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Dan Wins!!!


"You Better Make It To Sunday"

Keesha is much more calm today than last night, but she's been sniffling tears all day as she packs. Dan is trying to cheer her up by talking about her dog, and it seems to be working to an extent. She just told him, though, that he "better make it to Sunday".

Jerry and Memphis are cleaning, and few words are being spoken by anybody other than Keesha and Dan to each other.


The Confrontation That Was Blocked On The Feeds


"What Can I Do?"

Dan is turning up the charm, and asking what he can do to save her. Good one, Catholic boy. She's decided that Memphis believes she'd pick Dan over him, and has let it slip more than once that she'd pick Memphis over Dan. "You're a bad liar, by the way", she tells Dan, who has some lame excuse that he was hoping he could flip it.

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