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Big Brother Season 16, Episode 21 Recap (Or Lack Of)

I've wrestled with my brain all day long about this week's Big Brother episodes. If you have followed this site, or listened to last night's contentious Big Brother Gossip Show (and why haven't you?), you understand that what should have been a great week of feeds and broadcasts has been undermined by a production crew that will do anything and everything to appeal to a younger audience that has never been attracted to the show.

Yes, I'm talking about this year's show pony, Frankie Grande. This week featured the best feeds of the season, commencing with the last minute decision on Wednesday night to keep Zach after all. After the HOH comp on Thursday, Frankie burst in on Nicole and Christine to tell them to put up the four boys. She ran to Zach, who then told each of the boys. This led to a desire to immediately go after Frankie, and Caleb volunteered to go on the block with him to ensure they lost the Battle of the Block.

The hilarity of beastmode taking a seat during the competition would have made tonight's show the best ever. CBS would have none of that, though, and conspired with Frankie to make a big reveal about his "famous" one-hit wonder, "megastar" sister. Gross. Us conspiracy buffs also firmly believe that the combo of this plot, along with a long-delayed competition that culminated with a BOB that house guests have said was EASIER to win solo than with a partner, is a complete set up to ensure Frankie's safety.

Tonight's show will be edited in a way that will make you believe that Frankie came up with the idea to reveal his "secrets". He's already been given credit for acts that Derrick and others actually made, and tonight is bound to be pure fiction. Even worse will be Wednesday's episode, as he pulls the boys (and then the girls) aside to tell his story. Anything semi-negative (or non-fabulous) will be edited out, including the anger many stated afterwards. They definitely won't show Frankie saying he's going to sic his sister's online following on Nicole for actually saying something negative about him. It's going to be a nightmare.

I'm beyond offended by all of this, and because of this I'm boycotting tonight and Wednesday's broadcasts. I really don't want the ratings to suffer, but something has to be done to let the network know that we're tired of stunt casting. We're tired of fictional edits. We're sick that the show we love has been turned into the type of horribly-edited trash we usually witness on lower-tiered cable channels. Big Brother is supposed to be a social experiment; not a close cousin to the likes of Honey Boo Boo or Duck Dynasty. 

If you do view tonight's episode, more power to you. I hope you enjoy it. But if you're a loyal Big Brother fanatic, I invite you to change the channel tonight to something...anything else.


Big Brother Gossip Show #408: Media Mogul

It was quite a night. Two recording devices, two computer breakdowns, and lots of audio dropouts.

Yet we made it through the night with a super-sized show that covered Zach's resurrection, a dramatic blindside, lots of backstabbing, and Frankie's outting of his supposedly glamorous life as a "media mogul". 

It may take quite some time to get through all of this episode, but every minute is chock full of info. Grab this from the usual sources, such as iTunes or Stitcher, or...


A very special thanks goes out to my two wonderful cohosts, Colette Lalla and Mike, and also to Ash for her assistance in grabbing audio clips!


Big Brother Season 16, Episode 20 Recap

Strap in, folks, as we’re due for a wild ride tonight. Double eviction night is easily the most exciting evening of the Big Brother season, and tonight should be no exception.

This is especially true after a wild turn of events last night that saw the target of the first eviction change. If you’ve been online at all in the last 24 hours you probably know what I’m talking about, but it was quite a shocking development.

Too bad you won’t see much of that tonight. Double eviction means there’s only room for one short segment of what’s happened in the house. Squeezing four days of footage into ten minutes is next to impossible, so you should probably tune into this week’s edition of The Big Brother Gossip Show on Saturday night for the full story.

So let’s not waste any more time. We left last night with Christine’s decision to not use the veto. Tonight we start off with Julie Chen making a joke about how both nominees were sleeping while the rest of the house was plotting their fate. It starts off with Cody telling Hayden and Derrick that “this week is pretty much locked up”. Is it? Their next move is to let Caleb in on it, and we get a fabulously hilarious shot of Caleb playing air drums. They all decide that it’s important to be careful so Zach doesn’t figure out what is about to go down.

Now Cody is inside whispering to Derrick, but stops when Frankie walks in. Cody gives Frankie a little wink, and Frankie admits the diary room that he’s a bit concerned, especially given the three-person alliance (LTA) that Zach told him about weeks ago. His plan is to ask Derrick what’s going on.

