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Entries in endurance (6)


Eviction Night and Possible Endurance HoH Competition

Just a quickie post - feeds have been on trivia for hours - some of us are getting paranoid that Big Brother is getting their hands dirty messing with the HGs.  Howard is/way a lock to go home as of this morning - if he doesn't it will be because Big Brother got involved in some way.  We shall see.

No matter who leaves tonight, we are expecting another Endurance competition - only because the HGs went on lockdown early ealrly Wednesday morning.  No need if it were just a simple quiz competition.

Stay tuned - we will be about to update you when we know more after the show,  and if you haven't signed up for a free trial of the live feeds - WHY NOT?  2 day free trial - click on a banner and get signed up and watch the feeds with us!



Endurance Head of Household Competition.

I'll edit this more shortly.   

The HGs were paired up and must fill jugs with chilli.  They transfer the chilli in tiny cups and then into a jug.  However - they can choose to fill up a smaller jug first which will give them access to a bigger cup.

The pairs are:

Spencer & Helen

Candice & GinaMarie

Andy & Elissa

Amanda & Kaitlyn

Judd & Nick

Jeremy & Aaryn

Jessie & Howard

Howard and Judd chose to fill up the small jugs first so now have bigger cups and are catching up.  Andy and Amanda and Jeremy all went for the big jug and are currently (6:57pm) in front but I think Judd may pass all three.

Which every pair wins must decide who between them will be HoH.


Endurance Comp - Ian Is Out

After an hour delay, the endurance comp finally began. It's one of those "slam into the wall" type comps - this time with a fishing theme. The three contestants are on a giant hook that is dipped into a pond, lifted out, and then slammed into the wall. 

Dan and Ian were talking through the whole game, but Danielle was saying nothing. Ian began struggling a few minutes ago, and finally fell off. I missed it when it happened due to some skipping feeds, but fired up the ipad to watch the replay and grab some caps.

Here's a few more pics from earlier in the event.


Endurance - This Won't Take Long

When 1/3 of the participants are down before the CBS broadcast is completed, you know this will be a short competition. In fact, we're now down to just three, as while I was typing that first sentence Danielle also dropped. We're down to Shane, Dan, and Ian. Joe was the first down, and he "won" some sort of undisclosed punishment which will probably be nothing more than a dumb costume destined to give him more yelling time on Sunday's show.