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Who Has The Most To Lose Tomorrow?

Last night, it was announced that tomorrow we'll see a twist that will "change the game". Odds are that this means the end of the "clique twist", although I could also see the return of another former HG. Remember that there were plenty of rumors when this season began that other former cast members were going to be involved in this season...which obviously could just mean more cameos like Dan's hosting of the "have/have not" competition two weeks ago.

This got me to thinking this evening (mainly because there's nothing worth watching on the feeds) - who has the most to lose if the cliques are dismantled? I would say Jeff would be the person who would go from being one of the safest to being a person who would probably find himself a main target.

Jeff has the capabilities of being a force, although he hasn't shown a lot so far. He's very lucky in that the people who want him gone the most are his teammates - Jessie, Natalie, and Russell. As long as he's paired with them, he's relatively safe. Chima is the only other person who has explicitly said they want him gone, but her chances of any HOH victory is slim unless it's a game based on luck.

Even if Chima were to nab HOH, it would all depend on how the winds are blowing for or against the other nominee. The other non-athletes all have their own targets - I think a number of them would go after Natalie and/or Russell (both of them will inexplicably be targets before Jessie).

If the cliques are dissolved, though, I can almost guarantee that the rest of the athletes would immediately seek to oust Jeff. Suddenly, the numbers change to having half the house wanting him gone, and his only remaining ally would be Jordan (which isn't exactly reassuring).

Who do you think will be most affected by the dissolution of the cliques?

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New Alliance - Too Little Too Late?

Around midnight last night, Lydia was kicked out of the HOH so the Athletes could have a meeting. Of course, Jeff was not invited into this conversation.

Kevin and Lydia then had a lengthy conversation with Jeff and Jordan. Although they denied knowing that Casey was going to be put up, they seem to finally realize that they're just being used by Jessie and Natalie to get info on the rest of the house. "We can't let an 18 year-old run us", Lydia said.

They also caught Ronnie and Michelle whispering, and have decided they can't trust either of them. Well, they knew they can't trust Ronnie, but they now realize Michelle is playing both sides.

The conversation ends with a pinkie swear to not put each other up.


Casey Knows He's the Replacement Nominee

I didn't see everything that transpired tonight, but Casey, Jordan, and Jeff figured out that Casey is indeed the target this week. Michelle did make an attempt to push Jessie to still nominate Ronnie, and is now getting lectured for it.

Casey came upstairs to talk to Jessie, and claimed that any bad things he supposedly said were done to keep up their cover. Jessie didn't really buy it, but Casey also informed him that some of his allies are lying to get close to him.


Russell Knows

Ax expected, Jessie filled him in...and blamed it all on Jeff and Jordan. A lot of he said/she said was played over the course of the next hour. Who knows what Ronnie will now do?

Personally, I'm convinced that even if Russell is put up Chima and/or Lydia will not vote as they promised.