs every so often. Again, the feeds are constantly going to trivia.

Libra is down as I write this!

Ollie, Memphis, and Dan are constantly moving. They look completely uncomfortable. Don't have a cam on Jessie or Renny, will update on them when I can.


So Far...

Dan looks completely uncomfortable. He basically can't sit still. But he is singing and asking for people to talk to him. I guess that's the way to go - annoy people off the shaking wall. Ollie And Jessie are also staying in motion. Jerry is moving a little bit to get comfortable. The girls have remained fairly stable and not moved.

Also, the feeds keep going to trivia. It's quite annoying.


Dan's Sister Is Also Hot!


Dan's Girlfriend Is Hot


The Biggest and Most Honest Alliance Of All Time (Excuse Me While I Gag)

I don't quite understand their reasoning here, but instead of just informing Dan and Jerry their nomination plans, they decided to bring them into their super top secret alliance. After a minute or so of discussing the plan, they moved onto the more pressing issue of naming themselves. Seriously. One minute of game play followed by ten minutes of cheesiness. At least Libra was smart to dismiss a return of the "nerd herd", and Dan's great idea of "Jerryholics" was also tabled. Most almost laughed when Jerry suggested "Angel Land". Ultimately, I don't think they came up with anything yet.

My favorite part is when Keesha told them they were classified as the "no big deals". Yet they still agreed. Meanwhile, Jessie and Michelle still have no clue. Stupid hamsters.