He does just that, pulling Derrick into the HOH. He asks Derrick why Cody is acting so paranoid towards him, and Derrick masterfully sways him. Derrick acknowledges that he has to do some “damage control”, and asks if Frankie feels dissension among the Detonators. They both talk about how Zach has made many promises, and Derrick adds “he may be manipulating you more than you think”. Yes, he’s good. He pretty much convinces Frankie that Zach needs to go home.

Frankie and Derrick now inform Caleb about the plan. “We want him out this week.” Caleb isn’t so sure. “At the end of the day, is he a number?” Derrick says that Zach talks too much, but Caleb still believes in the numbers. “I would be dumb to vote him out, as I have his vote no matter what”, he says in the diary room. Good job, Beastmode! He still agrees to do whatever the other boys decide.

We move on, and Derrick is now taking a shower. Derrick says that Caleb’s comment about numbers has resonated with him. “He might be a snake, but he’s my snake.” When Cody joins him in the bathroom, they talk about how they may need Zach after all. (Interesting editing going here, by the way.)

Finally, we get it. “Should we keep Zach”, asks Cody. “I think we should”, responds Derrick.

Cody then goes in and tells Christine that they need to talk. He tells her that Nicole had been planning on putting up Frankie if the veto had been used. Both Frankie and her were Nicole and Hayden’s new targets. Nicole interrupts them to get a sweatshirt, and then Cody carries on with the story. “This is unbelievable”, says Christine. Frankie joins them, and Cody also informs him that Nicole and Hayden are playing them. “So Zach is staying?, asks Frankie. “Let’s do it.”

Derrick then walks in, and the decision is finalized.

It’s now time to go to the house. Julie reads bullshit about the greatness of the twists, and then announces that the double HOH twist is now dead “for the next hour”. It’s double eviction night! Not only that, but tonight’s evictees are heading to jury. She also reminds them that “just because you’re out of the house doesn’t necessarily mean you’re out of the game.” Ugh, I hate returnees!

Time for the nominees final pleas. Jocasta goes first, and it’s the usual shout outs to Jesus and her family. Please, CBS, ban this practice! She tells the house that she loves them all, even though she knows their decision has already been made. “I hope you keep me because I appreciate it.”

Now is the plea we’re waiting to hear. “Julie, I don’t have anything planned.” Yeah, right. “Roses are red. Violets are blue. Everyone here is great. I love each and every one of you. You’ve all touched my heart, and for that I’m so grateful. Maybe I’ll change my ways and not be so hateful. We’ve all made it to jury. We’re on the right track. Viewers at home, please hash tag Zach Attack. House guests, I’m begging you. Please give me another chance.” He then gives out his twitter and instagram nicknames. “Your decision tonight is crucial. The wrong choice may cost ya, so when you walk into that diary room please vote to evict Jocasta.” A little tamer than how he practiced it, but very nice.

Voting now starts with Donny, who votes to evict “Zach Attack”. Caleb then votes to evict Jocasta, as does Christine, Derrick, and Cody. A clueless Hayden votes to evict Zach, though, but Frankie and Victoria (who?) vote against Jocasta.

Julie then reads the results, and you can see a concerned look on Hayden’s face. Zach starts clapping as Jocasta begins hugging the cast. Nicole is also visibly stunned.

No need to recap Jocasta’s interview. It’s as idiotic as her diary room babbling. Thankfully, it’s a short segment.

Now it gets fun, as it’s time for the HOH competition. It’s a question comp with a classroom setting. The questions are math-related about happenings in the house, and they have to guess “more”, “less”, or “exactly” for each one.

Everybody except Caleb, Christine, and Zach get the first question correct. Wow! Zach starts “woo”-ing extremely loudly. Unfortunately, however, Zach is out on the next question. They’re both correct on the third question, but Christine is wrong on the next. Beastmode is the new HOH!!!

After commercials, Caleb has to make his nominations. The Detonators all run in from the bedroom, and “at the end of the day” Caleb chooses Hayden and Donny to “take the hot seat”. Hmmmm, interesting.

There’s another set of commercials before the veto competition, and when we return the it’s the old ball pit competition. They have to pull out three rubber ducks, and hit the buzzer to win.

Who is this strange unknown girl?Zach is first with a duck, followed by Donny. Zach has a second duck, followed by Hayden, Christine, and Caleb with their first. Donny gets his second duck, followed by Caleb. Victoria finally finds a duck, and Donny grabs his third. He must now fidn the veto, which he does, and collapses!

