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Jerry the Martyr

So Jerry and Michelle had a confrontation inside the house that turned into a screamfest. When Angie, Memphis, and Jessie walked in, he whined that she was "calling in her army". Now she's screaming over and over about how "fucking stupid" he is.

Meanwhile, Jerry the hero is upstairs relating his version of the story. Jerry is trying way too hard to prove himself. All day long, he's been hanging out in the back yard just long enough to pick up some nonsense that he feels proves something, and then running upstairs to report it.

According to the hens, all of the Jessie and Michelle anger is part of Angie's grand plan. Um, no


More Tool Time With Jessie - This Time April Is His Target

He's currently in the HOH attempting to expose April and her lies. She's stammering and contradicting herself, but he's coming off as a complete lunatic. "This feels like jail. I can't eat. I can't sleep. I'm in jail because of somebody else's lie." He's also repeating once again that he was promised safety this week, and that the conversation to go after Steven was with her, Ollie, and Libra. This has all happened despite the fact that every single person (outside of Jerry's supposed comment to Angie) has assured him that he's safe. His quote of the afternoon? "I've not once said anything bad about anybody!" Yeah, right.

BTW, Ollie and April have never slept together because he "snores like a cow". Bwahahahahahaha! Edit: Now she has said that she spends time with Ollie because sometimes "it's nice to have somebody to cuddle with". Yeah, for a full 90 seconds.

Libra, for once, is playing smart. She's spending the day napping.


It Doesn't Look Good For Angie

Feeds just came back, and while we haven't been told the winner we know it wasn't Libra or Angie. Ok, it was Keesha, as it can be seen on the table next to her. Libra came in second, and she's pissed that they had to wear unitards. For some reason, Jessie and Michelle suggested to Angie that she go up and tell Keesha that she'll owe her one if she gets Jessie booted.

Edit: Ok, I misheard. Jessie's great idea was for Angie to go up and tell Keesha to take Jessie down and put up Libra. My God, he's a tool! Why doesn't he go up and tell her to take down Angie instead? Oh, that's right. That wouldn't necessarily help him!


Lies, Lies, Lies

So, Libra did not push for Steven's nomination (lie), and Angie was involved (another lie). April, of course, was also a perfect angel (lie). Meanwhile, Jessie thinks his talk with Keesha worked, and he's celebrating with Michelle and Angie. I'm not so sure.

As for the players, I heard Ollie and Libra but I'm not sure who the third one is.