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Big Brother #14, Episode 7 Recap

Jojo versus Daniele. Which of these ladies is going home tonight? More importantly, does anybody care? Neither has really established themselves as noteworthy characters this year. In fact, they've done nothing but live up to the stereotypes that blemish the fine people of Long Island and Alabama. One is all talk but no action; the other is psycho talk but no action.

Before we begin, though, it should be noted that earlier in the day Julie Chen tweeted that we would se a "game-changing twist" tonight. I don't put much stock in this proclamation, though, as just last week the "trade or save" decision in the coach's competition was also labeled as such. I call it nothing more than hyperbole, but who knows?

After the customary hype from Julie, the show starts with the standard post-veto ceremony comments. Yes, Daniele is pissed. Yes, Jojo has her back against the wall but is still fighting...blah blah blah.

Daniele heads into the bedroom to drown her sorrows, and Coach Dan gives her a pep talk, telling her that his earlier conversation was a "motivational tool to light a fire underneath her". Whatever, Danny Boy. He acknowledges in the diary room that he "may have gone a little too far, but it's now my job to reel her back in". He promises to "help get you out of this mess". Thankfully, Daniele forgives him. Yuck!

Meanwhile, Shane is giving a similar pep talk to Jojo, reminding her that she's "never out of this game". Shane promises to help keep her around, and Ian then walks in. The lights are turned off, and Shane and Jojo begin their version of "sexy talk". Ian is a bit uncomfortable because he's trying to sleep while "Shane attempts to board the Staten Island Ferry". Nicely said, Ian!

It's now the next morning, and Ian and Daniele are sharing the cot outside. She asks him about the late-night conversation she overheard, and Ian tells her they were all just joking around. Daniele is SHOCKED to hear that Jojo and Shane were talking "da sexy" because, you know, in Daniele's psycho mind THEY were a couple. "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned", she says. Really?

Daniele heads into the bedroom where Janelle and Ashley are napping. She climbs into bed with them to badmouth Shane. Too bad Daneile doesn't know what "emancipated" means, but neither does Ashley as she meant to say "emaciated". Idiots. We do know how much Janelle likes "mean girl" talk, though, and she loves every second of it.

With the ice fully broken, Daniele relays everything that Ian just told her. "I thought you and Shane liked each other", replies Ashley. "He can get in Staten Island if he wants", is Daneile's response. Oooof. Yet Daniele isn't completely over Shane, as she adds "I lost ot Staten Island". In the diary room, Janelle reminds viewers how dangerous "showmances" are to the rest of the players.

Jojo now heads up to the HOH to talk to Britney. I mean get lectured by Britney, who gives her typical advice - shut up. "Absolutely anything can be turned against you", she says. "So it has to be nothing but pink roses and rainbows coming out of your mouth." She also adds that she just saw Janelle and Daniele laughing and cuddling. Britney doesn't think she got through to her.

Boogie now has to endure Britney's whining, as she pleads with him to not send Jojo home. She claims that Daniele is smarter than he thinks she is, and says it's because she knows she can't trust Jojo to do the right thing. Boogie says the only reason to even consider booting Daniele is if the coach twist comes true. "I do feel that the new people's automatic instinct will be to go after the coaches." Britney doesn't agree, and asks if she thinks he can work with Dan. When Boogie says no, Britney believes she has the upper hand in this argument, but Boogie claims that he has five noobs under his wing. "I would hate to see (Dan) go personally, but professionally I'd like to see him pack the bag and beat it on Thursday". Yes, there's the reasonable doubt we need before the actual eviction.

It's commercial break time, and when we return we have to once again replay the Willie situation. I guess it's a leadup to some Chen questions, as we go right to the living room after the taped segment. Ah yes, that is the case as Joe is immediately asked about what was going through his mind when Willie was going nuts. He says he was only thinking about protecting himself, and mindless cliches about handling the heat. Quit yelling! Ian is also asked since he was in the bathroom, and he admits he was worried about his own self-being but since he is an RA at Tulane he wanted to "step in and break things up. I just wanted to keep everybody safe". Shane's veto victory is then shown, and Britney says it was "incredible" when he won. "Well worth me jumping into a giant bowl of guacamole."

This segment was cut short because we have to spend some time with Dr. Will. After an intro package cut between shots from his tattoo-removal business and his Chilltown antics, he says that his pal Boogie is "doing a phenomenal job. He's got the guy with the crazy hair, he's got the nerd, and he's got the rocker. Right now, Boogie is coaching Frank to be his new Frankenstein. I think he's trying to build a bigger, better, faster Chilltown." Come on, Will, you can't possibly believe that crap! He does note that sometimes Boogie's ego gets in his way, like in the last Coach's Competition.

