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Tool Time For the Ladies


Tool Time's Great Plan

To be fair, he has yet to do this but a little bit ago our favorite tool came up with one of the craziest, most idiotic things I've heard on this show. Even crazier than what he has said for the past three days. He told Michelle that he he wants to put on his posing trunks and go outside where everybody else is and pose and ask when was the last time any of them looked as good as him. Yeah, that's a great idea. At least Michelle thinks so.

His growing mental instability may just lead to his eviction on Thursday. April, Ollie, and Libra had a conversation a little bit ago where they said they're now leaning to keep Angie. April, in particular, wants him gone and has told the others this is their opportunity. They're going to wait for the next blowup before approaching Keesha with this idea.


Did I Just Hear What I Think I Heard?

Michelle and Jessie are still going on and on about how wrong it is that Jessie is on the block, and how they'll get their revenge. Michelle started talking about the cattiness of the girls, and correct me if I'm wrong but I think I heard her say "I have a perfect tan. I have a perfect body. I have perfect hair. But you'll never see me acting like those blondes." Excuse me while I race to the bathroom.

Keesha is showing she's still clueless in a conversation with Dan. She denies that Angie was ever "real" friends with Steven, and that she just knows that Angie was coming after her despite not having any real evidence. Angie uses guys to be their fall guys by being friends. Ugh, kill her for not being a catty twit who just sits in the bedroom and speculate on everybody's morality.

Jerry is almost as big of a tool as Jessie. He's starting to act pretty cocky for being the 7th wheel in a seven-person alliance.


Jessie on The Soup

Best bit ever!