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Tuesday Morning Update - Double Eviction Info.

Howdy folks,

As Ash posted on Sunday she's a bit busy with "real life" and the feeds, to be brutal, are not that spellbinding the last couple days so I thought I'd make a brief post to catch those of you without them up.

I will also give those of you that have requested it a short primer in the world of double evictions (at least how they have been done in recent seasons).

As I write at almost 6am Tuesday morning the house is asleep with the exception of Derrick and Cody.  Now I know I am biased as I see Derrick as in total control of the house.  Scott will (and has) pointed out that Derrick is not the most interesting character to watch on the feeds - but if you do watch you will notice the amount of time he spends stroking his little beard, a thing he does when he is thinking deeply according to his wife.  Derrick is the top dog in the house, although few (any?) seem to realize it.  That doesn't mean he is going to win by the way, but he has a great shot.  His game could be over (or put on hold) in 60 or so hours if he is the second evictee on Thursday night.

Derrick and Cody check out the graffiti from previous Big Brother players.

Derrick has managed to form alliances with everyone in the house to some degree.  His biggest 'foe' in the house a few weeks in was Donny and even he seems to be playing along at this point, in part due to "Team America" (ugh).  However of all the alliances Derrick has, his closest is Cody, not that he would have a problem dropping Cody in an instance if he felt that relationship became a liability.  I do think Derrick would have no issue sitting next to Cody in the end, frankly unless something changes drastically he should be able to beat anyone easily in a final two.

And that brings us to the reason the feeds have been pretty quiet the last couple of days.

When Christine won the POV on Saturday night, it became apparent that she wasn't going to use it.  Christine is close to Frankie and up until she won the POV the most likely target to go home if the POV was used was Frankie.  That obviously wasn't going to happen.  Derrick is all about adjusting to the flow of the game and generally only making minor changes if possible, as much as everyone talks about blindsides the only big blindside in the house this year has been to the person going home, everyone else knew it was coming.  Derrick came to the conclusion Sunday/Monday that between Jocasta and Zach he'd rather have Jocasta (whom he has been nurturing a relationship with over the last couple of weeks, notice who was crying on his shoulder on Sunday's show?).  Zach's loose mouth finally did him in even though it was via a game of telephone as Zach told Frankie weeks ago he had an alliance with Cody & Derrick then Frankie more recently told Christine and just the other day Christine told Cody who reported it to Derrick and declared "Los Tres Amigos" null and void.

Zach should be the first Jury member on Thursday

Almost an afterthought, for the first time this year the POV was not used yesterday.  Considering this season the most exciting part of the feeds have been the Monday and Tuesday after the POV has been used you can understand why yesterday and most likely today, will be a snooze fest.  Zach feels confident he is staying and no one is going to tell him different.  Derrick even got Frankie to sign on to the idea yesterday, not that that was very hard.  Jocasta has learned not to make waves and she will be fine (until she is evicted of course which will actually happen one of these times).

Frankie has been a bit player this week altought CBS will most likely edit it differently.And there you have it.  Today will consist of Nicole, remember her? She's actually the HoH this week, getting to do her HoH blog (oh golly gee!) and tweet and take her pictures and thats about it.  I expect no drama, no changes, perhaps Derrick mking sure all are on board with a unanimous vote.  There was also talk of a split vote but as of now that idea is off the table - Derrick doesn't like drama and a split vote might create drama after Zach's departure, better to have everyone all on the same page.

Oh - and Caleb? Quite frankly he's been a non factor this week as well. Other than the shaves head and the Adam and Eve get up for 48 hours, I can't really tell you what he has been up to because its not been much of anything. Look at him below, sleeping like a baby, images of Amber, or maybe Nicole's friend (Marissa?) dancing in his head.

At the end of the day it is what it is...........

And with that, on to the

Double Eviction Primer


Since it was announced that the finale for Big Brother 16 will be on September 24th - later than its ever been (don't hold me to that - BB2 was delayed due to 9/11 - and I am too lazy to look up when it ended), we may very well have TWO double evictions this season just to spice things up and I'm positive we will have at least one house guest re-enter the house later on (so don't give up if you are only watching for Zach).

Here is how the double eviction has gone down in recent seasons.

We start with the vote - they to it pretty fast. So Zach will be evicted and speak to Julie briefly while the HGs get ready for the first HoH competition.  At this point I also expect Julie to announce the double HoH is over and done with.  I can't see them trying to squeeze in a Battle of the Block on Thursday.

Expect LOADS of short commercial breaks on this episode.

The house guests will compete (Everyone but Nicole) and a new HoH will be crowned.  The new HoH will be told they have a few minutes to decide who to nominate and while we see another commercial everyone will try to get in the new HoH's ear, I expect Frankie and Derrick (assuming neither is HoH) to be first in line.

Nominations will be made and the HGs will play for the POV - not everyone will play since we still have more than 6 HGs left - the players will most likely be picked during a commercial break.  Once we have a POV winner there will be yet another commercial break and much scurrying (in the back bedroom or Hive room) as again people try to get in the POV winner's ear AND the HoH's ear if the POV might be played.

POV ceremony will be held and used or not used followed immediately by speeches, a vote and the second eviction.  In the past this has been the end of the show (after Julie talks to the 2nd evicted hg) and the second HoH competition has been held after the show ends.

For reference - last season Candice and then Judd were the House Guests evicted in the double eviction episode last season and they returned along with Helen and Jesse two weeks later to compete to get back into the house.  I would expect a 'big name' HG to get the boot second this coming Thursday as well.




POV Competition Results - Big Brother Gossip Show Tonight!

The Power of Veto Competition was held this afternoon and Donny ended up winning his second one.  Before the competition he pledges to use it to save Jocosta if he won since she wasn't playing due to illness.  Since she couldn't play only five house guests participated; Caleb, Caleb, Devin, Donny and Christina.


