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This Alliance Might Last - Nomination Decision Made

Can't say for sure but last night an alliance was revealed that might actually last a while, as long as they can trust one another.

Jesse and Michelle are in what appears to be a pretty strong two-person alliance. Turns out that they formed a four person alliance with Memphis and Angie very early on. Angie has been on the outs with the other three though because she spent a lot of time with Brian, Dan and Steven and even tried to lobby for Brian to stay this past week. Angie promised Jesse and Michelle last night that she was still loyal to them and Jesse has said he will be nominating Dan and Steven and that Steven is the target.

I am not sure about Angie at this point - is is wrong to root for her just because I think she seems nice and is attractive? So far she has shown virtually NO game sense at all. But if she can stay loyal to Jesse, Michelle and Memphis and Memphis is truely considering this his main alliance - this whole group might do ok and last a while.

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April and Keesha Square Off

These two went at it last night. I don't think it will save Brian's butt (not that he was involved at all) but it certainly kills the thought of a strong alliance between them (Keesha and April).


Outside Lockdown - Show Tonight 9pm

Don't forget tonight's show at 9pm Eastern. Right now the HGs are on an outside lockdown - most likely just routine maintenance. It has been a very slow day today with no major developments that I have noticed. I haven't even seen Jerry with the camera.


What the heck is with Renny? Brian's look alike.

She looks like she is some old lady in a nursing home getting fancied up for the octogenarian ball or some such thing.

She had to be put in the house for the goof factor.

I anticipate several segments on her crazy outfits and her southern language.

And one other thing, watching Brian I have been trying to figure out who he reminds me of and I finally got it. Have you ever watched Trading Spaces? Remember Doug? I see him in Brian every time I turn on the live feeds and he is talking.


First Season 10 Showmance?

Apparently Ollie and April are sharing the same bed and have been observed cuddling and kissing overnight.

Just a quickie this morning, right now all the HGs are in bed although some may still not have drifted off.

Video of part of the couple together:

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