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Could This Man Be The Luckiest Player Ever?

Apparently, Michelle is giving serious thought, thanks to Natalie (and the diary room), to using the POV on Jeff. If she does, she'll replace Marcellas as the dumbest contestant ever. She really can't be that stupid!

We'll know in just a few minutes!


Natalie's Non-Stop!

Monday morning are generally pretty boring until the POV ceremony. Not today, as Natalie was working it hard from the moment she woke up. She has everybody believing that she's their ally, and has come close to convincing Michelle to use the veto on Jeff!!! She buttered her up by saying she's as alone in the game as she is (hahah), and she still claims she had no idea that Kevin was going to break his deal with Jeff. Michelle really can't be that stupid!


Jeff's Worst Day

No, it wasn't yesterday when he lost the veto. It also wasn't the day before when he was nominated, or the previous day when Russell was evicted and Kevin won HOH.

The day that sealed Jeff's fate (barring some weirdness over the Pandora's Box key) was ten days ago, as two terrible decisions have come back to haunt him:

1. Keeping Natalie over Lydia may have been THE worst move of the season. Lydia was clearly a hard to person to share a house with, but she was no player. She was the first or second player out of every competition, and unlike Natalie it wasn't because she was purposely losing. Kevin was also a lesser player with her around, as he had to constantly clean up her messes.

2. Not letting Kevin win that night's HOH competition. Jeff was not on Kevin's radar at that time; Kevin would have certainly been targeting Michelle and Russell. Even if Jordan or himself had been put up, one of those two would have likely gone home.

Of course, another terrible decision was set into play that same night, as Natalie and Kevin pulled out a miracle and convinced Jeff and Jordan that they could be trusted. Backdooring Russell was the icing on the cake in a week of bad decisions.


Kevin's Nominations!

No surprise here - it's Michelle and Jeff. Michelle's cleaning, and Jeff's cooking. The only comment overheard is Jeff said "fucking scumbags". Natalie is upstairs rehashing every second of the luxury competition while loudly munching on chips.

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