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The Happy Couple's Last Night Together

These last couple of days have been pretty uneventful. Jordan and Jeff have been doing their usual routine of making out and bickering. Jordan has finally figured out that Natalie is not to be trusted, although I'm sure that will change the next time she talks to her.

Kevin and Natalie have continued their scheming. She came up with this great idea of trading her vote for the Jeff's vacation and Michelle's TV that they have won in earlier competition...but not follow through with the vote. Good one. They've also continued to pull pranks that nobody else seems to care about.

It's all rather boring.


Pandora's Box Results

Although Jeff was informed that his "mystery key" had no extra powers, he did make out pretty well in the Pandora's Box did most of the house. Jeff won $3,181, while the others nabbed $2,563 (Michelle), $1,900 (Natalie), $1,726 (Jordan), and $626 (Kevin).

To say that Jeff is not happy is an understatement. "If I had known that (Kevin) would have put me up, I would never have gotten him (out of the box)."

Otherwise, it's a pretty uneventful night in the house. Natalie is cheating at pool against Kevin, and Jeff is acting like an ass towards Jordan. He does have one valid point, though. She seems to believe whatever Natalie tells her, and he's saying she shouldn't listen to those "assholes". Hehehe.


Jordan: Cowgirl Style Victory?

To say that Jordan is nothing but scenery is no exaggeration. She has zero skill at the game, she tends to trust anybody who talks to her, and she has only survived by riding on top of Jeff.

Somehow, though, she is destined to make the final four, and could easily skate by to the final three. At that point, a Michelle victory in the final HOH comps could lead her into the final two as Michelle is smart enough to understand that the majority of the jury house are allies of Natalie and Kevin.

Can an imbecile win Big Brother? Doubtful, but she's going to outlast her ride (despite her pleas for the house to keep Jeff over her).


Bye Bye Jeff Or Jordan

Yep, Kevin won...I'd be shocked to see Jeff or Jordan not be this week's nominees. It's all about the POV!

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