There’s more commercials before Donny inevitably uses the veto on himself. Caleb then replaces him with Nicole “based on what everybody’s been saying”. There’s even more adverts before we get to the serious business at hand. Hayden gets to plead his case first, and complains that he hasn’t been informed of everything that’s been going on in the house He then throws Frankie and Christine under the bus  for “planting seeds since day two”. He tells Zach that he thinks he’s a “cool dude”. He’s clearly flustered, and wants to stay to fight “them” (Frankie and Christine).

Nicole then stands, and immediately drives me nuts. “Wellll, ummmm, this is crazy. A lot of people are playing super dirty, obviously. Christine and Frankie did plant the seeds that they wanted Zach out this week, and obviously this is what they wanted to have happen. I really want to stay. I love being here, but I hope you vote to keep me.” The voice trails off as she finishes that last sentence.

Voting then begins with Cody, who chooses to evict Nicole. Christine, however, votes against Hayden, as does Derrick. Donny votes against Nicole. Frankie goes against Hayden, as does Zach and Victoria. Hayden is thus evicted, 5-2.

Julie gives the news to the house, and he hugs a teary Nicole. Derrick whispers in his ear as he heads to the door, and somebody sounds like they’re hyperventilating. Nicole is heard yelling at Christine as we wait for the interview.

Hayden was completely blindsided by the evening, from the very beginning with Jocasta’s surprise eviction. He knew that he was going up at that point, and says that he’s the most angry at Frankie. “They were my next targets, and the fact that they got me before I got them kind of sucks.”

Of course, we then have to hear about his phony showmance, which Julie describes as “the Jeff and Jordan of this summer, kind of”. Fuck off, Julie Chen. That’s the worst sentence you’ve ever read on the show. Hayden says he has no idea if the city boy and country girl will have a future after the show. The interview concludes with Julie reminding him that he may not be going to jury permanently. “Expect the unexpected”, she’s forced to erroneously read one more time.

There’s one more little clip before we head out, and it’s Derrick giving instructions to Victoria. Meanwhile, Nicole is bitching at Cody. The feeds are going to be good tonight!

That’s it, folks! What did you think? Were you excited Zach survived? Were you shocked that Hayden was evicted? Tell us what you think!!!



Big Brother Season 16, Episode 19 Recap

No big intro for tonight, as everybody knows what is going to happen. A beloved personality is about to see his time as the show’s jokester end, and the internet is not happy with this. Let’s just go right to it.

We left off Sunday’s episode with the somewhat surprising BOB victory by Caleb and Victoria (who?). Tonight’s show picks up where we left off, and everybody is heading back into the house after the competition. Frankie chases after Zach, but is waved off as he wants to be alone. “I’m extremely disatisfied at losing today’s Battle of the Block. What makes it even worse is that I lost to Victoria. The game I play in the house definitely puts a huge target on my back. However, it all comes down to that POV.”

Zach comes out of the bedroom, and Nicole says “good job” to him. Jocasta complains that she’s been on the block “four times, but I have to smile and be happy about it”. She loses me at this point, as she goes on to babble about how she has to win POV, like that is possible.

At this point, the punishments must be handed out, and Caleb is already bitching. “This is going to suck.” Victoria replies that she just wants to get it over with, which makes Caleb whine even more. “It’s not your head that’s getting shaved. It’s mine.” He’s also pissed about “being chained to a nincompoop for 48 hours”, along with two more weeks of slop. “With a bald head, I look dumb.”

Meanwhile, Nicole is doing her happy dance with Victoria. She’s also “super excited” to be the first girl HOH to keep her HOH status, but “my real target is Frankie”.

Caleb is still whining, and this time it’s to Zach, who is preparing food. Zach’s response is that he chose slop, but Caleb replies, “I chose to be a winner, and you chose to be a loser.” Zach then says he didn’t chose to lose; “I just failed”. Caleb carries on, and Zach just takes it in stride. “I’m not disagreeing with that.” It’s all about Caleb, you know.

He carries on with the bitching about his hair situation, and Zach says in the diary room “I’d shave my head, armpits, and TOES to not be on the block this week. Surviving is what counts, not your pretty boy locks, you Fruit Loop dingus Bust-a-Fooligan!” Zach gets the last word in, noting ot Caleb that he could possibly be going home before Victoria (who?).

