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Second Round Details

They're not rehashing too much of the competition, except for the fact that it took Jerry 51 minutes to complete the task. Cutouts were involved, though, and Dan noted that he forgot how beautiful Angie is. He also wants to take his cutout home with him.


OK, I Was Wrong

Feeds are back to Dan and Jerry talking, and Memphis in the sauna room. Memphis indeed won, as Jerry just said "oh well, I'm done. I don't have to do anything anymore. You two will fight it out tomorrow".


"We're Going To Have To Flip To See Who Sends Him Home"

Jerry got called to the diary room, so the boys can now celebrate a little. Memphis asked what he said to Keesha as she walked out, and he just said "get Renny" (meaning her vote). Dan doesn't think he gets to watch round two, so they're going to use bandanas as code as to whether Memphis won.


Dan Wins!!!


"You Better Make It To Sunday"

Keesha is much more calm today than last night, but she's been sniffling tears all day as she packs. Dan is trying to cheer her up by talking about her dog, and it seems to be working to an extent. She just told him, though, that he "better make it to Sunday".

Jerry and Memphis are cleaning, and few words are being spoken by anybody other than Keesha and Dan to each other.

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