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No more beebees...but we have...FISHIES!!!

Although I do miss the guinea pigs (aka "beebees") I am loving the fishies. For now, I am sure I'll hate them as much as I dislike some of the cast members off the bat.

As for tonight's episode, my favorite by far is Jerry. He seems like a good guy. A genuine good guy that is. I think that's who we all tend to like, the person we think is the most real. For me, that person is Jerry. Of course, I have only seen CBS' watered down version of what could possibly be and my diagnosis of him could be off. I hope not. I think he could go far because he won't be seen as a physical threat.

I am no fan on Renny and glad she was put up on the block. Her voice irritated me. The way she kept saying "fawther" really got under my skin. I am also no fan of Libra. Who leaves 4 month old twins to go on a television show with no contact to see how they might be doing? That's just bad parenting if you ask me. I don't care who's watching the kids, I think these are times where the babies are growing and you don't want to miss a thing. I know BB has had plenty of parents on and I do understand why they go on, but four months is just too young to be missing out on when you are able to be there.

I'm glad to be back writing for bbgossip again! I'll watch the feeds and get you all the latest in the house, whether it's gossip or just plain silly. Here's to a good season!