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Does CBS Condone Abusive Behavior?

I'm no fan of Big Brother Canada, but they have had a feature each of their two seasons that livened up the slower days of the week. Various people were given top secret tasks, and if they succeeded they (or the whole house) were given a reward. 

Team America was clearly created as the US version of this concept, and it's been a failure from the beginning. The tasks have been stupid, and unlike the Canadian counterparts they have possibly compromised a house guest's game. Zach has been the Team America whipping boy, and while some of the antics have been entertaining, it really hasn't been in his best interests.

On paper, this week's Team America task could have been as harmless as the Canadian concept, but not when there is a vile creature such as Frankie in the house. To recap, Team America needed to steal an article of clothing from each of the cast and hide them. They were then to start a "Neighborhood Watch" to prevent more thefts in a 24 hour period. With the right people, this could have been fun, particularly since Team America was NOT supposed to assign the blame to anybody.

Over the last two days, the trio has been quietly grabbing items, and earlier today finished that part of the mission. The plan was to institute the second part later tonight, but unfortunately various people discovered the "thefts".

Almost immediately, the fun disappeared. A house meeting was called, and chaos erupted. Caleb was especially upset over his stolen cowboy boots, and the attention went to Victoria as the culprit. Caleb got in her face and began screaming at her. 

The blame quickly moved to Zach, egged on by Frankie. It's ugly. It's hard to watch. I turned it off multiple times. It's the worst thing I've ever seen on Big Brother. Take Aaryn's bed-tossing incident times ten. Even when he's in a room alone with Zach, Frankie eggs it on, and adds sexual overtones to the action. 

This is not a "I love Zach" post that says he's never allowed to be nominated or evicted. I have stated many times that I don't care who wins, but I don't like when production turns a blind eye to their own interference being used as justification for an eviction. The fact that Frankie continues to cross that boundary of taste could be described as sexual harassment. Imagine the uproar if it was one of the guy's pushing for oral sex from Nicole or Amber. That would not fly, but somehow Frankie is allowed to do it.

It's disgusting, and Frankie is easily the worst human being to ever be cast on the show.


Big Brother Gossip #409: Conspiracy Corner

Last week, the three of us talked about the Big Brother conspiracies we beleived happened surrounding Frankie's BOB win, and his big reveal. This week, we concentrated on the varous conspiracies some of the house guests now believe surrounding this week's BOB.

Besides that, we also talked about Frankie's new diva status, his dramatic bath on Thursday night, his HOH win on Thursday, and his POV win that occurred during tonight's live broadcast. Ooof, sounds like tonight is a show all about Frankie. (It's really not.)

Grab this from the usual sources, including iTunes and Stitcher, or...


Thanks to everybody who listened live on Mixlr, and also thanks to Ash for not only her help with the audio clips but for providing some of the "zings" from the Zingbot. Of course, great thanks also go to Mike and Colette for a great show!


Monday Fireworks Destined For Cutting Room Floor?

Those who have watched the live feeds the last 48 hours understand that there’s enough explosive footage to fill a full week of CBS broadcasts.

Unfortunately, that won’t be the case.

Everything that happened late Saturday night and all day Sunday will be narrowed down to one or two short segments that will air tomorrow night. The post-veto ceremony fireworks from Monday will be squeezed down to a similar amount of time to open Thursday’s eviction episode.

That’s insane.

All of us on the Big Brother Gossip Show have complained about this for years. In case you’re sort of new to the show, here’s a breakdown of what comprises each episode:

Sunday: HOH competition highlights and reactions, HOH room reveal, nomination discussions, nominations and reactions, Battle of the Block. (They also tend to squeeze in some silly filler.)

Wednesday: Battle of the Block reactions, Veto strategies and pondering on possible replacement nominee, Veto competition and reactions, further strategizing, Veto ceremony.

Thursday: Veto ceremony reactions, nominee’s attempts to survive the week, live final pleas, vote and eviction, HOH competition (or start of it).

In other words, half of this week’s footage was filmed in a 24-hour period, outside of the out of context material that was inserted into this past Sunday’s episode. That’s another complaint for another time.

Granted, the holiday weekend sped up the activities in the house to give the crew some time off. Even on a normal week, though, the Big Brother Gossip Show goes on air knowing everything up to the final few minutes of Wednesday’s episode.

It’s a crime that so much important material will never be seen by the national audience. Everything that happened yesterday is vital to what happens the rest of the season. It’s time for Big Brother producers to throw away the templates they’ve now used for over a decade, and use some fresh ideas on how to present the real story of what is happening. Maybe it's also time for CBS to use one of their other channels for a daily version highlighting the events of the day, ala Big Brother Australia and UK.

