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Maybe There Will Be Peace After All

Memphis and Angie are hanging out with the hens. Shocking, I know.


Veto Ceremony Is Over!

Apparently, Angie talked about Libra in her speech, and Libra thanked her after it was over and told her that she thought it was "classy". They continued their talk into the bathroom, and they've both agreed to just make the last few days drama-free. Renny came out of the shower and added that she thought it was "beautiful".

For some reason, Michelle's not happy with her words, though.


It's Time For the Veto Ceremony!

The veto ceremony is now underway. Obviously, we can't see it, but I have a feeling it's going like this:

Keesha: As, um, the head of household...and, oh yeah, the person that has power of veto, I, um, I mean you both get to say some stuff to tell me why I should use it on you. Even though I've told everybody that I won't use it...although I'd like to because, um, my best friend Libra is a bitch. But I am an honest person, and I never, ever lie. So Angie, let's start with you.

Angie (who promised a long speech because she "has a lot to say"): I don't know why I'm up. But it's a game and I understand that. I hope you use the veto on me, but I understand if you don't. Can I go smoke?

Jessie: I'm up here based on a lie. I was promised to not be put up this week, but you're all scared of my awesome physique. I demand respect! It's just not right to be put up here based on a lie! My awesome physique demands to know who told the lie! You all must respect me. I can't eat. I can't sleep. I'm in jail. I'm in jail based on a lie! You just have to use the veto on me so that my awesome physique can continue to inspire all of you to respect me. It's so hard to be this awesome, and now you have put me in jail...

Keesha (cutting off Jessie, who continues to babble about respecting his awesome physique): I'm really tired, so I've made a decision. Well, my best friend who hates me decided it for me. I'm doing this for you, Steven, despite the banner that you flew over the house yesterday. And I'm not going to use the veto. Oh, I have to dramatically shut the box? Ok. How does it work? (Struggling to close it) This is soooooooo hard! Libra, will you shut it for me?


Waiting for the Veto Ceremony

Everybody's all dressed up for TV. Well, the girls are - I guess when Jessie has on a full t-shirt that's considered dressy.

Angie apparently had one last audience with Keesha, although the feeds were showing fish at the time. She just said outside that she would have support if she put up Libra. Jessie also had an early outburst when he attempted to get Ollie's promise to keep him safe for next week.

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