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Watch Big Brother Canada from outside Canada.

Hi all,  while I personally don't plan on watching Big Brother Canada, which started on Wednesday, I thought I'd share with you my technique for watching the episodes and live feeds online since I live outside Canada and the video on the site is restricted to Canada only.  The feeds are FREE (ad supported) so for those tight on cash its a way to enjoy the Big Brother experience and save a few $$.  Big Brother Canada will last about 10 weeks.

I use a site - plugin called Hola to enable my computer / browser (in my case I am using firefox but it works with Chrome and I believe IE as well) to move about the Canadian web page for Big Brother Canada.  My instructions are for someone using Windows 7 as well - your mileage may vary with other operating systems.  But Hola has options for MANY operating systems on their site.  Without Hola I get a message telling me the content is restricted when I try to view videos.

Here are the 'simple' steps.  I'm not offering tech support - just wanted to pass this on for those with the urge to see whats going on in the Great White North on its second season of Big Brother.

Step 1 - get Hola via this link Sign Up For Hola.

Step 2 - once you have signed up - you can add the unblocking rule via this link: Unblock

Step 3 - Finally if you aren't already on the site via the step above - you should be able to now go to the following and start watching videos including the episodes and the free live feeds: Big Brother Canada Official Site.


By the way, Hola is a great little way to watch LOADS of content that is normally restricted by region.  I used it last year to watch Big Brother Austrailia as well.

On Big Brother 16 - casting continues - you can see all open casting calls listed here: Big Brother Casting Calls.