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Glass House update. Show premieres tonight.

A couple news items today actually - this first one is about the ABC show Glass House.  The show will finally have its first episode tonight at 10pm Eastern after we were given 1 hour of 'live feeds' on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this past week.  I hate to say it but most Big Brother fans were not too impressed and we hope that maybe tonight's show and the 4 hours of 'live feeds' after the show will get our excitement level going.

The lawsuit seems to be in limbo for the moment - on Friday the current judge said he would not stop the show from airing but CBS is welcome to pursue a lawsuit if they like.

In the actual house itself it is hard to say what is going on since we haven't seen the house guests since Thursday and that was to watch them play dodgeball and do yoga with an instructor brought into the house (yes, unlike Big Brother it seems they can have visitors that are allowed to interract other than the occasional celebrity or former HG seen in some seasons of Big Brother).

I think that Alex and Jacob are the two people up to be eliminated.  It sounds like maybe the first week was a men vs women thing since America could not pick the team captains.  I then assume that the men lost the competition so Alex (being my assumed male team captain) was automatically nominated and the other men picked Jacob to be up against him.  In theory WE get to pick which of those two is thrown out of the house.

Got all that?  See if I am right tonight.




Big Brother 14 kicks off July 12th - ABC Glass House starts June 18th

Let me get this out of the way first.  Big Brother starts July 12th.  Well the show starts July 12th - the HGs will be in the house for several days beforehand as usual.  This is a week later than the normal start time, perhaps CBS is trying to shorten the run.  In 2007 - BB8 premired on Thursday, July 5th.  Either way - July 12th is when it kicks off so I get one extra week to relax before life goes crazy!

Well - I guess maybe I don't, have you heard about ABC's new entry into the reality TV world?  Glass House will start June 18th and it promises limited live streaming (which kicks off Monday, June 11th).  Here is a list of the contestants:

Alex, bail bondsman (age 25) – Dallas, TX
Andrea, bookkeeper (age 31) – Valencia, CA
Apollo, poet/author (age 28) – Phoenix, AZ
Ashley, paralegal (age 30) – New Orleans, LA
Erica, cocktail waitress (age 27) – Denver, CO
Gene, stuntman (age 28) – Chicago, IL
Jacob, cook (age 28) – Coos Bay, OR
Jeffrey, receptionist (age 35) – Brooklyn, NY
Joy, nurse (age 27) – Fredericksburg, VA
Kevin, police sergeant (age 33) – Toledo, OH
Melissa, freelance journalist (age 31) – Chicago, IL
Mike, bar mitzvah DJ (age 48) – Pembroke, MA
Robin, blogger (age 43) – Washington, DC
Stephanie, scientist (age 32) – Boston, MA

I may write more later on Glass House - ABC has also promised fan interraction with Poll's - here is the FAQ on ABS's site:

And there you have it - discuss if you like!  More on Big Brother and Glass House soon!


Six months to Big Brother 14.  Meanwhile....

Hey all, no big news to report on the Big Brother scene but because this site is available in Kindle's blog subscriptions I have to post something at least once every 60 days.  Yeah, I know, look it was on a whim over a year ago that I submitted it to Amazon and some people actually subscribe.

That being said here is my post that should keep the Kindle de-listing wolves at bay until perhaps we have some casting dates to report or other 'important' Big Brother news.

I've been a bit obsessed the last few days with a video someone posted on youtube that is not even a week old yet but is right on the edge of being 'viral' so I thought I would share.

Let me set the scene for you and then enjoy....

Picture a group of strangers in New York waiting at a subway station for different trains.  Jessica, a musician / dancer / writer is on her way home with a couple bags of groceries and has her recently acquired ukelele on her back.  A guy that goes by the name Quoom and apparently spend s alot of time playing his congas on the subway asks her for her number and when she dodges him slightly by saying he can give her his, he and his friends follow her onto her train so he can give it to her.  As they are sitting on the train he then asks her if she can actually sing/play and she decides to show him with an original song of hers that he in turn plays along with.  A third guy named Matt, who know neither of them pulls out his phone and records the impromptu session and one of Quoom's buddies provides a bit of narration.

Its truely one of those moments where the stars align and I only wish I had been on the train to witness it.  They played a second song but alas either Matt didn't record it or he is holding out on us.

Enjoy, share, and check out Jessica's facebook and youtube pages (links after the video).  I hope you are all having a wonderful 2012 and are enjoying the BB free months.

Jessica Latshaw's facebook page can be found here.

Her youtube page is located here.


Adam's Nominations and POV Winner Revealed

Feeds came back right after 9pm and we pretty quickly figured out what was up.

Adam nominated Porsche and Jordan - which didn't really matter as you will see.

Some time today they did the Power of Veto competition - all we know about it is that it WASN'T an endurance competition.  We also know Porsche won it.

That means Porsche will use it on Thursday's live show and Rachel will go up in her place.

As of this writing Porsche has implied to Adam that she will be voting out Jordan.  Flash Back to 9:52pm on Wednesday night if you want to hear it.

And there you have it,  tomorrow night the final three will begin the last HoH competition with part one of three - the endurance portion.  I'd say if it is indeed Rachel joining Porsche and Adam it should be a pretty good one.  I think Porsche, if she were wise, would want to go up against Adam and not Rachel in the final two.  Then again if she were REALLY wise she would vote out Rachel tomorrow night but I don't think that will be the case.