We move up to the HOH room, where Frankie is kissing Nicole’s ass. He wants to know what Nicole wants to see happen this week, and she reluctantly says the she does want Zach to go. He follows it up with who she would pick for House Guest choice in the POV, but Nicole is a bit too smart to give him info. Frankie pushes on, though, and says that he thinks she should keep the nominations the same after the veto. “Soon, it will be all out war”, he adds, but Nicole hopes the blood will be his by the end of the week.

Caleb’s misery is now set to begin, as Caleb and Victoria are sent to the diary room for their Adam and Eve costume. They come out as “Beastmode Adam” and “Princess Eve”, and I must say that Victoria looks pretty good. He tells her he’s thirsty, and leads her to the kitchen. Of course, we also get a bunch of footage of them pestering each other in the diary room.

After the costumes, it’s time for Caleb to be shaved. Obviously, Caleb milks the moment for everything he can. Victoria starts in, and Frankie then has to make it his moment. “Why is this really erotic?” Ugh, he’s the worst, especially as he goes on and on in the diary room about how this turns him on.

Back to the game, as Derrick is laying in the living room with Jocasta and Donny. Nicole is heading up to the HOH, and Derrick reminds us how she had wanted an alliance with the boys. He heads upstairs, accompanied by Cody and Hayden. Nicole tells them that if the veto is used, she’s going to put up Frankie. “But he has to go home at that point.” They believe that Zach will be a “lost dog” without his buddy, and Derrick adds that if the four of them are “loyal to each other we should literally be able to get the other seven people out before we have to think about anything else”. Derrick counts out all of his various alliances in the diary room, and adds that Frankie going on the block actually puts them in a bit of danger.

With the alliance formed, we have to go through the tedious ritual of coming up with a name. It’s, as always, a waste of time, and they finally decide on The Rationale. “It’s so disgustingly cool”, adds Cody.

We move to Nicole sitting in the living room with Christine, who tells her that she believes Zach is safe sitting on the block next to Jocasta. Secretly, though, Christine wants Zach out because last week he nominated her, and she’s also upset that she’s been drifting apart from Nicole. “I don’t know where her head’s at. I need to make sure Zach is still Nicole’s number one target, and if she’s not worried she should be.” Nicole asks who she should put up instead of Donny as a replacement, and Christine says it should be Derrick or Cody. “They wouldn’t be mad afterwards, you know what I mean?”

Christine adds in the diary room that she wants the relationship between Nicole and Hayden to cool off, so she adds that Zach told her that Hayden has been hanging out a lot with Victoria. And, dun dun dun, also possibly made out with her! As Nicole would say, “ohhhhhhhhhmaaaaahgawwwwwwd!” You can’t ruin her Big Brother summer camp with a story like that!

Hayden is then seen heading into the HOH, and Nicole tells him what just happened with Christine. “Is that true?” Hayden denies it, and Nicole calls her a bad friend. Hayden finds it ridiculous, especially when she adds that Christine thinks another boy should go up next to Zach. “She is straight up the worst”, says Hayden, and Nicole adds that she won’t be manipulated by Christine.

With the high school drama over (for now), we head to commercials. Oh wait, it’s not over, as Nicole now tells Zach what Christine said. (Seriously, I don’t know what is worse - Nicole’s whisper-talking or her diary room twang.)

Cody runs to Derrick with the info, and they’re pissed that a “loyal detonator” would suggest such a thing. “That tells me she’s working with somebody”, says the dimwit. They both believe that Frankie needs to go up and go home.

Time to pick the veto competition players. Nicole pulls out Caleb’s name, Zach gets Christine, and Jocasta pulls out Victoria’s name. Zach laughs that he’s playing against a giant group of losers, and if he loses “you can call me the biggest Fruit Loop dingus in Big Brother history”. (Foreshadowing, people.)

Time for filler, as Adam and Eve wander around. Victoria actually handles it pretty well (and with a smile), but Caleb does nothing but whine. Even when she complains about him, she’s in good spirits. I’m starting to like her! The acoustic guitar music comes on as he finally warms up and says “I couldn’t have picked a better partner.” The silly music comes back as he attempts to say nice things in the diary room, though.

Back to the game, as Derrick goes into the side room with the rest of The Detonators. Zach is convinced that he’s going to stay no matter what happens in the veto, but Christine thinks that’s silly as she would never vote for him. Derrick adds in the diary room that by the end of the week he’s going to have to choose between the Detonators and the Rationale.

