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Jerry Is Desperate

As stated earlier, Jerry had a heart-to-heart with Keesha where he told her the only way she can win is to carry him to the finish. Then he mysteriously appeared outside as she was sunning herself with Memphis (and eventually Dan). When he finally went inside, Keesha complained how he was giving her the evil stare the whole time he was out there. I guess in his mind once they had that conversation she was supposed to just isolate herself from those two (like Ollie and Michelle did).

After she complained to the boys, Dan reported that earlier today Jerry took him aside and reminded him that he can "control" the jury house. Really, Jer? Dan can't believe that he wants him to carry him to the final three. "Yeah, let me trust someone who has tried to get me outta here like a million times."


Keesha Appreciation Post

There hasn't been a lot of eye candy this season, but Keesha's looking pretty good today. She is now telling Dan and Memphis about her conversation with Jerry. "He gives me no credit at all. (He) dogs me every chance he gets and all of a sudden I am his bff?" She's not happy with him, especially since he's the one who put her up this week. "Somehow thats doing me a favor."


Jerry Interuptus

Keesha started to talk to Memphis, but Jerry came out just as she was hinting at some of the stuff he had told her earlier. Talk quickly moved to nothingness, punctuated by another overly-long Jerry story. Now that he's gone, they're sticking with the non-game babbling.


"We're Together Whether We Like It Or Not"

Keesha just spent time upstairs with Jerry, where he laid out a plan for her to carry him to the finals. You know the spiel - he's been alone from the beginning; everybody has turned on him; his word is golden. He added that he set up the situation with the veto to show where everybody's loyalties lie, and his only hope is for Dan and Memphis to be split up.

Keesha is now downstairs with Renny; not really revealing much but enough that Renny sort of knows what's going on. Keesha seems to be giving this some thought, although that could change as soon as Memphis sweet-talks her. Oooh, Jerry is standing outside listening in on the conversation.

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