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Big Brother Gossip Show #15: BBUK's Harry Blake

Thanks to the tireless efforts of Reality Nation's Karen Elise, Scott Hudson has another special UK-related episode of The Big Brother Gossip Show. For this show, Harry Blake gives us the lowdown on the "bananas incident", Jay's freezer treats, smuggled cell phones, and so much more. His honesty was refreshing AND hilarious at the same time, and I'd like to thank Harry for taking the time out of his busy "posh" life to answer each and every question.

This is also a great time to remind everybody that due to a change in providers you will have to resubscribe to continue to automatically receive each episode. If you listen via Stitcher ( or Scott's Android/iPhone app for all of his podcasts (The Ledge), no changes are necessary. Since Apple doesn't allow you to delete a podcast, though, the old version is technically still in the iTunes store. That is a dead link, so you now have to subscribe to The Big Brother Gossip Show (mp3) at this link - . If  you don't want to go the iTunes route, you can also directly subscribe to the new show's feed at, or directly download it by clicking


I know this is confusing, but at least these changes are happening now instead of in the middle of next season! Special thanks to Harry and Karen for their help on this episode, and please let me know what you think of this special episode!