Once we get through more commercials, it’s time for the veto comp. It’s a solo game where they all have to swing through a picture frame that shows comic book caricatures of each house guest. They then have to grab matching comic book covers and place them in the same order.

Nicole goes first, but I must fast forward as her diary room voice is oh so grating. She finally gets through it, and Caleb is next. Yes, we get a comment on how great his comic book looks. Yes, and how sexy the Amber comic book is. “I may just have to sneak that thing into my room later.” Too bad that the Beastmode who was going to win every single competition is too easily confused by this competition.

Victoria is the third up, and they don’t waste anytime with the silly background music. She plays up to her typical spoiled persona, and is nowhere close to getting them in the correct order. She eventually runs out of time (35 minutes).

Speaking of failures, Jocasta is up next. She again acts like a fool in the diary room, and gives those covers the side eye whenever she drifts past the window. She finishes, and starts singing. It’s disgusting. Christine talks about how much she dislikes Zach as she rushes back and forth past the window. She makes it through the comp with relative ease.

Finally, we get Zach’s turn. He says “it’s time to put on the cape and save the day for Team Zach Attack”. He adds that he feels like he’s like if “Superman, Batman, and Spiderman all had a kid somehow”. He gets the order wrong the first time around, and then makes a quick change. He has two out of place, but can’t figure out which ones are wrong. “I was livid. At this point, Zach Attack changes from good to evil.” He picks up each cover and screams about them, and even throws one at the camera. He’s convinced he had it correct. Zach takes one more swing across the window and sees what he had screwed up. “Leave it up to Victoria to mess up my game, you frickin’ dingus.”

Zach knows he’s in trouble, as he told Nicole to put him up, and then “choked in the BOB”. Plus, he just now screwed up the veto. “I blew it.” He collapses on the platform in tears, as the camera pans away. Nice job, CBS!

More adverts before we go back to the program. Everybody heads outside and marvels at the scenery. For some reason, we’re reminded that Cody loves Zach Effron. Why?

Time for the results. Nicole’s time was 12:20, while Caleb’s was 15:48. Victoria, of course, maxed out at 35 minutes, which doesn’t surprise anybody. Jocasta finished in 14:39, but Christine came in at 11:50. Zach needs to beat that time, but as you may guess, his final time was 26:17. Christine has the POV!  Zach hugs Christine, and says that she’s “the only person who can save me from devastation”.

Christine walks into the room with the rest of The Detonators, and Frankie wonders what Nicole wants her to do with it. Christine lies, saying that Nicole needs to do whatever it takes to make sure Zach stays. Zach then walks in, and high fives Christine. “Thank you so much. I’ve never loved you this much my entire life.” Christine now had to decide how she’s going to ensure Zach’s departure.

Before we get to the veto ceremony, though, it’s finally time for Adam and Even to be set free. They cut the ties, and everybody just walks away as if they don’t care. Yeah, neither do we.

More fluff, as we get the obligatory Hayden and Nicole cuddling scene. Hayden then brings up Christine’s lie, and he decides she should be called “Christine Appleseed, because all she does is plant seeds around the house”. Nicole says that she really felt that Christine would be a person she could trust. “I want Frankie to go home Stso bad.” Either way, Hayden says, “Zach or Frankie are going home.”

As always, the veto ceremony finished the broadcast. Christine goes through the script as necessary, standing in front of the memory wall as everybody says what they hope happens.

The ceremony finally begins, and Zach goes first with a plea as to why it should be used on him. “A grasshopper walks into a bar”, he says, “and the bartender says, ‘we have a drinnk named after you.’ The grasshopper says, ‘you have a drnik called Bill?” Oh Zach.

Jocasta then stands. “I don’t know how I can top that.” She says she’d like Christine to use it, but “no hard feelings”. We know what happens here. Christine does not use the POV.

Christine still wants Zach out. “He’s got to go.” Nicole says something I can’t understand, and Derrick says that The Detonators “may not be as loyal to him as he thinks”. Stupidly, Zach does believe he’s safe, and is going to just sleep the rest of the week. And that is the sound of the coffin being slammed shut on his Big Brother playing days...for now.

That’s it for tonight. Are you pset with Christine? Are you as annoyed with Nicole’s voice as me? Are you starting to sort of like Victoria? Most importantly, your thoughts on Zach? Let us know!




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