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Keesha and Libra may bail on April

Keesha has just told Libra that Dan wants Memphis to stay and they discuss how they feel April is expecting them to follow what she wants. Libra has said she really wanted Jessie out last week. They both also feel that April is expecting both of them to be evicted before her.....

Libra says to Keesha that she will vote out Jessie if Keesha will (and Dan) - but she doesn't think they have the fourth vote..... after a long pause Keesha says they have four (Keesha means Renny). So they are seriously ready to flip on April.

Now as I type Keesha says she is not 100% sure on Dan - but the seed has been planted and I am thinking there is a very strong chance that Jessie goes home - if he does chalk things up to Memphis quietly cozying up to Keesha and Libra this last few days.


Ollie and April have a fight.

Today Ollie was confronted about him possibly being a bit too close to Jessie by April, Libra and Keesha and he was not pleased about it. So after that it seems he kind of kept his distance from April today and it came to a head later on in the evening.

From what I have picked up they had a fight in which Ollie said he felt disrespected by the women for doubting him and his relationship with Jessie - suspecting he might be aligning with him. The discussion went on to a point where Ollie apparently said that he is not the same person inside the house as he is outside. April was really bothered by this because she feels like she is the same person inside the house as outside.

So right now the showmance appears to be on the rocks, but it certainly might fire back up.

If CBS decides to go into this relationship you can also expect to see a convo going on right now between Dan and Ollie where Dan asked Ollie if he had to choose between winning the game and having a relationship outside the house with April - Ollie replied, "That's the half a million dollar question."

And scene...................


Libra, down.

Feeds are still in and out. The girls are starting to move around, specifically Libra. April hasn't crouched down like the rest of them yet, that I have noticed. Though she is moving her upper body a bit and just lifting her legs every so often. Again, the feeds are constantly going to trivia.

Libra is down as I write this!

Ollie, Memphis, and Dan are constantly moving. They look completely uncomfortable. Don't have a cam on Jessie or Renny, will update on them when I can.


Fake Earthquake?

I turned on the feeds at the exact same time our fearless leader, IndyMike, was talking about Big Brother on XM Radio's Ron and Fez Show. While he was joking about the video that CBS released of the earthquake, the brain trust of April and Libra were talking about how the earthquake was fake. They (stupidly) believe that it was a setup for tonight's HOH competition.


Jerry's Unsanitary

In a return to a Big Brother cliche, Libra has noticed that Jerry doesn't wash his hands after using the bathroom. This just became a twenty-minute discussion amongst the hens, who are already mad about his apology to Memphis. (Apparently, he made a big show about thanking Keesha for advising him to do this, when all she did was say now would be the time to do it if he's going to.)

Renny just prepared dinner, and as Ollie walked off to the bathroom he loudly announced that he promises to wash his hands before returning.

Oh, one more tidbit - Memphis, Michelle, and Jessie are possibly going to flash Jerry's top-secret cross sign when Angie's evicted tomorrow. I'll believe that when I see it.


Tool Time's Great Plan

To be fair, he has yet to do this but a little bit ago our favorite tool came up with one of the craziest, most idiotic things I've heard on this show. Even crazier than what he has said for the past three days. He told Michelle that he he wants to put on his posing trunks and go outside where everybody else is and pose and ask when was the last time any of them looked as good as him. Yeah, that's a great idea. At least Michelle thinks so.

His growing mental instability may just lead to his eviction on Thursday. April, Ollie, and Libra had a conversation a little bit ago where they said they're now leaning to keep Angie. April, in particular, wants him gone and has told the others this is their opportunity. They're going to wait for the next blowup before approaching Keesha with this idea.


Maybe There Will Be Peace After All

Memphis and Angie are hanging out with the hens. Shocking, I know.


Veto Ceremony Is Over!

Apparently, Angie talked about Libra in her speech, and Libra thanked her after it was over and told her that she thought it was "classy". They continued their talk into the bathroom, and they've both agreed to just make the last few days drama-free. Renny came out of the shower and added that she thought it was "beautiful".

For some reason, Michelle's not happy with her words, though.


It's Time For the Veto Ceremony!

The veto ceremony is now underway. Obviously, we can't see it, but I have a feeling it's going like this:

Keesha: As, um, the head of household...and, oh yeah, the person that has power of veto, I, um, I mean you both get to say some stuff to tell me why I should use it on you. Even though I've told everybody that I won't use it...although I'd like to because, um, my best friend Libra is a bitch. But I am an honest person, and I never, ever lie. So Angie, let's start with you.

Angie (who promised a long speech because she "has a lot to say"): I don't know why I'm up. But it's a game and I understand that. I hope you use the veto on me, but I understand if you don't. Can I go smoke?

Jessie: I'm up here based on a lie. I was promised to not be put up this week, but you're all scared of my awesome physique. I demand respect! It's just not right to be put up here based on a lie! My awesome physique demands to know who told the lie! You all must respect me. I can't eat. I can't sleep. I'm in jail. I'm in jail based on a lie! You just have to use the veto on me so that my awesome physique can continue to inspire all of you to respect me. It's so hard to be this awesome, and now you have put me in jail...

Keesha (cutting off Jessie, who continues to babble about respecting his awesome physique): I'm really tired, so I've made a decision. Well, my best friend who hates me decided it for me. I'm doing this for you, Steven, despite the banner that you flew over the house yesterday. And I'm not going to use the veto. Oh, I have to dramatically shut the box? Ok. How does it work? (Struggling to close it) This is soooooooo hard! Libra, will you shut it for me?


Waiting for the Veto Ceremony

Everybody's all dressed up for TV. Well, the girls are - I guess when Jessie has on a full t-shirt that's considered dressy.

Angie apparently had one last audience with Keesha, although the feeds were showing fish at the time. She just said outside that she would have support if she put up Libra. Jessie also had an early outburst when he attempted to get Ollie's promise to keep him safe for next week.