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Tonights Eviction, new HoH and why POV matters more.

Just a quick blurb to let you all know whats up since the feeds have been off for just over 24 hours now.

From the traffic out there on the world wide interwebs it seems the strongest rumors have it that the show that was recorded yesterday was mostly a 'private' affair with a very select audience of people tied closely to the show (or friends of people tied closely to the show). 

That of course hasn't stopped at least two different 'sources' from revealing what went on yesterday and that's enough for me to post this as semi "fact" - if this proves wrong you can take away my journalism degree and burn it.

The word 'on the street' is that Judd was indeed evicted (the easy part to guess) and that Andy was the winner of the second to last HoH competition.  I'll leave the details at that because that's as much info as both sources confirmed.

Of course as I and others have said over and over the last few days, all Head of Household means this time is that you have made the final three.  The real power will be the Power of Veto winner which is most likely being played today (and we will figure out who won it when the feeds return around 9pm BB time tonight).  The POV winner will get to pick which two HGs are nominated and, unless it the POV winner is the HoH (as Danielle was last season) will also get to vote out one of the nominees with the only vote of the 'week.'

As an example, lets assume Andy is HoH.  He will have nominated two people (it really doesn't matter who though).  Lets say he nominates GinaMarie and McCrae (since Spencer kept him safe last week).

All four HGs will compete for the POV.  If, say, McCrae wins it, he would of course save himself (in the above scenario) and by default Andy would have to put Spencer on the block in his place.  Then McCrae would be the only non-nominated person and thus cast the only vote to evict.

Make sense?  That's why this time around the POV is more important that the HoH.  The one kink in this 'week' is if the HoH also wins the POV - in that case they get to decide the final 2 noms, but also are stuck with whomever the non-nominee decides to vote out.  An excellent example of this happened last season when Danielle won both HoH AND POV.  She initially nominated Dan and Ian.  Dan convinced her to play the POV and save him, thinking he would vote out Ian.  Instead Dan voted out her 'showmance' Shane and her jaw dropped for the millionth time.


Defending the Crazy

Trust me, I understand all the criticism of our nutty little Southern belle. She's a complete mess. She's no longer putting on makeup. She hasn't seen a brush in days. Her days are spent either dropping tears all over her bed, begging for compliments from Dan, or complaining to both Dan and Ian how they've ruined her life.


Yet she's the ONLY reason to continue watching the feeds.


I generally tune out the feeds during the last few days of the season. Once they're down to the final four, there's not much game play left. Everybody generally knows their place at this point, and the ramifications of each competition is usually obvious.

It gets even worse when the four become three. Those final days are usually nothing but sleep and reminiscing. How many times have you tuned into Showtime and saw everybody in bed? Even worse, how often can you bear listening to them predict their popularity outside the house, or the amount of money they think they're going to earn off ebay or personal appearances?

Yes, sometimes there is an odd man/woman out that can complicate things, but even then the feeds are a bore. Remember the last time Dan was in the house and old man Jerry was forced to spend a whole week sitting by himself? I actually felt sorry for that goof, which was the only time all year I had any empathy for him.

It's just a rare situation where the final week's feeds are entertaining. I'll still tune in now and then, and I definitely still watch the reactions to the final competitions. That's it, though. After almost three months of feeds, I'm ready for the finale.

This year is different, and it is all because of that hot Southern mess. She's a dream girl for those that study multiple personalities, manic/depression, master/servant relationships, daddy issues, and/or any other psychological issue. One minute she hate, hate, hates her coach-who-hasn't-been-a-coach-since-August 2; the next she's throwing competitions to him or begging for compliments. She doesn't want to be bothered by either Dan or Ian, yet she ensures they know she's around as she stomps around looking for Cheetos to feed her pain.

Speaking of Ian, while it is true that her treatment of him is due to "coaching" from Dan that will only ensure that HE is carried to the finals, I believe there is something more to it. Ian may have named the Quack Pack, but people seem to have forgotten that this alliance was created ONLY to get him to vote as they wanted. It was only after they did succeed in evicting certain people did the group become real, and only then that people like Britney and Dan saw him as more than a goofy kid. Danielle and Shane, though, never really accepted him, and after Shane's departure there is no doubt that Danielle had no clue how close Dan was to him.

The little light bulb in her head must have turned on at the conclusion of Saturday night's competition. Again, I know that Dan had instructed her to go off on Ian if he won, but she's not a good enough actress to keep this up as long as she has. Last night's bitchfest with Ian seemed to confirm that, as Danielle brought up a post-comp celebration more than once. Ian is known to go a little over-the-top in his victory celebrations, and I'll bet that Dan helped turn that into even a bigger scene.

Regardless of whether it's an act or not, she has single-handedly put a stop to the backslapping that always happens in those last few days. Ian and Dan still have moments when they try to tell each other how great they are, but it is always just a matter of minutes that Hurricane Danielle interrupts them and tells them how they've ruined her life. Add to that the growing list of maladies, threats, and former occupations, and I'm least for a few minutes at a time.


Tonight's Live POV and Eviction - One Worth Watching? Endurance Comp Too!

Ash explained in her Night Owl post that  Danielle thinks Dan will vote out Ian tonight after she saves him with the POV which will be shown live tonight.

But after much dilligent live feed watching we saw Dan stand in front of the memory wall and say that he would be voting out Shane (only the net viewers heard him of course) .

Danielle is going to be shocked, as will Shane of course when Dan votes him out.  Danielle even had Dan swear to her that he was voting out Ian and I watched as he said he was earlier this afternoon (no Bible was in sight if that matters to anyone).

I'm hoping for an huge jaw drop by both Danielle and Shane - and I'd rather the camera NOT follow Shane out the door or have his post eviction interview with Julie - instead I'd like to keep the cameras in the house to watch Dan and see if he goes into full on game mode or tries to convince Danielle it was the right move.

Then we have the endurance competition!  I seldom plug the live feeds on in the write ups here but if you want to see the endurance competition be sure to sign up via any link on the site!  I'd sure appreciate it and you do get three days free.

Keep your fingers crossed for a good show.


Live Feed Blackout Info

The feeds will be back in 5+ hours and we have a show in a bit to fill us in but for those that don't follow us on twitter here what is up.

On the show Tuesday (it was taped for tonight), Jenn was evicted 2-0 and then Danielle won the HoH competition, apparently beating Dan in a tie-breaker.

So the quack pack made it to the final 4 (without Brit) and Danielle has locked a final three spot.

The Power of Veto is MORE important than the HoH this time as no matter who Danielle nominates, the POV winner will be safe and able to vote out one of the other two non HoH peoples.  This assumes Danielle doesn't win POV - if she does then she can change her noms if she wants to select who gets to vote the 2nd quack pack member out.

We will probably find out nominations and who won the POV competition after the feeds return - my guess is the POV meeting will be live on Thursday's show since there are only 4 people left in the house and it can be used for filler having it 'live.'

There you have it - remember Thursday's show will end with Part 1 of the final HoH competition and will be endurance.