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Michelle In Diary Room, and Aftermath Of Silly Jerry

These probably won't be up long, but enjoy while you can.


OMG, These People Are Paranoid

Earlier tonight, Dan spent an hour chatting with Libra about various topics, including the Bible and her life. It was completely innocent, and later Dan explained that he was just trying to cheer her up and that Keesha still has his vote.

Michelle, of course, has it all figured out. Dan and Libra have been put in the house as America's Players, and have worked together since the beginning. She thinks they may even teach at the same school (despite the fact he lives in Michigan and she lives in New Orleans), and that their game plan has been to rarely acknoledge each other. Keesha, obviously, can be convinced of anything, but I'm shocked that Renny is falling for this garbage.


Is There Ever a Time When A Hen Isn't Painting Her Nails?

They used to complain about Angie and the rest doing nothing but sitting outside, but don't the hens spend 90% of their time lying around the bedrooms painting their nails?



She really looks like a man here...which is why I added two more Keesha pics. As you may expect, Michelle is rehashing everything once again. Can we please ban the phrase "karma is a bitch"?


After All the Drama, It's Time For Some Bikin Pics

And two pics for Christine and Ale!