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Dan Makes His Move

Steroid Boy's HOH was unlocked, and Dan is now up there promising almost anything to not be nominated. He's trying to explain that his lone vote for Brian was done only because he promised it to him.


Idiot Jessie's Locked Out

You can't help but laugh at him - Jessie just left the key in the HOH and locked himself out. BTW, he said a few minutes ago that he's also a model.


Libra's Complaining about the slop

I just turned on the feeds and it took me a minute to realize what Libra was complaining about. Seems like she's on slop again.

Steven made a comment to Jessie about April and Keesha wasting away to nothing if they have to keep eating slop. Maybe Keesha will lose her super fat gut she was complaining about.

Everyone is getting ready for the day, showering and eating.


This Alliance Might Last - Nomination Decision Made

Can't say for sure but last night an alliance was revealed that might actually last a while, as long as they can trust one another.

Jesse and Michelle are in what appears to be a pretty strong two-person alliance. Turns out that they formed a four person alliance with Memphis and Angie very early on. Angie has been on the outs with the other three though because she spent a lot of time with Brian, Dan and Steven and even tried to lobby for Brian to stay this past week. Angie promised Jesse and Michelle last night that she was still loyal to them and Jesse has said he will be nominating Dan and Steven and that Steven is the target.

I am not sure about Angie at this point - is is wrong to root for her just because I think she seems nice and is attractive? So far she has shown virtually NO game sense at all. But if she can stay loyal to Jesse, Michelle and Memphis and Memphis is truely considering this his main alliance - this whole group might do ok and last a while.

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The King Will Not Forgive

You'd think that winning HOH would be enough to make King Jessie happy. Oh no. He's ranted about Renny's offensive speech on live TV numerous times already. Just now, a couple of people noted that she's trying to fit in, and again he had to bring up her transgressions against him.

Overall, the house is pretty depressed tonight. Even his "friends" are not jumping for joy...except for psycho Michelle. Dan basically wants to hide, but is making periodic visits to the group sitting outside. My girl Angie is not much happier, but has amused herself out in the yard.