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Would You Rather

To celebrate tonight's super fantabulous Double Eviction episode, I think we should play a little game of 'Would You Rather'.

There's only one simple rule to the game and it's that you have to pick only ONE of the choices. No funny business of not picking either or changing one of the choices or anything. You have to pick one! So post your choices in the comments and let's have some fun with it!

Would you rather...

#1 - Dye Britney's hair purple or shave Rachel's head?

#2 - Listen to Enzo crack jokes for 24 hours or listen to Kathy talk about her son for 24 hours?

#3 - Accompany Ragan to the clubs in West Hollywood or hang out with Rachel in her favorite club in Vegas?

#4 - Be handcuffed to Annie all day or handcuffed to Monet all day?

#5 - Spend a day at work with Ragan or a day at work with Andrew?

#6 - Work out with Brendon or play tackle football with Lane?

#7 - Pluck all of Matt's eyebrows out or shave Hayden's moppy hair?

#8 - Be the Public Relations person for Rachel or the PR person for Ragan?

#9 - Drop Matt into a big tank filled with piranha or put Ragan into a cage with a grizzly bear?

#10 - Tape Enzo's mouth shut so he can't eat or talk for 24 hours or blindfold Britney so she can't see for the next 24 hours?