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Entries in Keesha (119)


Libra's Complaining about the slop

I just turned on the feeds and it took me a minute to realize what Libra was complaining about. Seems like she's on slop again.

Steven made a comment to Jessie about April and Keesha wasting away to nothing if they have to keep eating slop. Maybe Keesha will lose her super fat gut she was complaining about.

Everyone is getting ready for the day, showering and eating.


Jerry's On Slop!

I don't know how the old man's going to handle it. Libra, Keesha and April are also once again on it, and they're not happy. April is blaming somebody (Jerry) for losing, which is leading Libra to bitch and bitch. "By Saturday, bear with me."


April and Keesha Square Off

These two went at it last night. I don't think it will save Brian's butt (not that he was involved at all) but it certainly kills the thought of a strong alliance between them (Keesha and April).


Keesha's An Actress?

At dinner, Michelle bragged that she was an extra in an upcoming Matthew McConaghey movie. Keesha then topped her by saying she was in 300 Miles To Graceland, and will be in The Fear Chamber. Although she's not listed as being in 300 Miles, the IMDB cast list for The Fear Chamber does include a Keesha Smith. Is she the last-second replacement, ala last year's Sheila, that was initially rumored to be model Laura Leigh?

I say yes, as BB8's Zach recently wrote:

Keesha is a friend, unknowingly on the show until recently contacted. She is a blast, and I think she will blend well, just dont really know her game play all that well or how she'd hold up in comps I guess we will see, but im rooting her on!

Plus, she's too aware of the camera. She's constantly glancing at the mirrors, and changing her stance and posture for maximum effect. If it's indeed true, I hope that any movie director that hires her also employs somebody to re-record her lines as that voice is horrendous.


Maybe Keesha's Not So Bad After All!

Keesha said she'd rather have a guy than a "toy", and that she has never used one. (Ok, maybe despite the pic below she's not that fantastic.)

April said she just got her first vibrator months ago. Said she spent all day in the porn shop not knowing what to get. Said she spent $165 and said it's "pretty." (Ding ding ding! We have a winner!)


Libra thinks they're after her!

Libra is sure that Steven is after her. And she hates Dan.

She also hates that Keesha is 5'7" and a size 2. She flat out said "That's abnormal." Way to make the girl feel very comfortable around you.

Ollie, Keesha, April and Libra are talking about the different alliances in the house. They decide to talk to Michelle to see where her alliance lies, who's currently in the diary room. They do not want to talk to Jessie.

How long until these huge alliances break down?


Keeping it quiet, right?

I'm sure I missed his "outing" but Steven is now not keeping his sexuality is a secret.

He was sitting outside with a couple of the other house guests talking about some of his own experiences with prejudice as well as stories he's heard of from his hometown.

He was called into the diary room and Brian is trying to convince Keesha to wear a bikini made of saran wrap.


Two Giant Alliances?

These people really are not smart. Despite what we saw last night, Ollie is not aligned with Brian and Dan. Instead, he's with seven other people, and he and Memphis just confirmed that the plan is to take out Brian, Dan, Renny and Jerry. One of "the eight" needs to win the next HOH. How soon will this break down?

We're getting a clearer picture as to what happened to the Brian/Jerry partnership, and it appears that Jerry's big plan for domination is not working. Brian went around telling everybody that Jerry is his puppet. A handful of people went to Jerry with that information, but Jerry has destroyed that good will by warning anybody who doesn't vote the way he desires. Ollie has also denied having any sort of agreement with Jerry and Dan, but Steven doesn't believe him.

And for those used to my "horndog" tendencies, here's a few pics of Keesha and her rack.

I also can't forget my girl Angie.


Showtime - The First 30 Minutes

So far, this season's BBAD is no different than the last two seasons. We tune in just as the house is preparing dinner, with the majority of the house pitching in and talking about absolutely nothing. Every few minutes, the handful of smokers head outside. Meanwhile, the two "deep thinkers", Brian and Dan, pretend to play basketball while over-analyizing everybody's actions and overheard conversations. This will ultimately be the doom of at least one of them.

I must say, however, that outside of "steroid boy" (Jessie), who continually babbles complete nonsense that has the rest of the house shake their heads, nobody is really annoying me. Renny is dressed like a food, but for the most part is keeping quiet. Memphis is sitting by himself in the corner, and thankfully saying little. The girls are dominating the conversation, and with the exception of Keesha's shrill voice, they're all pretty likable. Michelle actually looks kind of cute with straightened hair, although that will probably be my only compliment about her all season.

There is talk about BB providing alcohol, but like last season it appears that they'll only get a 12-pack for the entire cast.

Here's some screen-grabs of the first half hour.

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