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Guess Who Dani and Gretchen Want to Win?


Post-Jury Questioning

The feeds came back at around midnight to Dan mumbling to himself about how he has to get either April or Ollie’s votes, but he never talked to either of them. But in his mind, it’s Renny’s vote that is the most crucial. “If I do not get Renny, then I cannot win.”
Memphis then joins him (he apparently was in the diary room), and over beers they discuss the jury questioning. Surprisingly, it appears that the jurors are now going to be separated from each other until the finale.

Each of them believes the other has the votes to win. Dan says Memphis has three votes “wrapped”, so only needs one more vote. Memphis replies that Dan’s probably overestimating the count, and that it’s a toss up. He believes that Dan will get Michelle’s vote because of the trip (“that trip was huge”), but agrees that April and Ollie’s block votes could determine the winner.
Keesha apparently asked Memphis about his line about taking her to the end, and Memphis response was that she never made a similar promise to him. He doesn’t remember what Ollie asked him, though. (No surprise.) Renny’s question to him was what did he do for her? Michelle whined to Memphis that he threw all the competitions. No, that was Dan. “We didn’t win shit for six weeks, and then we won everything.” They both agree that if Michelle had remained in the house, she would have won a lot of the competitions.
Jerry apparently complained to Memphis that he tried to take his four grand that his children “need”. Dan asks Memphis if he would have had his vote if he kept Jerry over him. I think everybody knows the answer to that question.
One other interesting tidbit that came out last night – besides teaching, Dan is also a website designer. This info came out when they were discussing the “shocking” disclosure that Renny owns her own business. I still don’t get why that’s a big deal.


Will Dan Now Tell Memphis About The Luxury Trip?

Judging by the footage we saw of the jury house tonight, I have a feeling that Dan's trip will be one of the major topics of the juror questions on Saturday. Will Dan let him know ahead of time? One can argue that it won't matter, but I think it's in Dan's best interest to tell Memphis. Finding out during the questioning could bring an ugly tone to the rest of the proceedings, which may lead to Memphis nabbing a vote or two of Dan's.


Jerry's Sick...Or Is He?

Jerry's been hovering near the garbage cans for quite some time. He gagged a few times, but did he ever really throw up? Dan joked that at the sight of him, Jerry vomits.

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