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It Doesn't Look Good For Angie

Feeds just came back, and while we haven't been told the winner we know it wasn't Libra or Angie. Ok, it was Keesha, as it can be seen on the table next to her. Libra came in second, and she's pissed that they had to wear unitards. For some reason, Jessie and Michelle suggested to Angie that she go up and tell Keesha that she'll owe her one if she gets Jessie booted.

Edit: Ok, I misheard. Jessie's great idea was for Angie to go up and tell Keesha to take Jessie down and put up Libra. My God, he's a tool! Why doesn't he go up and tell her to take down Angie instead? Oh, that's right. That wouldn't necessarily help him!


Lies, Lies, Lies

So, Libra did not push for Steven's nomination (lie), and Angie was involved (another lie). April, of course, was also a perfect angel (lie). Meanwhile, Jessie thinks his talk with Keesha worked, and he's celebrating with Michelle and Angie. I'm not so sure.

As for the players, I heard Ollie and Libra but I'm not sure who the third one is.


The Biggest and Most Honest Alliance Of All Time (Excuse Me While I Gag)

I don't quite understand their reasoning here, but instead of just informing Dan and Jerry their nomination plans, they decided to bring them into their super top secret alliance. After a minute or so of discussing the plan, they moved onto the more pressing issue of naming themselves. Seriously. One minute of game play followed by ten minutes of cheesiness. At least Libra was smart to dismiss a return of the "nerd herd", and Dan's great idea of "Jerryholics" was also tabled. Most almost laughed when Jerry suggested "Angel Land". Ultimately, I don't think they came up with anything yet.

My favorite part is when Keesha told them they were classified as the "no big deals". Yet they still agreed. Meanwhile, Jessie and Michelle still have no clue. Stupid hamsters.


Damn, It's Not Going to Happen

Keesha led Jessie to believe that she just might put up Libra. Immediately afterwards, she informed both April and Libra of their plans. So much for my prayers being answered.


It's Food Comp Time!

The feeds are now showing the fish, but a few minutes ago the hamsters were called together to wait for what is probably the food competition. They're hoping, of course, that it's a luxury comp. I hope to God that slop is involved, and Queen Libra once again finds herself on the losing side without either Renny or Jerry, just so we can see who she blames this week.
It's funny how the people complaining about Angie staying away from the group (Keesha, Libra) are the only two people not gathered in the living room.

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