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Tonight's HOH Clue?

Tonight's HOH competition will probably have something to do with the pictures that replaced their promo shots on the wall. It's pretty typical for this contest to have something to do with things that happened in the house, and the pictures match up to that theme. They've all been studying them throughout the day, and Renny has been giving Keesha encouraging words.


Poor Renny

It's just hours away from the live show, and they're all stuck together in the HOH while the crew sets up the house. While everybody fights off falling asleep, Renny is concerned about something she thinks was left in the oven.

I'm going to miss the old girl, and I'm happy that the producers gave her a bottle of wine to share with Keesha last night. I have a feeling it's going to be pretty emotional tonight.


Picture Day!


Keesha Vs. Angie

A tipsy Keesha is obsessed by the fact that in an earlier competition Dan chose Angie over her as the person who looks best in a bikini. And I mean obsessed - she's gone on about it for the last 20 minutes. Dan's response is at the time he didn't know Keesha. While I've grown to think Keesha's gorgeous, she's still no Angie.

Jerry, meanwhile, is obsessed with getting more booze, and keeps yelling to "Big Brother" that they need more beer and wine. I doubt that they'll get it.

Hahahahah - both Dan and Memphis agree that April's boobs were "saggy".

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