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Keesha's Entertainment Weekly Interview

'Big Brother 10''s Keesha: EW's exit interview
Sep 10, 2008, 01:18 PM | by Lynette Rice

Keesha Smith, Big Brother 10's 29-year-old Hooters waitress from Burbank, Calif., talks to about her disdain for Memphis, that floater Jerry, and the message she received from Dan on the way out of the house.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: So how are you feeling about Memphis this morning?
KEESHA SMITH: I’m not liking Memphis too much this morning.

In the episode, we really didn’t see Memphis explain why he was going to evict you. Did he say something to you that we didn’t see at home?
He never gave me any kind of explanation. He got up out of the chair and avoided me the rest of the time. I confronted him but he got up and he walked out of the room. He came to the sauna room and expected me to hug him!

Do you think there is anything you could have done differently?
I guess the only thing I could have done was maybe not be so friendly with Dan. That had a lot to do with it. If it came down to Memphis and Dan, I would have picked Dan in the end instead of him, and he saw my relationship with Dan getting stronger. That scared him.

Do you think Memphis was working with anyone in the house? Do you think he’s in an alliance with Jerry or Dan?
I’m not sure. There is so much going through my mind. There has to be something with Jerry in order for him to save Jerry. He couldn’t stand Jerry! I’m trying to put myself in his shoes. Jerry is more of a safe bet. He can beat Jerry in the competitions.

Why do you think Dan told you about taking Michelle?
I think that Dan told me about Michelle so I could work on votes for him in the jury house. He’s a smart guy.

What do you think about Dan taking Michelle to the island? What will that mean to the jury?
I don’t know if Dan has that good of a chance of winning this game. He’s done crazy things to people as far as hurt people’s feelings. If the jury looks at him as a game player -- and he’s been a heck of a game player -- he could win. He’s thrown some twists and turns in there. Out of the three left, he’s done a great job.

Dan left behind a cow for you that he said had a message on the bottom. It said hot. What does that mean?
I have absolutely no idea what it means! He kept saying look on the bottom, look on the bottom. When I got out there with Julie, I’m looking at it and it just says hot.

How does it feel knowing that Jerry is in there and you’re not?
Oh...I don’t know what to say. Wow. I feel he got passed along. He kept getting passed along. He’s a 75-year-old man. We kept saying we’ll get him out later, but we all promised we wouldn’t do that. He never had to do anything in the game. Now I’m like, are you kidding me? Dude, you are 75 years old. He didn’t treat me too well. In the beginning, we got along very well, and I tried to show him respect because he’s 75 years old. I would feel sorry for him when he was out wandering by himself. But then I would try to talk to him and he would pop off. Jerry was very arrogant. He never would have gotten away with things in the house if he weren’t 75 years old.

Do you plan to campaign against Memphis in the jury house?
I’m not sure about that.

Who is the person you are not looking forward to seeing in the jury house?
That would be Miss April. We just don’t see eye to eye.

Aren’t you glad you weren’t like April and allowed Jerry to touch your chest on national TV?
I would have never allowed Jerry to do that on the first episode of Big Brother or ever in my life. Period.


Keesha On The Early Show


Keesha Finally Reveals How She Was Cast

A few times this year, Keesha has mentioned to various people that she didn't take the usual route to get onto the show. She finally just revealed her story to Dan...and it was sort of anti-climatic. Her landlord/agent (now that makes me laugh) emailed her pictures to "somebody", and she was cast the next day.


"You Better Make It To Sunday"

Keesha is much more calm today than last night, but she's been sniffling tears all day as she packs. Dan is trying to cheer her up by talking about her dog, and it seems to be working to an extent. She just told him, though, that he "better make it to Sunday".

Jerry and Memphis are cleaning, and few words are being spoken by anybody other than Keesha and Dan to each other.


The Confrontation That Was Blocked On The Feeds


"What Can I Do?"

Dan is turning up the charm, and asking what he can do to save her. Good one, Catholic boy. She's decided that Memphis believes she'd pick Dan over him, and has let it slip more than once that she'd pick Memphis over Dan. "You're a bad liar, by the way", she tells Dan, who has some lame excuse that he was hoping he could flip it.


Time To Lie To Jerry

"Dan's really pissed about this whole thing", Memphis just told Jerry, who is all full of appreciation for everything he's doing for him. Meanwhile, Dan's sweet talking Keesha, and badly lying that the "change" occurred while he was at the beach, and that he told Memphis that Jerry was lying about his neck injury.

"I've always fucking had his everybody!" She just predicted that Jerry is going to pull out the win.


Feeds From Showtime

Keesha has taken the fight into the living room and kitchen. "I backed you two up, and I'm paying for it. Michelle tried to tell me that the three of you had something and I didn't listen to her. Don't just sit there and not say something to me. How long have you known Dan?" Dan doesn't really respond, and Keesha now knows he's in on it.


Memphis Walks Away Again

Memphis wants nothing to do with this confrontation. "I'm just going to say I'm sorry. I can't say anything." She's actually sticking up for herself now, though, and is screaming at them in the living room.


Keesha Finally Says What Needs To Be Said

"Whoever the fuck sends me out of here better not think they're getting my vote. I'll do everything within her power not to have the jury vote for him either. That's just common sense." Too bad those words were heard by Dan and not Memphis.