As for the other coaches, Will doesn't think too highly of their job so far. "Their play so far is lackluster, and less they get their act together very quickly Mike Boogie and his players are going to steamroll them." Will adds that if Seacrest and Kermit the Frog had a baby, it would be Dan. While he is always coaching, he believes that his eyes led him to picking the all-girls team.

Britney, though, is as huge a disappointment to Will as to the rest of America. "You better put your coaching hat on. If your players are getting evicted for violence, you're doing a terrible job at coaching." He says that Janelle is a "phenomenal competitor, but the question is (whether) she is good at strategy. If she wins this show, she will have redeemed her previous losses. If she loses, however, she's just a three-time loser."

The segment ends with Will's choice for the ultimate victor, and he thinks it will be Ian. "People may think that Ian and Boogie have nothing in common, and that is completely incorrect. He's just a forty year-old Ian." Ooooh, that's pretty good, Will! A nice little split screen allows Will to end the segment with a nice jab at Boogie's awful clothing choices. "Season two called, and they want their clothes back!"

While I thought it was eviction time, we have our first HOH chat of the season. Frank kisses up by asking Julie if she "is my homegirl". Ooof. She asks him about the importance of Boogie's advice, and it is nothing but admiration. His possible relationship with Shane is next, and he replies that he has to have plenty of different plans to keep safe. Will the alliance with Janelle last? Yes, he says. Thankfully, that's it for this segment.

Now it is eviction time, and we start with the final pleas. Jojo goes first, and she babbles about how she planned to play dirty but "that's not who I am...I think I've proven that I'm loyal, and that is what has got me in this situation". She believes evicting her is a mistake because "this game is all about making big moves". Well, isn't evicting her a big move?

Daniele is next, and almost falls on her ass. That was easily the highlight of her speech, as she just talks. Nothing is really said except that she likes everybody.

Voting begins with Wil, who votes to evict Jojo, as does Joe, and Ashley. After a commercial break, Shane votes to evict Daniele, but Ian and Jenn vote against Jojo. It's 5-1, and Jojo is the fourth person evicted from this season!

When the news is read, Jojo gives a little hip shake, and doesn't follow through with her promise to only hug her five friends (shocker!). Instead, she yells "make big moves", and saunters out of the house. Julie begins the interview by asking what she whispered to Shane, and it was nothing more than "stay strong" and "I believe in you". Sorry, Julie, I know you really wanted your fake showmance.

Julie then asks about why she "deserved" to be their more than Daniele, and she claims she proved herself in the first HOH competition. "The fight and the heart I have I don't think a lot of people in the house has." Yeah, but the issue is your personality, sweetheart. Willie is the next topic, and why she stayed loyal to him after the fight with Frank. Again, we just hear that she's "too loyal". Oooh, here's a question I like - Britney as a coach. Jojo believes she's the "underdog" of the coaches. Say what?

It's goodbye messages time, and it starts with Jenn. "Maybe the house can only handle one New Yorker." Hmmm. Shane does nothing to erase the sexist stereotype he's created so far this year, talking about how he's going to miss their makeout conversation. "Too bad we didn't get to do it", Jojo replies. After silliness from Daniele, we end with a very scary looking Britney, who...well, whines, of course, about her loud voice.

HOH competition time, and it's a hockey setup where the players have to attempt to shoot a ball into the slot with the highest number. Yes, it's this year's version of the golf game from last season.

Ashely is up first, and hits a four. Joe is up next, and after lining up like he's Tiger Woods, his three doesn't even beat Ashley. Jenn is the third player up, and she completely misses the target. The fourth player is Ian, and he takes the lead with a nine! Wil gets a two, but Shane ricochets a great shot to hit a perfect twenty. The game ends with Daniele knocking in a twelve, making Shane the new HOH!

After another commercial break, Julie congratulates Shane, who repeats Frank's rags to riches story from last week. Britney is also mean we may have a week with no complaining???

When the mics are cut, Julie announces that America will decide if the coaches will be offered a spot in the game. Pleas go to, and vote "2" to prevent the coaches from entering the game. Please, I beg you! Don't let them enter!!!

That's it! What did you think of tonight's episode? Do you agree with Dr. Will's assessment? Are you happy with Jojo's eviction, or Shane's victory? And what about the new America's Choice gimmick? Do you want the coaches to enter the game? Let us know your thoughts!