While its pretty much a lock that Devin will go up in Jocosta's place at the POV meeting, I wouldn't say it is a sure thing that Devin will be the one voted out.  There will be some strong consideration given to getting Caleb out while they have the chance.

We will discuss the possible outcomes on tonights Big Brother Gossip Show along with loads of other things - tune in tonight at 10pm EST - 7pm BB Time via the tuner in the right sidebar or at


Big Brother Flashback Timeline for Power of Veto Craziness

It may seem a bit late but it takes a LONG time to document this stuff and it is still worth going back to see what all went on that lead to Zach being nominated and then the aftermath of the Power of Veto meeting.

You will need a live feed subscription to watch the videos listed below.  Click here or on a banner to sign up and then you can use the Archive feature from your computer to go to each time listed and watch the events as they happend.

Below is the timeline for things to watch as Devin decides to save Britt and put up Zach and the fallout after - ending with Devin tellign Britt he likes her (things are ommitted - there was just SO MUCH).

7/5 8:59pm Cam 3/4 Britt comes to talk to Devin. Around 9:48pm Devin starts to imply he might save her. Tells Britt that Paola threw the BoB competition. 10:25pm Devin tells Britt that the POV will be around her neck.   Click to get the Live Feeds so you can see everything yourself! 

7/6 3:30pm Cam 3/4 Devin and Zach butt heads. One of several times they clashed which led to Devin wanting Zach out.

7/6 9:53pm Cam 1/2 Devin thinks he has 6 votes to evict Zach and he can break the tie.

7/7 10:20am Cam 3/4 Devin starts to hint to Paola that things may change. Paola gets mad (Several brief convos starting at 10:20am).

7/7 1:18pm Feeds back from POV meeting in which Devin saved Britt and put up Zach. Zach apparently called out some people after the fact and made comments about Devin being on meds and his daughter being ashamed of him (or something to that effect).  Paola also blew up at Devin.  The next several hours was non-stop multi camera discussions. I can't go back and document it all so her are the highlights (you will see how crazy it was).

1:20pm Zach & Frankie talk (Frankie upset @ Zach)
1:24pm Zach & Paola talk (Both mad at Devin)
1:25pm Nicole and Britt talk (Nicole tells Britt that Paola threw the BoB)
1:26pm Nicole and Britt joined by Hayden & Paola - more BoB discussion.
1:27pm Cody, Frankie and Caleb talk.
1:30pm Frankie and Caleb talk after Cody leaves room.
1:33pm Hayden talks about BoB to Frankie, Amber, Devin
1:34pm Zach, Frankie and Devin talk.
1:40pm Amber says that Devin controlled things (telling her noms thing).
1:42pm Cody & Frankie talk.
1:43pm Zach reveals the Bomb Squad to Hayden (Derrick present).

Do you get the idea? You really just need to watch the live feeds yourself to catch everything that happened at that time.

Moving right along where things had slowed just a little...

7/7 3:08pm Cam 3/4 Zach and Paola fight - Paola continues to deny she threw the BoB (fight really kicks off at 3:10pm).  Meanwhile at the same time Frankie, Caleb and Cody are talking game.

7/7 3:15pm Cam 1/2 Christine reveals the Bomb Squad alliance to Nicole

7/7 3:20pm Cam 3/4 Caleb talks to Hayden - Caleb saying he's been loyal to Hayden (even though he's not in the Bomb Squad).

7/7 3:33pm Cam 3/4 Caleb talks to Devin about Hayden (because he knows about the Bomb Squad now).  Devin explains why he decided to nominate Zach &  wants to talk to Hayden & bring him into Bomb Squad.

7/7 3:48pm Cam 3/4 Devin brings up Hayden - Devin, Caleb and Frankie in room while Devin and Hayden try to recruit Hayden into Bomb Squad

7/7 11:10pm Cam 1 Devin reveals he like Britt to Christine - Christine goes and tells Britt right afterwards.

7/8 4:36am Cam 1/2 Devin tells Britt he likes her.  Thus completing the circle of luvvvvv.

While far from perfect - there is easily a couple hours of feed viewing there and 90% of it will never be seen on the CBS show.  Again if you don't have a live feed subscription you need that in order to see the archived videos - what we also call Flashback - so click here or on one of the Live Feed banners.




Big Brother 16 Cheat Sheet - Feeds Reveal All

We are just past the two hour mark of the live feeds and already we know almost everthing we could want.  Alliances are still being figured out but thats about it.  Here are the highlights of things we've come up with so far from listening to the house guests talk.....

  • Caleb apparently had to choose from the 1st 8 HGs for nominations - he picked Donny and Paola - the first guy and girl eliminated from their HoH competition.
  • Frankie apparently had to pick from the 2nd 8 HGs and chose the 1st two people eliminated from the 2nd HoH competition - Victoria and Brittany.
  • It seems that Brittany and Victoria defeated Donny and Paola in the first Battle of the Block competition so they were un-nominated and Frankie was dethroned as HoH.
  • There was a Have Not competition (I think) today and Hayden, Joey, Brittany and Cody are Have Nots.
  • Power of Veto Competition is tomorrow.  Caleb, Donny, Paola, Victoria, Cody, and Zach are participating.
  • There is a showmance between Hayden and Nicole.
  • Caleb has a BIG crush on Amber.
  • Zach and Frankie seem to have a pretty solid alliance and are working to set up side alliances.
  • The HGs sound like the entered the house either last Thursday or Friday.  I am currently assuming Thursday based on what they said and an outside source that heard that was the correct day.

Sign up for the Big Brother Live Feeds and check out the house guests for yourself.  You can try them free for 2 days!  Click here to try them out.