To be fair, this is an unusual season. We’ve had seasons where the week basically ends at the veto ceremony. It’s clear at that moment who is going home, and producers have had to be creative to put together Thursday’s opening segment in a way that gives hope to fans of both nominees.

Maybe as this seasons quiets down, this will be the case again. I have my doubts, as both weeks have seen some serious activity go down. The footage of Brittany standing up to Devin (along with his house meeting) should have been a part of last week’s broadcasts instead of being edited into Sunday’s episode.

Obviously, the only way to watch Big Brother is to purchase the live feeds. Click that little link on this page to do just that right now!



24 Hour Impressions

It’s kind of amazing how quickly one’s opinions change once the live feeds are turned on. Many whose qualities you questioned during the preseason interviews suddenly come off as real players; others who are full of confidence and fierce attitudes shrivel down to needy whiners.

Here are some quick thoughts after watching the feeds for the past 24 hours:

Amber. I kind of like her. She’s no brain surgeon, but she’s a pretty likeable woman.

Brittany. The jury is still out on her. Earlier tonight, she told Caleb that she’s now ready to play the game. Honey, it’s day 8. I give her some credit, though, for directly telling Caleb that she wanted Derrick put up instead of the plan to get rid of Joey.

Caleb. He’s playing hard. Too hard. He truly believes that winning every competition is the way to win. He’s also very irrational. It appears that the only reason he nominated Donny is because the love of his life, Amber, is friendly with him. He’s also very contradictory. In the talks he’s had about who will replace Donny on the block, he goes back and forth between saying it’s a house vote to it being his decision...sometimes in the same sentence. His obsession with Amber is kind of scary, and looks to possibly become a reversal of BB14’s Danielle/Shane mess.

Christine. Hmmm. I don’t know what to think. She is very guilty of whisper-talking, one of a live feeders worst nightmares.

Cody. Honestly, I’ve barely seen him on the feeds. He just seems like an anonymous “bro”.

Derrick. I’ve seen him on the feeds once today, having a lengthy discussion with Donny about his nonexistent “Park and Rec” job. He’s gone so undercover he’s rarely on cam.

Devin. Ugh. As seen on the broadcast episodes, he came in with guns blazing, and he has yet to let up. He talks, and talks, and talks. He one-ups every story. He’s got some serious OCD issues, including a paranoia over others using his towel. If it’s ever out of sight, he won’t use it again. He also sort of admitted to having steroid issues in his baseball days.

Donny. Yes, he was cast in a “fish out of water” role, but he’s REALLY out of his element on this season. He’s extremely likable, and always has a smile on his face, but he really has nobody to bond with.

Frankie. The shocker of the season so far. He’s actually a great gameplayer. He’s able to bond with everybody - the girls, the outsiders, the jocks. He may have deals with everybody, but he’s really in no danger of being found out. His only real alliance appears to be with Zach, and the two of them can go far. Of course, he’s a different character when he knows he’s being broadcast, such as the opening of the feeds last night. I’m assuming that I’m going to hate his diary room segments, and any other broadcast-only footage. On the feeds, though, he’s really not that bad.

Hayden. He’s exactly as I predicted. He sucks.

Jocasta. She promised to be a spitball in the house. She’s not. She’s a bore that primarily lingers just outside of the camera view.

Joey. She’s a complete annoyance. She babbles constantly, and it’s usually about nothing. Yes, it was nice that she streaked last night, but why couldn’t it have been Amber? Great job, America. Your pick will probably be leaving this week.

Nicole. Another bore. She’s rarely seen, and even more rarely heard.

Paola. While I predicted that she would annoy me, I assumed that this would be due to her mouth. She was supposed to be the one to bring on the drama. She has yet to do that. In fact, she’s one that constantly needs encouragement, although to be fair that is partly due to the fact that she’s on the block.

Victoria. The self-proclaimed “prettiest girl in the house” has some serious self-esteem issues. Earlier tonight, she had a tearful chat with Frankie about how scared she is that the rest of the house will discover she has hair extensions. There’s also been an ongoing controversy regarding the sleeping arrangements, as her religion bars her from sleeping in the same room as a man. Yeah, this should work out well for her.

Zach. I never really jumped on the “modern day Dr. Will” bandwagon that I’ve heard from others, but he does have a pretty good grip on how to succeed in the game. He’s not living up to the “I’m going to hate everybody” mantra he expressed in his preseason interviews, but I don’t think he’s going to have problems making tough decisions. I did cringe, though, when he told Frankie that they’re the new “Memphis and Dan”.

Again, these are initial impressions based on just under 24 hours of feeds. My opinions could change before we get to tomorrow’s Big Brother Gossip Show at 10 pm ET. Are you going to listen? You better!